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  1. Hey y'all. I've been on the regimen for 4 years now.. Crazy. Anyhow it works great for me and I have yet to find anything better. I was about to order some more as I do every 6 or so months and was looking at my order history. I saw that my first order back in 2012 was $78.16 for 2 16oz. bottles which is what I usually purchase to save on shipping. My new order (today) is coming to $98 for the same thing, with the last one in Dec. 2015 at $93. I know it's natural for prices to increase over time
  2. *Fist pump!* WOO, I love Jersey Shore. HAHA :)

  3. Yea...me too...im trying to find somone whos used it with sucess.. ANYONE? I was actually watching "The Drs" today and they were talking all about skin. The "celebrity" dermatologist said that the best way to treat bacne was with a salysic(sp?) acid and your basic benzoyl peroxide. She also suggests using a spatula to apply the bp if you find it hard to do! :D
  4. I'm really hoping that this will clear my shoulder acne! I'm new to this site and have just ordered my regimen yesterday so hopefully it will arrive soon I'm hoping to clear everything up by next summer! I hate bacne/shoulder acne! It stresses me out more than face acne and I have both! Ugh.. Oh well hopefully this will work on both!
  5. Well I use St. Ives Apricot Scrub on my back with the regimen. Dan says that you can use AHA to exfoliate by itself but for me it was not exfoliating because I could feel the dead skin on my back (in my nails if I scratched it.. sorry if this is gross) so I use this scrub and I love it.. It has exfoliating beads so you don't really need to use a loofah just your hands works i've found.
  6. Hey just wanted to let you know I've started reading your blog and I find it quite interesting! I am going to star the acne.org regime soon hopefully.. I should have started it like you at the begining of the summer! But unfortunetly I just came across this site at the end of summer so I guess i'll have to start christmas holidays or something. Anyways, goodluck on your battle with acne and i'll continue to read your blog to see how you improve!
    - Well it didn't break me out.. - Actually made my skin oily - I couldn't apply makeup after I put this on! It was too slippery! It makes my face feel oily, and it didn't minimize anything or correct my face in any way. I tried to put makeup on overtop and it didn't work.. It made my skin gross. It might work better if you buy the tinted version available because it did make my skin feel kinda smooth I guess. Or if your only wearing this and no makeup.
    - Gets rid of redness - Easy to apply - Cheap - Non acnegenic (didn't make me break out) - Sometimes can show under makeup especially if your using something light to cover overtop - Smells kinda weird It's a good concealer if you want a green one. I switched to the skin coloured one though.
  7. I'm going to try only washing my face at night. What are some food with healthy fats I could eat?
  8. So I started about 4 days ago.. eating only fruits, vegitable and nuts.. no dairy, wheat, sugar, oil etc.. i've been drinking loads more water (2litres+) so it was going good.. my body acne has decreased alot already.. I use proactiv twice daily I have been using it for 3 years which actually does help me alittle bit.. yesterday I washed my face and afterwards I noticed it was terribly dry all around my mouth and chin which never happens, so I used the moisturizer that came with my proactiv and