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  1. Hahaha if only that were possible. Day 15 today, nothing new to report really... I'm going fishing with my fam today so that means I'll be in the sun pretty much all day which from what I've been reading on these boards is not going to be good for my skin. I'm just going to slather on the sunscreen and hope for the best I guess. I'm still waiting on my face to dry out completely, like when I get home at the end of the day it's still oily. Luckily not as oily as it used to be but still definitely
  2. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/FAQ-Accut...rs-t119308.html
  3. Very frustrating. I'm on my 2nd week of taking it but I haven't really noticed much change in my skin yet. I can't wait until it starts clearing up! I can't even remember the last time I had clear skin.
  4. Thanks! My scalp is really itchy too and whenever I itch it it starts to flake which is really attractive. I've been using MAC Studio Fix powder on my face but I have a feeling I'm not going to be able to use that for much longer, need to switch to liquid. So its Day 14 today! 2 weeks down. My back has been a little bit better I guess, I've been going in the hot tub and that seems to help a little. I NEED to stop picking at my face though, it's just a habit and I don't even realize I'm doing it
  5. Day 13 Woke up this morning to find my chin breaking out. Maybe this is the start of an IB? I reeeaaally hope not. The back pain has been really bad, none of my other joints hurt luckily but the back is killer. I'm assuming this is from accutane but I guess there's no way to know for sure.
  6. Well i think all these side effects are associated with everything drying out, it's not like they are all individual problems? if that makes sense at all haha but yeah I don't really mind I think clear skin will make it all worth while.
  7. Glad to hear you're clearing up! I'm almost done my 2nd week too so we are pretty much on the same page, good luck!
  8. Hi, that's a good question. The good thing about getting accutane in Canada is we don't have to go through the whole ipledge thing so you can basically get your prescription the same day you visit your derm. Where were you thinking of going? Which province? I only had to pay $12 for a month of accutane but I also have an extended insurance plan. On my receipt though it says the total cost without insurance would have been $61.40 (this is for generic)
  9. Day 11 Lips are DRY. I have been putting aquaphor on them like mad and it's making such a difference. I can't really tell if my face is getting better yet or not. It's definitely not getting worse though which is a good thing! My derm took pictures of my skin before I started but I should have took some myself to compare... oh well. I've been really tired lately as well, like all i want to do is sleep but then when I try to go to bed at night I will just lay there for the longest time not able t
  10. I feel yah with the whole blood test thing, I'm terrified of needles. Buuuut then I think about how clear my skin is going to be in a few months and it's all worth it Good Luck!
  11. I think any eye drops for dry eyes will do the trick, i'm pretty sure all the ingredients are pretty much the same. I have visine for dry eyes and they work pretty well. Good luck!
  12. Uhhg yeah I hate how booked up they always are, it's so hard waiting a month before you can even get an appointment.. you just want to get it over with! Maybe you could take pictures of your skin when it's really bad and show them how it fluctuates. I've never been on accutane before, i'm a newbie! Yeah it's seems ridiculous to me that they would deny someone treatment because they wanted to avoid paperwork. Have you ever asked why they wont give you accutane?
  13. Glad to hear it's working so quickly! Also so sick that you're a DJ, I've been attempting to mix music but I'm not very good.... yet