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  1. Seriously after months and months, sticking to a regimine .. this ! THIS!! What can I do? I am currently using a topical anti biotic on my forehead and hairline (it extends to my brows thats how i was able to differentiate it from a random flare up). But I know i cant use this for more than a week at a time. Hopefully it clears up in this time.. but what next? I am black with relaxed and very dry and brittle hair thats falling off. What hair lotion can i use... What is the best (medicated?) h
  2. Oh yes, everything that's just spf breaks me out as well, it's insane. I know I should use a minimum of 30, I have these products, even up to 50! But what's the point of heeling with retin a and getting new spots? Now i use a crazy system, spf 15 in my moisturiser, 10 in my foundation, and 20 in my primer. I hope adding helps lol. I can't get any of the products you mentioned in the uk :( But i wlll look out as I may be able to find the olay one, thanks for such a detailed reply. xx
  3. I'm using topical (tretinion) retin a once a day at night on dry skin. Whilst it's working on acne, It has made me soo dry and my skin is peeling and broken, it sucks cos under makeup, even the best makeup in the world, it looks like crap. Double sucks that the best full coverage makeup come out matte, which makes me look even drier.. I can almost live with this if not for the peeling, the flakes etc I am using clinique oil free moisturiser day and night, ive tried some other stuff but even
  4. I tried this for a long weekend, less in the sense that mufe mat. velvet but no concealer on top... He didnt say anything, i think he noticed but perhaps i am paranoid. HOWEVER my roommate said I looked sick and tired. So. It's just because as a teenager, a young adult i was fine without this.. it's hard to accept if that makes sense. More treatments. Prayer. Thanks x
  5. All in the application. After moisturising and getting rid of excess flake.. STIPPLE don't brush, rub, blend etc. Like Magdish said - Mac 188 /187 Or if you're good.. Your pinky finger.
  6. YOU beat me too it! I wear tinted moisturiser 24/7 sometimes (shock horror) under foundation. I do not like to think about the tinted part. So dude.. Tinted moisturiser in man packaging.
  7. Do you have a picture of just how awful? I ask because I've used every foundation under the sun, including Photoready AND MUFE HD... And whilst on some online boards they go on and on about MUFE HD being full coverage - the definition of ''full coverage'' for ''normal people'' and full coverage for me and my skin issues are two COMPLETELY different things! I will say MUFE HD is ''medium'' if you have good/average skin, and light for me, unusable when im reacting to my treatment products. Bec
  8. Hey, If you're central - do you know that massive pharmarcy on wigmore street? I know they have plenty there - as when i first discovered it (in a random pharmacy in primrose hill) the sales assistant sent me there for my shade. If you can wait a day and your shade is easy to figure out - http://www.feelunique.com/p/Hissyfit-Savin...;utm_medium=gen is 4!! cheaper than anywhere else online, and have next day delivery! I ordered the moisturiser from them, as it's hard to find lotion (that
  9. I love Makeupalley but sometimes find it pretty bad at keeping up with non us brands.. My friend in ny managed to get it in store, it's available at a few places here in London and of course online. I've been obsessively googling it for like a week now, and have used it all day, despite going to the gym and later it rained and have had with no reactions whatsoever. Here are some reviews: - http://styleapothecary.onsugar.com/Hissy-F...-SPF-50-3493245 - http://forum.adorebeauty.com.au/showthr
  10. this is amazing.. spf 50, covers like a foundation and good for your skin.. http://www.hissyfit.com/products/#prodSavingFace
  11. I'm constantly on the look out, and think I have just come across the holy grail of all makeup. Here are some points: 1. SPF 50!!! 2. Anti-aging extracts One of the key botan­ti­cal extracts in the Hissyfit Saving Face isthe native Australian daisy, cehami (cen­tipedia cun­nig­namii). This ingre­di­ent has been used for cen­turies by Australian Aborginal trives for anti-inflammatory and cell renewal pur­poses. The prome­gran­ate and green tea extracts in the Hissyfit Saving Face als
  12. I am really impressed with this foundation. Has anyone else used it? I am addicted to finding "the one" and constantly buy new things after reading reviews, this gets a massive (never before seen!) 4.5 on makeupalley, and the fact that it is silicone based is a huge plus too! I use a silicone based primer (cover fx acne), and this foundation is sold as being a two in one... As you all know, silicone feels like skin, smoothes out pores, and is also non-comedogenic. Coverage is medium-high, so
  13. Yes the estee lauder one. I also believe it is non-comedogenic and based on reviews I did not expect this, especially as makeup itself has never been to blame, sometimes creams, not makeup.. After all I break out when I'm makeup free too. Will try again over weekend when i can stay in and reverse effects.
  14. OMG I am so shocked to be reading a response from you. I have been following your blog for ages, we have the same problems and skin tone, so much so that YOU actually are the reason I knew about Clinique anti blemish, and also CoverFX cream I use b25 as a concealer. Not to sound like a fan girl but the brave way in which you have shown yourself is inspiring. First of all, I did not know you were married! Its probably dumb to say that I am definitely moved by that fact, I feel like this has bee
  15. Thanks for your support! It feels so nice to have come back here and read all of these messages. You have no idea, I was worried no one really understood, especially as I know the pigmentation issues that come with treatment is really something that affects people with darker skin in a big way.. I honestly did not expect the majority to be able to relate. Honestly, in the beginning when I had milder acne, and the pigmentation issues hadn't really taken control of my life, I was still insecure