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  1. i use maybelline new york's pure cover mineral, because it deosnt block pores and has micro-minerals that help the skin i hope for the best for you! also try water proof eyeliner and dab some vaseline on the lower bit of ur eye! best wishes
  2. my first week and a half of using isotrex, and in my opinion its a miracle gel!!!!!! it did bring up a couple of whiteheads but i squeezed them and dabbed a tiny amount of it on straight away, then i went to bed and in the morning it was a faint red mark!! hopefully it stays this way!
  3. just got prescribed some pills to take for my mild acne, anti-biotics i think. anyway there in a see thru capsule and they have like tiny white beads in them and they move around if you shake them, but the problem is i forhot what there called because i threw the box away! u take two twice a-day, and they come in boxes of 28 capsules i have four boxes for a months prescription? anybody know them and use them? if not thnks anyway xxx
  4. thank u guys so much for being supportive!! it means alot! xx
  5. okay heres the thing, im a 13 year old girl and i have had acne for 3 years now, im not your typical pre-produced teenager, i have developed much more vastly then my friends. i started to use medical products at eleven, and from there my skin has gone downhill! i used reterains when i was 12 and they havnt helped at all! then i went to use the anti-biotic tetrasylen (im crap at spelling) it only made things worsen! over the years acne has made me depressed! many people say you cant notice it but