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    I'm 18 and am about to attend College in the fall. :) very excited. <br />I HATE Acne and hope Accutane Helps! :)<br />I'm a positive person and love talking to new people. <br />I love music and was involved in instrumental music all throught school. <br />I love taking pictures and going to concerts and hanging out with friends.
  1. In the last 10 days I have been to an emergicare, a hospital clinic, and a hospital. and.. no one knows what's wrong with me. I've had blood work done, been given mulitple medications, and had an UPPER GI and small intestine xray. All the tests look normal. But they said i should not be having these feelings and want me to be looked at my a specialist. So i'm being sent to a GI specialist. What i'm feeling: tired. stomach aches/burns/cramps. Painful bowel movements/pain when passing
  2. finallyonaccutane

    Went to emergicare last night! :(

    Thank you guys! and yeah my derm called today he said I need to stop everything now. I'm going in for my (what would have been) monthly accutane checkup next week. But i'm going in to talk about other alternatives. :/ I really need this medicine. But i do have to think about my health. I'm almost sure it's all those antibiotics.. ugh.
  3. finallyonaccutane

    Went to emergicare last night! :(

    I've been having excruciating abdominal pain the last two days.. and then i noticed blood coming from down there so i went to the emergicare last night at 9. The doctor there said i have gastrocolitis = inflammation of the stomach/bowels. He gave me medicine. I'm going to my reg doctor hopefully thursday to get it checked out more and hopefully get sent somewhere to get an ultrasound. I'm really scared and i hope it's not leading to like IBS or Chrohns like in the accutane warning. THis
  4. finallyonaccutane

    Day 77.

    So just as my skin was getting better.. i started breaking out again.. around the mouth/chin/lower cheek areas. I've got this gross on on my lip (from all the aquaphor i'm guessing) two big ones on my left cheek. and a about four on my right cheek. had one between my eyebrows that one dried out in like 3 days. I'm still blackhead free! my lips are dry as usual. Oh and i bought this HUGE container of the Walmart version of Aquaphor. An actual bottle of Aquaphor costed me about $7 (half the si
  5. finallyonaccutane

    Day 68.

    Skin is doing great! I have few actives but alot of pigmentation. because my skin is clearing up i've noticed all my scarring from past acne on my face. :/ which sucks but i mean at least my skin is clearing up! I ordered Emu Oil from amazon the other night just got it today! so i'm going to use it tonight and see how it works and if it helps with the redness and scarring. anxiety attacks have stopped! and my mood has been so much better! i am sooo thirsty constantly and aqaphor is keeping
  6. finallyonaccutane

    Week 6, day 40

    Hey i'm only about 3 weeks or so ahead of you. As for the spots i get them too! mine's pigmentation except mine are more of a redish color. I hate them it makes it look like you have a billion pimples going on but really i have more pigmentation the actual actives. I've tried just about everything to make them go away but i realized it takes time. but i ordered some emuoil last night online so i hope that works out. Good luck!
  7. finallyonaccutane

    Day 61.

    Went for my montly check up today. I told my dermatologist that i've been getting upset the last few days and he asked me if i wanted to stop the accutane. i obviously said no.. and so he suggested that i stay at the 40mg(1x a day) instead of taking it (2x a day which was the plan this month) and they want to keep an eye on how i'm feeling and also to stay on clindamycin as well. So i'm hoping to just get plenty of exercise and try to relax more. I dropped my math class so i'm back down to f
  8. finallyonaccutane

    Day 35 - I had a nosebleed!

    I had nosebleeds in the very beginning of my course also! alot.. but i'm about to start month three now. and i haven't had a nose bleed in months! so hopefully it's just your body adjusting to the accutane and the nosebleeds will stop! if they keep coming back and your nose is dry what i did was .. as weird as this may sound.. i stuck some aquaphor up there. and it soldved the problem.Best of Luck!
  9. Day 56. I had a horrible horrible anxiety attack today. i had to go down to my advisors office today and i had a melt down and couldn't breathe properly. The reason i got so upset was becuase i'm not understanding my math. I cried in the library when doing my hw. In my advisors office. i stopped once, then started again. When i went to meet with my Math teacher. When i went to talk to my friend about it.. and i got so upset i .. threw up. and later tonight when i was talking to m
  10. finallyonaccutane

    DAY 30

    I had the SAME dryness around the nose at first too. But it went away and for the blackheads those were the first things to go. Mine are GONE.
  11. finallyonaccutane

    Day 53. Another update.

    So just another random update. I just thought i should add today i noiced my skin looked a little odd.. like almost wrinkly looking on my hands. when i got home i noticed there were red bloches all over them! so.. i put some hydrocortisone creme we have so i hope it helps out. i'm guessing it's from the dryness also my arms look like scalyish. yuck.. thank goodness it's chilly here. so hoodies and sweat pants cover that stuff up. it's also much harder to make makeup look decent.. because of
  12. finallyonaccutane

    Month 2. Week 7. Day 51.

    40mg Accutane 150mg clindamycin Quick update. My skin is breaking out (nothing i'm not used to) but they're all along the center part of my face.. and chin area yuck. i've been getting pretty big monster ones. as for the lips.. they stopped peeling! it was horrible! so gross and embarassing. but right now.. they're just very red. everyone at work kept thinking i had lipstick on.. lol. but other than that if i don't put moisturizer on at night my skin dries out. Oh and to help the lips AQUAP
  13. finallyonaccutane

    Week 6. Day 46. Dry Lip Hell

    Day 46 40mg accutane (morning) 150mg clindamycin (night) My lips are in.. i guess you'd call it HELL right now. i'm not just talking dryness.. i'm talking peeling, burning and redness. it looks nasty like my lips were throw in a meat grinder! i've been applying aquaphor but i think i've got to start drinking even more water now. because i've been constantly drinking water since i got out of school and my throat hurts like it's dry. I thought i could deal with the dryness but this is serio
  14. finallyonaccutane

    Week 5. Day 40.

    Week 5 Day 40. Claravis (Accutane) 40mg a day. Clindamycin [oral] at night. Wow can't believe this Friday will be week 6. Time is flyyying by, and skin is doing a lot better! i have a few actives on my face but nothing to what it was since i've been on accutane. Blackheads on nose are pretty much gone for the most part but i still have those pesky white heads that popped up and a few zits of course. I went and got that cortisone shot and the 3 that they injected are gone.. but.. t
  15. finallyonaccutane

    Week 4. Day 33.

    Day 33. 40mg Accutane. (morning) Clindamycin [oral] (evening) BLACKHEADS on nose are 95% gone. (: i haven't had a blackhead free nose since like .. 7th grade?! The two cysts never went down with the inflamattin shot in my hip. So on my regular monthly visit i got a cortisone shot in the two cysts plus another two active pimples. Didn't hurt that much surprisingly and 4 days later they are FLAT. these things were Mountains now just some pigmentation and kind of like bruising type look where t