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  1. Me too, I drink my coffee black. No More Coffee = No More Dani i know... i'd rather be a huge walking pimple than live without my caffeine <3
  2. No coffee? Source? I don't put dairy in my coffee, or sugar, it's just black. I've been drinking it for years and doubt it has any effect on my skin, personally.
  3. Why do you want to change cleansers? What are you not getting out of the one that you are currently using that you would like to get...? Right now I'm using Biophora. Not sure where you live but I think it's only available in Canada. My derm suggested it. Prior to that, I was using Cetaphil with no issues.
  4. Cool! Interested to see how yours works for you! I still haven't gotten mine. I found some reviews on youtube for it, which is what pushed me to buy it. Well, that and actually getting light therapy and seeing that it made a big difference in my skin.
  5. Uugggggh... this is killing me so much (our of sheer embaressment)!! But I'm texting my mom and telling her to make an appointment right now I hate, hate, hate acne so, so much! What's more embarrassing? Going to see a doctor who can potentially help you fix your acne, or living with acne for years on end? The sooner you treat it, the better off you will be.
  6. I just bought one from Sirius, am waiting for it to arrive in the mail. The only reason I bought it is because I just finished four sessions with blu-u light therapy and the results were actually pretty amazing. I went in there with 10-15 pimples (I know, not the end of the world, but when I get acne, it's PERSISTENT... so one would clear up, and then two more would show up the next day, and last a long, long time), some cystic, and lots of BUMPS on my skin (the ones that are the same colour as
  7. MAC foundation ALWAYS breaks me out horribly, which is a shame, because I love their coverage. I still have a bottle of it but I only use it for very special occasions. Funny, I used to be able to put WHATEVER I wanted on my face and I wouldn't have a reaction. Now my skin is fairly sensitive. I think makeup can definitely play a role in breakouts. And dirty brushes, if you use those on your skin. Think of all the bacteria you are spreading around your face, and then having that bacteria SIT on
  8. I would say I just throw mine out, but I took a look under my sink, and realized I have quite the stash of products that didn't work well on my skin. Oops!
  9. My acne comes and goes... I'm talking YEARS in between breakouts. I got my first breakout when I was 17, and I'm 28 now. The last three of so years, apart from this last year where my skin has been crazy, my skin was completely perfect. My skin is pretty all or nothing. Either totally clear, or totally broken out. Urgh. Although I just go for a series of blu-u light treatments and I think there is a big improvement. We'll see.
  10. This doesn't sound like an advertisement or anything.
  11. They sure can. I have one on my cheekbone that has been there for about 14 months now. Granted, it has faded considerably, but if I don't cover it up with makeup, it's obvious it's there. It was a cystic pimple I had (which I've had on other areas on my face) for some reason just stuck around a lot longer than usual.
  12. Eh, I've just started tanning again recently. When I first get out of the bed, my marks are quite red (similar to post-face washing) but settle down after an hour. I find that it makes them less noticeable to me. Most likely because my overall new darker skin colour is blending in with the redness. For me, it has never hindered them/the healing time.
  13. I'm Canadian, and I had the SAME problem... I moved from BC to MB last yr, and went to a walk-in (as I obviously didn't have a doctor yet) to try to get a referral... and was promptly refused. I was shocked. Like, check your ego at the door, Doctor -- you aren't all-knowing in skin care and I want someone who IS. Anyway, not sure where you are, but I've been able to call up derms in MB and make appts with no problem.
  14. Have you seen an endoctinologist? Get your levels checked.