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  1. Lullies

    Nearly a year.

    I left my acne.org blog because school had started and my skin was super clear! I think I honestly love the winter season besides it's cold weather, since my skin rarely broke out. As summer times approach, my skin has been breaking out badly.. Since the winter time, I almost forgot what it was like to have acne. When the weather warmed up, I have gotten more oily and broken out more. On my right side, I have two painful cysts on my jawline. I have probably never broken out on my jaw line ever b
  2. Lullies

    3 weeks updates

    I've stopped washing my face in the morning. I RARELY use Mint Julep Masque & Grapeseed masque, but I should, haha. I've been very dehydrated, it's hard to drink a lot of water at school. I've been 98% clear (: Had two zits which I popped. Lately I've gotten mouth & chin acne, which I believe due to hormonal problems.. BLEGH. School is whatever, and I need to go shopping for skincare products..
  3. So.. I didn't have internet for a week. My period didn't come for the month of August, but started today. I don't know what to say, seriously.. I didn't wash my face in the morning for two days.. It's going alright, I guess. lol. But, it requires more washing at night ugh whatever. I'm tired. I have a tiny whitehead on my upperlip.. and I'm too lazy to type about my skin but my mom said it looks better. :') Now, I can buy more skincare stuff & saying that it helps my skin. ALSO, MY PEE IS
  4. Well, at least in the morning. I noticed throughout the day- my skin didn't get as oily. My blackheads looked less oily, and kind of smaller? The ones on my nose anyway. I did get shiny, but it wasn't too bad. Hm, strange. I didn't put on sunscreen, lotion, or BP at all. Usually my skin looks good in the morning, not dirty or oily at all. But when I wash it, I get all red and all the lotion & BP is washed out, showing my raw flesh. My acne looks more red. Perhaps it is because over the night
  5. Every day, I always pop up with a new tiny white head somewhere around my chin or upper lip area. They go away at the end of the day, but I guess it's better than huge pustules. But yeah. I hate going outside.. my skin just looks WORSE in the sunlight. I look all oily, darker, and blegh. My scars need to fade faaaaassssssst.
  6. Lullies


    I've had one zit, it got popped. In process of healing atm. I picked at three dead pimples, lol. Those beads came out. Right now, my chin is about to break out. But now, I'm getting those teeny tiny white heads that just go away when I wash my face or shower. I only have one small one, under my lip area. Otherwise, my left side has not broken out for about a week, yay! My right side is healing.. from picking at it. I stopped using BP 10% gel on my forehead, no break out yet. I don't really ca
  7. Do you shave? They could be bumps from shaving, but I highly doubt that. Do you remember when you first got them? Maybe you started to do something new in your daily life, and it affected your skin. Do you think it's caused by something you work near..? Do you do anything to your face? Like wash it, treat it, moisturize, etc. If not, you could try something.. just to see if it works or helps.
  8. If you've only been on it for two weeks and you're breaking out more.. take all your pills, as in finish one month. See if your skin gets better or not. If not, then tell your doctor you're going off. You might break out even more going off it. I did. Your body isn't used to extra hormones coming in, and when your body gets used to it, it'll go crazy because those extra hormones are going away. So yeah, your skin will either get better, stay the same, or get worse.
    * lightweight * thin * not oily * evens out skintone * you have to use a lot of layers to cover pimples * didn't break me out, but made current breakout worse It's an alright product. I recommend if you only have mild acne. Not moderate of severe. You have to use a lot of product if you want a lot of coverage. I use it mainly on my cheeks. It transfers easy, and my face gets oily after several hours, so I only wear this when I'm going out for a few hours. Even thought it only
  9. Yeah it's really weird, thanks for the reply. We shall see after I've had it cut in the morning. But I'm still concerned about all the "Prevention is better than the cure" stuff Not really. When I use a sugar scrub, once a week, I mainly focus on my cheeks. I spend more time on my cheeks than on my forehead. Like I said before, I mainly focus on my cheeks because that's like 90% of my face (to me anyway), and that's where I feel people look at the most. It's also where I get the most acne. S
  10. Lullies


    So like, I have these 'dents' in my cheeks. They're sort of like scars, but not dark. It's like in that area, it's lacks skin? ): You can only see them if you look really close at my skin, but there's another dent. It's not caused by a cystic pimple, or anything, but when I was popping the pimple that used to be there, I guess, I ripped some skin? Eek, Idk. I'm not sure if retinol would help it, but it's just my skin needs to grow back. Oh well. It'll be just a reminder (forever) for me not to p
  11. Lullies

    So like,

    I have NO breakouts of my face, and no active zits. I'm so not used to this. I'm always used to having some pus-full zits somewhere on my face, but I don't have any right now. :') Omg. Ahhh. Now, I'm just going to wait for my skin to heal. Scars and such. Hah.
  12. I agree, she didn't even show her whole face. Just a side of it. Who knows, she could have a bad case of acne on the other cheek side, blotchy skin, or an alien rash. But, I don't know. It seems typical that you would wear make up to work. If it increases your confidence, then you'll perform better, as a person and as an employee. Anyway, After being so used to see celebrities with such perfect skin on screen, we're "shocked" to see them without makeup. It's just that we're not used to it. They
  13. Flaking usually happens when your skin is too dry for the makeup to stick on. (For me, anyway). Perhaps after BP sets into your skin, use a moisturizer, and maybe a primer. Also, using your fingers to apply makeup isn't exactly the greatest idea. Using a cosmetic sponge or a foundation brush might be better. A stippling brush shouldn't make you flake as much as using your fingers. It shouldn't mess up the layer of BP that you already have on your face.
  14. No, that's like sharing food with a sick person. That's why I would never touch testers in stores unless they Q-Tips and mascara wands. But, I never use testers anyway.