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    suffered with acne for 12 years, am now 30.<br /><br />Have tried everything from different anti biotics, to retin a cream, lazer treatment, lemon juice, herbal tablets, capsules, over the counter treatments, private treatments. I actually was acne free for 2 years until late 2009. I was so happy that I was acne free that I started to look towards getting my scars lazered...then acne back at it's very worst.<br /><br />I have refused roaccutane as my doctor terrified me into not taking it! due to the side effects and I have a long term condition called M.E and he thought this could make me very ill.<br /><br />so here I am ready and on day 3 of the regimen as of 5th august 2010. I have nothing to lose by trying it. my blogs will track my progress and photos on the regimen thread.
  1. Thank you. It was very upsetting when I was in the state I was in the first pics. I posted because I want people to know it works and as you can see my acne was bad. Keep up with the regimen and be aware that you might not see results fast. It took months for mine to start clearing up. You have to be patient and really stick with it and make it become a routine that you never miss for a day. It takes some getting used to, it also seems like huge task and a timely one. But once you get into it,
  2. Hi all, Before I start, I will tell you I came off all antibiotics and acne meds when I started this regimen and have been off them ever since. Just so it's clear that it was the regimen that cured my acne 100% and no medication was used incase you were wondering whether it was the regimen and medication it WAS JUST PURELY THE REGIMEN. I think it was about 3 years I came across this site out of sheer desperation of many years of acne, 10 years on minocycline and having it somewhat work bett
  3. I have had flu and have not been on here so need to update on here and take some week 5 pictures. will do that when I am feeling better, Looking so much better though acne wise. so much better! I would say my face is now 90% clear. all I have now is 4 slowly clearing lumps on one side of my jawline. a tiny little spot on my cheek but thats it. I am a little scared to be too happy too soon, but this is the best my skin has looked in 10 months. The best treatment in 10 months over retin a cr
  4. I just had a look again at what to expect, you say you have mild to moderate, you could be in the moderate catagory which means you will still be breaking out.
  5. I am in the 3rd week also now and it did get better last week but 2 days ago I have broken out in a few places but I think maybe its a case of it getting worse before it gets better. it does happen and I think it says that on here that you have to stick with it and you may break out to start with. I am going to keep it up for a good few months to see how it goes. stick with it!
  6. Hi, yes I did leave a comment on one of your pics but I didn't delete it so I wonder where it went/ I just said on it about me also been on the regimen a few weeks and how mine is slowly getting a little better and that you are welcome to look at my pics too. I cant remember what else I wrote :)

  7. Hi Andreac, I was wondering if you left a comment and deleted it from one of my pics? I can't see it and it's driving me crazy!

  8. I made the same mistake of using too much, i had no flaking but it was very red, dry, itchy around the jawline and sore. I cut back for a week and used a pea sized amount for my whole face and just once a day instead of twice. I did this for a week and now on week 2 am using more and twice a day and its not drying out so my skin is getting used to the bp now. I used BP about 6 months ago before hearing about the regimen and stopped using it after 7 days because my skin was so flaky and dry
  9. pictures tracking my progress
  10. andreac

    proof that acne can clear up

    ok so I have a severe bout of acne at the moment but I have had it before and for those of you that worry it will never go, here is my skin last year when I was clear for a few years. I know I have it back but am confident it will go again.
  11. personally I am not sure about accutane, my dermatologist told me it would be the best thing for my acne but in the next breath told me all the bad things about it. I decided not to take it as in the UK you have to see a shrink before you are allowed to take it and have monthly pregnancy tests every month before you get a refill. From the people I have spoken to on accutane have mixed reactions. some say it was awful, made their acne worse but then cleared it, some have said it took 3 seperat
  12. So I have started the regimen nearly a week ago and acne is not breaking out as much since using the BP. But the acne I have at the moment is the most severe I have had in my life. Maybe because this is the first time in 10 years that I am not an acne medication. None of it has worked so why take more pills. You can see my starting pictures on the regimen on my profile. I am so low right now though, I feel so ugly and all I do is sit in the house all day in my pj's. I don't want to face the wor
  13. sorry I had to get a different account as I could not get my password, it's still babymoonlight.

    Yes they still seemed to work all that time, I had flare ups but it seemed to control it and not get severe. they stopped working last year though.

  14. I know how you feel I think maybe the way you feel could be made worse by the accutane. I would see your doctor though. I get so tired of my acne, I have given up even getting dressed somedays lately because I would prefer to just not go out the house.