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  1. i need a new shave. thinkin bout buyin thenew power m3! anyone try it yet?
  2. k guys imma try this tonite. any suggestions on how to use it? should i mix it with my cleanser, or what? thats what i heard but wouldnt that kind of cancel it out since my cleanser washes all the salt away? maybe i should rinsewith it after i cleanse.... ](*,)
  3. k imma try this. how do i do this, just soak my face in epsom salt water? for how long? wut if i wash with a cleanser and rinse with the salt water and let it dry on my face. hows that sound? =D>
  4. anyone try this? i happen to have some of this salt on hand / but i always thought salt was bad for ur face?........ someone mentioned magnesium sulfate. whats table salt then, sodium chloride?
  5. i thought inflamation was the key:( btw. xgamer, im sure there r other aspects that may affect ur skin. such as sleep, STRESS, exercise, stuff like that. maybe we need to get these basic general stuff down befre we see such good results.........i kno stress plays a huge role
  6. wow so im guessin everyone gave up? this stuff seemed pretty promising to me. HAS ANYONE here actually done all 3 tiers and seen the success of xgamer? ive been doin the cream, and wanna start supplements and such and going all out on the diet. BUT im not gonna waiste my money on pills and starve if noone has seen it work with such drastic results of that seen in xgamer.
  7. so if i ate one of those low carb sandwiches from subways, i wouldnt have to worry about Gi despite the bread?
  8. i would think that the amount of food also affects to the contribution of inflammation? if i ate a spoon of rice, wut would that do? it has a high gi, sure... but wouldnt more make it worse? so wut if we ate these foods in small proportions throughout the day? i eat alot of small meals... im not rlly breakfast lunch n dinner
  9. i just put tons of the cream on my face not like anything crazy but alottttttttttttttttttttttttttttt more thhan usual is there any over excessive amount where it mite not be good or do i not have to worry about this? thanks:)
  10. i am 17 and am a big eater and i dont make my own meals or anythin................ i rlly need like a whole new meal plan. would 100% wheat bread be ook? thats all i need to know, becuz then i can make sandwiches yayyyyyyyy n i def need to eat sandwiches in the morn. grilled cheese wit salmon, yummy? /
  11. today I came across this soap for shaving called WILLIAMS SHAVING MUG SOAP. it looked interesting, and was a very good price. I did not want to spend four dollars ont he aveeno, so I'm thinking of trying this out. Says it leaves ur face soft and smooth...has anyone tried this?
  12. how do i steam brown rice? is brown rice boiled bad? i want to eat brown rice since it's better than white and i dunno boutt he barley thing and the boiled has a gi of 66 but the steamed has a gi of 50 wut do i do!
  13. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO, AHA? now wut am i gonna do? i don wanna use that stuff on my face, but i allready bought it and been using it for the past 4 days #-o r u sure?
  14. this mornin i ate eggs with ham! was the ham bad? :-/ i bought almond milk tho. yummy!