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  2. Do not use steroid cream it has long term secondary effects. Always do your own research before using any kind of medication. It can cause skin thinning as well as other long term use complications. The fact that you're using it on an already sensitive part of your body is very alarming. Quoted paragraph: Over the past decade, much awareness has been brought to the side effects and damage that long term topical steroid use can bring, particularly in cases where it used for the treatment of
  3. Alright I'm stoked to share this new find. After 5 years of no dairy I finally found a milk I can drink in the morning that doesn't make me breakout in red angry cysts like the gates of hell unleashed on me lol. I was reluctant to try it at first cause as soon as I see the word milk on a package in my mind I have big red exclammation mark flashing. But I read the label and it said 100% vegan and unsweetned and prior I had read on acne.org that the best milk to drink for acne sufferers is coconut
  4. It's all up to you, I don't force anyone to make those changes, actually I was reluctant to do them myself because that's A LOT of sacrifice, in the end I was starting to have scars all over my face. Red, indented. Day after day looking at myself in the mirror, watching all my confidence being ripped apart to shreds. Then this one day, I was at the subway and someone took one look at me, just one look, I saw the disgust, turned away from me like I was a monster and in just 2 seconds I felt l
  5. I have come back after a long time and I wanted to share my recovery with you. You only have to take the initiative to get make the necessary changes in your lifestyle, whether you want to do it that's up to you. Basically my skin has been completely spot free since a year now. Acne.org has helped me much. I have seen so many doctors unwilling to address the source of the problem and only treating symptoms. I am not sure whether they lack medical education or they are playing dumb to help t
  6. My regimen for cystic acne at the moment: Externally: Toothpaste strong only left on for 5-15mins (max) Calamine lotion (45 mins - NOT to be left on overnight) St Ives Scrub Oil Free With Added Green Tea Green Tea Rinsage Clindoxyl Gel (clindamycin phosphate and benzoyl peroxide) Internally: Water Apple Cider Vinegar Green Tea Fruits & Vegetables, lean meat. Omega 3 Fish, Tofu
  7. Trained professionals are and we should never forget this first and foremost humans, and all humans can do us harm even though they might seem legit at first it's called scams and rip offs, it's better to be self-reliant, people try to get money from you because they know you are desperate and then they keep telling you to come back like dentists. You know the costs of scar surgery in the industry is a real rip off there is no way the medication costs thousands of dollars as for the equipment it
  8. The way you write even the tone you use are characteristics of an internet troll, because the way you insult people it shows others how you lack respect and tolerance, how do you expect people to respect you when you write like that. Sure you could say I don't care I don't respect you in particular but at the same time you are showing other people that your posts don't deserve to be read regardless of how credible they could have been. How do you think they will react to your other posts in othe
  9. Yes and if you follow to the homeopathy link in that very link you posted here : - http://abchomeopathy...rum2.php/21210/ There is your proof, from other people as well that it works. Read Sonel's post in the homeopathy forum. I tried Davestar's method a year and a half ago and it worked that's why I still believe in it, that's why I still talk about it. Also I think you are forgetting something avi. to whether you or anyone believes that it works or not makes no difference at all to my
  10. I didn't use the razor on other parts of my face other than between nose and upper lips. For other parts I recommend a metal file because I'm not sure to whether the razor will start facial hair growth on unwanted places. I have used a metal file before and it worked maybe it was by chance I don't know, but it worked, I went to the inner skin underneath through circular motions and then I can't remember which topical I used since it was a year and a half ago but I should have wrote it down. I
  11. Like I said this is information not advertisement your post shows you don't seem to understand the difference. It has evidence. All dermatological procedures for scars break down scar tissue so that the skin can renew itself, aloe vera and polysporin are known to have healing properties. There's plenty of websites that can confirm it. Everyone has the right to their opinion however you should respect other people's posts if you want people to respect you and I think you are more concerned about
  12. Okay so I'm a guy, and I shave facial hair of course, what does exfoliation do? it removes top layers of dead skin. Well. shaving does the same. I've had a really bad scar when I was younger it looked like a diagonal slit right above my lip, probably deeper than any acne scar I've had. I've been shaving since I was 19, sometimes I normally use a combination of aloe vera moisturizer and polysporin because I am dry skin type, and it will get dry and flaky if I do not moistruize properly. So I take
  13. Hi Corg, nice to see you again. My skin is doing very good haven't had a cyst since ever since I discovered the last missing culprit to the acne about 5 months ago. Nuts. I even went to see an food allergist awhile ago and he couldn't figure it out he said theres no such thing as milk or sugar allergy, I had to figure it on my own shows how much generalists and even dermatologists don't know about acne (or pretend not to, to keep getting paid) the problem is internal. I have easily been able to
  14. Fours years of research. At first I thought it was hygiene boy was I wrong. I even took 4 showers a day, paranoid that it might even be the soaps I was using I was taking longer showers without soap. No results and acne persisted. Here is my research, I am giving to you guys in good heart and in hope that you will stop seeing doctors that do not they themselves have acne, they do not know how to treat it. Only acne.org since plus it focuses and specializes solely on acne. My last doctor said the
  15. I'm sorry for the confusion, by normal I didn't mean diet wise I meant in terms of looking normal, and not diseased with acne. What I was saying is that I was ready to sacrifice most food groups if I have to, to have clear skin. By the way since I first posted in here my skin has been getting slightly better the culprit was definitely the nuts in the cereal. Never buying any food with nuts in it ever again, also I take this opportunity to say thanks for your input guys!