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  1. HA i got oily 2 weeks after stopping, sucks. FREAKING HATE IT. however i was on a low dose of 30mg for 6 months. But right now, I put on epiduo twice a day. Kinda works, oil is still awful though. Not as bad as before accutane, but no where as good as how it felt to be on accutane
  2. Okay many people replied which I am very thankful for! however to save time i am basically going to address everything I read summed up. I was eating no meat and dairy before accutane, and I still had energy. Maybe it is an iron deficiency.Stop wearing makeup....yeah I wish I could do that, but I dont want to frankly. And Im sure you are going to tell me its never going to get better if i dont, however i would rather have a couple pimples extra because of makeup and feeling pretty than less pimp
  3. Haha, Idk people tell me im skinny, im 5'4 so its a good weight i guess. YEAH IT SUCKS! I used to love never worrying about mattifying products. What makeup do you use? Yeah my derm said she might want me on Spiro because she thinks mines hormonal since its all in the "mans beard area" (chin, jawline, right around the mouth) those are the only places I get acne.
  4. So, I finished accutane a month ago. While on it, my skin was relatively clear all throughout except towards the end my chin always had one or two pimples. Got off of it, was really nauseated the whole week and wasnt hungry...I was 108lbs and now im 100lbs. Now, Im oily all over again. Not as bad, but i'd say about 35% of the oil has already returned...and it's only been a month. I get pimples all the time now and when I come home from school I see new zits appearing under my makeup and oil all
  5. Thank you both. My derm said I could go for 9 months if i really wanted and im like oh man I cannot take that long lol. But im on another month and I have 4 new huge cysts...wtf am i supposed to do. I was clear from like month 2-4 and then now im breaking out like I was before accutane. I feel like Im immuned to this medicine now
  6. I really thought that was a good foundation cause of the colors however the day i wore it i looked in the mirror and saw like 10 more zits..
  7. Okay, I am halfway done with month 5 of my accutane treatment. I weigh 105lbs and have been on 30mg everyday. I like my skin however i still have a lot of under the skin bumps around my mouth area and my chin. I have about 4 actives on my chin as well. The rest of my face and chest and back and neck is all clear. Im worried that acne is going to come back and I really wish to clear the bumps and under the skin stuff before im done with my treatment. Anything I could do for all this?
  8. hehe okay! I just need to find an hd video camera worth buying Highlighting and contouring still tricks me, however i feel im pretty good at it
  9. Wet sponge. Great dewy finish, makes makeup easily layerable, and its soo cost effective and you dont have to wash them. Maybe not the greatest environment wise, but at least you know its clean everytime you put makeup on cause all you do is get a new one! lol
  10. @Vampireninja09 yes, I truly think it's an amazing foundation. The shade range is probably why I like it so much, because it caters to every skin tone literally. I am going to invest in a camera this week, I am looking for an HD camera where that has a screen where I could see myself while filming, so if anyone knows of one thats cheap, good quality, im here lol. @Ivy. have you ever tried MUFE HD? it has serious coverage. I know that Dermablend's shades are awful...very yellow which works f
  11. CLARISONIC <333 EXPENSIVE AS HELL, but the best purchase ever made. Seriously reduced my breakouts, takes every drop of face makeup off, and makes your skin so smooth you would not even believe. I bought the MIA, which is 149$, super expensive however ive had mine for a year, no problems, and i will never regret buying it. SAVE UP and buy it. amazing, and believe the hype about it because its all true.
  12. Alright, this is for everyone out there who has skin issues, and wants to cover them up. Now i know treating is very important, but this post will not be about treating, its about covering. Now I have had my battle with just about every foundation out there, and I think I may have found a good regime for just about everyone who needs coverage. BEST PRIMER EVER: Philosophy: the present, 25$ at sephora for 2floz. Now maybe your thinking thats expensive, but most drugstore primers are 10-12 dol
  13. I have a few questions about Accuatane : 1) Do you use contraception while taking Accuatane? Nope, I chose to be abstinent. Im only 16 and sex doesn't appeal to me...strange I know. 2) What moisturizing creams to the face do you recommend ? I use the cetaphil moisturizer that comes in a tub, its a thick cream and works really well. However I may try a serum soon so I'll let you know how that goes. 3) Are you taking some shields to the liver ? Shields?? lol am I in a battle? noo i don
  14. Okay, Its beeen AWHILEEEE since I last posted. Let's just say around month 2 I had the worst experience with my lips. One day randomly my lips decided to completely peel off and they got HUGE and had red bumps all over them, it looks like I had herpes or something. It was soooo painful and it looked like i was wearing bright red lipstick. I didn't even go to school the next day i was just constantly putting Dr Dans and vaseline on them all day. Finally they came back to normal and I can wear lip