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  1. yeah... okay i understand what you're saying. hey if it worked for you, that's great. i'm happy. and acne has existed since the dawn of humanity, i mean it's not really mentioned much cause people probably didn't care much about it but it's a normal part of human development ;/ i'm just saying i have to agree with this guy saying hormones are the only real cause because honestly what else does everyone who has acne have in common? maybe there's a few aggravating factors that make it worse but
  2. also lmao at your second link, is that a serious site? the whole bit where he rants about vegetarians is hilarious that also had nothing to do with acne, and that whole "my hair isn't greasy anymore" is bullshit, he's just no longer experiencing what clean and greasy hair feels like close together, and has just gotten used to the grease oh and water is natural so i don't know how you can argue that it isn't good for your skin... if anything hard water isn't but it's WATER. these sorts of peopl
  3. thanks, but you fall into the third category (the bare essentials), you also have a topic on here called "a cure for acne" which i'm already inclined not to read because of that title. also I already don't use soap, the only things going on my face right now are retin a, cetaphil wash, some natural rosewater/essential oil bullshit, occasionally elta md sunscreen, and some crappy moisturizer that i don't think works i don't even believe in half that stuff but if i don't wash my face it gets dis
  4. this whole topic can be summed up as the reason this forum isn't helpful it's just back and forth everywhere between people who believe in using medicine, people who believe in using natural oils and diet, and people who believe in bare essentials like just washing with water. there's so many different methods, secrets, and "cures" posted here, most of which are about as reputable as a proactive commercial. plus they all "take time to work". if someone actually tried every "cure" posted here f
  5. I meant like I've been kinda breaking out more the last week, especially the last 2 days and it's been like a month since I stopped BP altogether (though I still use Retin A). Don't think it's related but it might be. If I don't look better in a week or two I might restart it, although at a lower %
  6. How long did it take until you noticed you were breaking out more? Would it take more than a month for negative results to show? Or would it be quicker?
  7. good news it's been almost a month and my acne seems unchanged! can't believe i was putting this crap on my face for that long and dealing with so much burning and peeling
  8. so the awful water at my house I think causes my to break out (as opposed to the water at my college) on my chest, so I started using retin a again on it. It does work, but the problem is occasionally I will wake up and my chest will look awful and re-aggravated, and I realized this was because I've been scratching myself in my sleep without realizing it. When this happened initially when I was using retin a on my chest before, I would put this vaseline cream on my chest right after (this stuf
  9. I used it for... maybe 2 years? I don't even know. Maybe a bit less. And thanks.
  10. That too. I forgot to mention that. My skin used to peel like a damn sunburn. Now it peels a bit from Retin A but nothing bad at all. I wash my face with cetaphil cream and it's real good. I do that twice a day. Second time, at night, I put on the Retin A.
  11. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_qbyo1P7zH7M/SlZW.../Blackheads.png Basically like this. This is not me. So I guess they are blackheads? They just don't look like the typical picture and they seem too symmetrically spaced. It's weird.
  12. For as long as I've had acne (maybe before but I never paid that close attention to my skin), I've had these little dots (about the size of poppyseeds, maybe a little smaller) on an area about 1 square inch or so to the left and right of my nose. Also on my nose. They are barely visible, you can only see them up close in a mirror, so it's not a real big deal. They just seem too symmetrical and orderly to be blackheads, and don't really look like the pictures. They are not really black, more of
  13. I've been on the good strong Retin A for over a year now and my acne is pretty well controlled. Switching to non-SLS toothpaste helped even more. I'd been on this god awful 10% BP for god knows how long before that. Clean & Clear. I hate the stuff. I hate the smell, I hate the burning, I hate how it bleaches towels even if I wash it off. It's awful shit and probably unhealthy for your face in the long run. So I stopped about a week or two ago. No significant change in acne. No worse for
  14. Seriously. I don't understand the logic behind this (I don't rub toothpaste on my face, how the hell does what's in my mouth affect acne) but I've heard it on this forum and elsewhere a few times. And it WORKS. Seriously just try it if you have doubts, you have nothing to lose. Confused at what I'm talking about? SLS = Sodium lauryl sulfate. It's in a lot of toothpastes. Check the full list of ingredients on your toothpaste. Buy one without SLS in it. It may be tricky to find (this stuff is in