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  1. Wow very interesting, you say not to put BP and AHA, which I use on my face, and especially on my forehead where I have some leftover pink spots. They seem to be getting better with time though, and they are flat pink spots, the SA and exfoliating every 2 days seems to be helping Now I can't help but wonder if these spots would be gone already if I hadn't put BP and AHA on them for months and months....Will other kinds of salts work? Like Rock salt or even regular salt??
  2. I'm not sure how much sugar I ingest daily. However I'm sure that it is more than I can think of. Although I only drink water, I still use condiments on my foods such as mustard, ketchup, tomato sauces, and stuff with all that added sugar, I'm sure that it adds up.
  3. If it's hormonal than plenty of Omega 3 fatty acids would be great in your diet, there are plenty of supplements like cod oil or fish oil or flaxseed oil out there. They are also great for your hair and nails. And taking omega 3 is fantastic for the health and development of your baby also! Best of luck to you with your acne and also in conceiving.
  4. Yea...me too...im trying to find somone whos used it with sucess.. ANYONE? I was actually watching "The Drs" today and they were talking all about skin. The "celebrity" dermatologist said that the best way to treat bacne was with a salysic(sp?) acid and your basic benzoyl peroxide. She also suggests using a spatula to apply the bp if you find it hard to do! :D I saw that same episode today too, but she didn't recommend salicylic acid, she said that she used lactic acid most often f
  5. Best of luck to you I'm bad at picking at my skin, ill have one small spot that hasn't even come to a head and I'll pick at it until it looks like a cyst or something, I've been not picking and applying 10% to the few spots I do have, and they go away much quicker.
  6. Sleep helps my existing acne clear up, but it's not like it prevents it. I get 7 hours of sleep on week days and about 10-12 hours on weekends.
  7. Lol well it will only make your scars more red for a little amount of time, until your body cools off, so just keep taking them nice warm showers and relax, it's not harming your face. Taking cold showers has numerous benefits, and switching between hot and cold water while taking a shower has been said to detoxify your body. I've tried this before, went from hot to cold about 3 times, it feels REALLLLY good, but I kinda like cold showers so... :dance: Anyways, GL 2 U M8
  8. A lot of girls don't understand that if a man doesn't have sex or masturbate, then that man will have a wet dream and ruin his awesome spider-man bed sheets, GEEZ! Kidding about the bedsheets (not really, spiderman is the shit) but in all seriousness I don't see that ejaculation can cause acne, but maybe doing it TOO often might, because nobody can abstain from ejaculating every now and then, especially us younger guys who produce a large number of sperm each day. Good night mates.
  9. Not unless you sit at your computer with your shirt off, no.
  10. If you take a hot or even warm shower, of course your acne will become slightly irritated and become more red.......
  11. I didn't know Accutane was used to treat rosacea? I thought acne and rosacea were two different things. Anyways, you got to wonder, if accutane caused you to get rosacea, and you want to get rid of your rosacea by taking accutane again, wont you just get more rosacea? Makes sense. Anyways good luck.
  12. I already have a light mustache and chin hair, (I'm 18 1/2) and didn't get no pimples from having it. But when I shaved it, it got irritated and some ingrown hairs came about. Now I'm growing hair from the sides of my cheeks and I seem to be getting a little bit more pimples right there in that area. Just make sure if you do shave to use something with aloe in it or a sensitive skin shaving gel, those are great. Pimples start in the hair follicle so it's probable that more pimples will come abou
  13. Geez, I know this is an emotional issue but I specifically made it in the adult forum because I wanted it from an adult perspective. Adult dating is much different than teenage dating. I could of cared less what my face looked like as a teenager when I went on dates because everyone had some form of acne. I also didn't purposely make two threads it submitted twice by accident and wouldn't let me delete it. If my post frustrates you so much why are you even bothering to read it. Because I
  14. 10% is usually okay for the body, because your skin is thicker on your body and less sensitive. Try head and shoulders classic clean. Does actually work for some.
  15. Some people say castor oil breaks them out, probably coincidence though.
  16. Just eat a lot of broccoli. It's delicious and calcium rich.
  17. Why are people saying your going to die, . Uhh, I hope it's a joke. Cause' your siggy says cancer survivor.
  18. Why did you make two threads, and both in the wrong section!?? I wish I was a moderator, I'm frustrated now.
  19. I'm no moderator here on Acne.org, but I believe that this thread should be in the "Emotional and psychological effects of acne" category. Anyways, acne does affect my level of social wellness only when my face is broken out, when I only have 1-2 small pimples I definitely get out of this crazy ass house and relax with some buds, and some bud.
  20. A lot of people have these. They are not blackheads, and they are supposed to be there on your nose and below your mouth from what I understand. They are called sebaseous fillaments. There is a sticky thread on this, you may want to read it. Even if you squeeze them, they will refill, and they look extremely similar to blackheads. So please don't pick at them. And good luck and remember that a lot of people have them, yours are just more noticeable is all.
  21. Wow, you've tried a lot of shit. So did you get any bad side effects from tane? I noticed you really don't want to go back on...

  22. Yeah I suppose it is possible to over-dry and cause scarring. Because I heard that you are supposed to keep your acne moist to prevent scarring. Good luck w/ everything.
  23. Wow I swear to god I always look absolutely horrible in car mirrors too! I'll have like a small pimple on my forehead or something and it will look like a hot tamale candy on my forehead. So yeah I pretty much do not look in a car mirror if I want to have any confidence whatsoever.
  24. Awe, I feel really bad for you, cyst are really painful and a huge annoyance. I'm a guy but I read about Diane because I was curious of how it works, it's interesting. I thought Diane treated women who had an imbalance of estrogen vs testosterone. So maybe talking to your doctor about getting yourself on estrogen would help? I don't know, just a guess. Good luck with everything