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  1. So let me get this straight? Because the moderaters deleted your horribly rude reply (including the words fuck and ass) on my advise to you, you decided to attack my person and created this "bashing" post about me to get pitty from other posters here? I'm really annoyed by this to say the least. I've had acne for over 12 years. I do my best to share my experience and have offered helpful advise in lots of posts on this board over the past months. When you mention how distressed you are about
  2. Have you TRIED any real cure? Birth control, retinoids, accutane,...? Acne is no reason to put your life on hold. I've had really bad acne. Didn't stop me from achieving my goals. It's not a good mentality to blaim all your struggles in life on acne. If you don't go looking for a job it's not gonna come to you. Take some responsability and visit a derm!
  3. Did you meant using tretinoin every evening? I thought tretinoin was photosensitize and should only be used at night. just checking . Redness, peeling and lots of pimples is pretty normal at this stage, so good luck keeping up with the routine!
  4. Just apply benzoyl peroxide 2,5%, 2x a day, on it for a long time (even after it looks like its gone). It seems like there are some persistent bacteria in that area. Benzoyl peroxide will kill them. Just popping the pimple only gets rid of some, and the remaining onces will just start to create another pimple.
  5. OMG srsly, some people here scare me. If you're looking for a cure for acne in bible, be my guest. But most of us live in the 21 century, and here people go to the hospital when they have a severe illness and need an operation. They don't just lie in their beds and let it kill them like God intented to. So I would advise everyone to listen to their dermatologist, who has years of experience and relies on scientific proof when it comes to treating acne, and not to religious BS.
  6. My acne was only mild but when I started using differin tons of whiteheads showed up. Don't underestimate the initial breakout. You won't get cystic acne, but if you have clogged pores and the occasional pimple consistently and on various places, there will be junk under the surface that is gonna come out. If you stick with it, it will be so much better in the long run though! Use the cerava cleanser and cerava PM lotion ONLY. Those 2 are enough, otherwise you'll just be irritating your skin. I
  7. I think you're a great candidate for retinoids such as differin. But the downside is that you won't see results untill a few months and meanwhile it will get worse. If you want to see quicker results, use Benzoyl peroxide 2.5% in the evening on your T-zone before applying the moisturizer (wait half an hour or so)
  8. If you just started the 0.1%, peeling is completely normal for the first 2 months or so. Is it peeling? Or dryness/irritation? For peeling you can use an exfoliant (AHA) and for dryness maybe look for a better moisturizer. Which one are you using now?
  9. I was on Diane for years. It did an amazing job at clearing my acne, but I started noticing I began to develop some major cellulite! I am a very thin girl, eat healthy and work-out a lot. So I was pretty sure it was related to Diane. I am now off it for 3 months and it's looking much better already. I quit for 2 months all together and am now in my first month of Yaz, so it's too soon to evaluate how it's doing on my acne. You should know that on top of giving your body extra estrogens, Diane k
  10. Seems like a great regimen. Hang in there, it takes time to work! You could use a good moisturizer in the evening to prevent dryness and a sunscreen in the morning. Sun exposure is not good when you're on tretinoin and/or doxy. Yaz should reduce your sebum production, but it takes 3 to 6 months for your body to fully adjust to the hormones. I think the Doxy will probably start working the fastest. It should eliminate inflammation, leaving you with whiteheads, clogged pores and blackheads inst
  11. I agree. Benzoyl Peroxide and/or retinoids will probably do the trick. No need for the heavy stuff when you have mild acne.
  12. 2 months means you'll probably break out again. How much depends on how severe your acne is, and how long you sticked to it before. If you had been using it for more than 4 months before and were completely clear, it will be quite ok I think. There have been only 2 months for new blemishes to form, while most of us are fighting against years of accumulated clogged pores under skin.
  13. I agree. They are really good at such a great price. They are also recommended as a best buy by Paula Begoun btw.
  14. I would maybe do differin at AM one day and salicylic acid at AM the other day. Someting like that. Or maybe get a break at AM every other day. Twice on 0.3% every day might be a bit too harsh, especially with the BP. I'm afraid that cutting back on the BP might cause you to break out more again. BP is very effective, I can't even tolerate it in combination with the 0.1%, so if you can tolerate it, definitely keep it! Maybe try it out very slowly, to make sure you don't over-irritate.
  15. I'm also on differin (0.1% since the 0.3 is not available here ). I also got some really good results after a few months, but then there were still these annoying little bumps that weren't going anywhere. I then decided to start using it in the mornings too, since I could tolerate it very well, with no irritation. After a week I got a whole new initial break-out (still going on right now, but getting better), which I think shows I indeed needed a stronger dose. If your skin is doing well on th