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  1. Have you tried the acne.org BP? I've used Epiduo and it was pretty good, but Dan's acne.org BP is far better. I would say try the regimen, my acne was about as bad as yours and now I'm all clear, it has helped tons of other people as well. The reason why you probably don't see a whole ton of people talking about the regimen is because the people with success have already moved on and left this site!
  2. Hey guys, I've been using Dan's BP for 6 months now and my results have been great! I've had weeks where I had not even a single pimple, and when I do get pimples they're very small and go away very quickly. When I started the regimen in May/June I did all the steps in order, cleansing then using BP then moisturizing. I noticed that my skin would sting for a while if I moisturized after BP though, so after reading the forums I found out that some people tried moisturizing first and BP afterwards
  3. Dead skin, BP dries out the skin and doesn't flake off like sunscreen or other lotions/creams can.
  4. I don't think so, I've had red marks like yours for years, and now that I've finally controlled my acne they are fading away. Also, some areas where I used to have really bad red marks are almost completely gone. So no, I think red marks will fade away, if they turn into scars they will be visible but they won't be red, they will blend into the color of your skin. As your skin sheds day after day it heals, for some people it can be VERY slowly, but for some people I know who had a lot of acne, t
  5. Hi, and welcome to the forums . I used aczone for close to 2 years a long time ago. For the first year it worked pretty well, not as good as BP, but still good enough. However, after around a year, my acne slowly got worse and worse. I was still using the aczone like normal, and I didn't know what was going on. I later learned that aczone is a topical antibiotic, and just like all antibiotics, the bacteria adapts and the antibiotic loses its effectiveness. I think this is what happened to me, an
  6. 3 month update Hey everyone, wow it's been a really long time since I've updated this log! My skin has been progressively getting better which is good, but I have been experimenting and have made some new discoveries! My back and body acne was getting worse for a while, and while researching online I read about how drinking more water can help with acne. A long time ago I experimented with this a little but never really gave it a shot, but I've been drinking 8-10 cups of water a day for th
  7. Dan has been using benzoyl peroxide for 20 years, so I'm pretty sure for the most people it doesn't lose its effectiveness.
  8. Try using moisturizer first, and then BP. When I started doing the regimen I did this and it helped A LOT, all you do is moisturize 5 minutes or so after washing your face, and then put on BP 10-15 minutes or so after you moisturize. It took away practically all of the redness and stinging from doing it the other way around. Now I do BP first and then moisturizer because I've been on the regimen for 2.5 months and my skin is fully adjusted to BP and it doesn't sting/make my skin red at all.
  9. Don't worry, it does always seem like acne will go on forever but it's not, and I'm sure everyone who has acne thinks about their acne like that (me included). But the regimen is very effective, I'm using it now and I'm getting great results, and I'm sure you'll get great results too. Don't take antibiotics for acne they only work temporarily and will make your acne worse in the long run. Be positive and stay on the regimen, this website and forum is full of support and great advice. Don't feel
  10. Great suncreen! Zero problems with it

    No breakouts Doesn't make face look oily Smell isn't strong This sunscreen is awesome. It doesn't cause any breakouts and doesn't have too strong of a smell. It doesn't make my face oily or dry or anything like that, and it isn't visible on my face unless I sweat. I highly recommend this sunscreen, most people mix it in with their moisturizer.
  11. I used Epiduo for 2 years before switching to the regimen, it's pretty good but I found that the regimen is FAR better at clearing acne. Yes it does take more time, but really not much more because you just have 1 more step which is moisturizing (and moisturizing mixed in with sunblock if you're doing it in the morning). Also, with Epiduo if you want to keep buying it you have to get it approved from your dermatologist multiple times.
  12. You should read thereisalwayshope's blog, it inspired me and many people to start the regimen! With her and many people on this forum, the regimen took a few months for the breakouts to calm down to start making a significant difference in the person's skin. Everyone's skin has a different point in time where the regimen really starts to work, but if you give the regimen time it WILL WORK. Good luck!
  13. I used AHA+ around 3 weeks ago for about a week and a half or so (putting it on at night once every 3 days or so), and everything was going well but suddenly after that week I got like 3 big uncomfortable pimples, 1 on my chin, one on my forehead, and another one on the side of my mouth. I was scared that my skin just didn't like AHA+ so I stopped. But I don't want to waste the AHA+ that I bought, so I'm thinking of starting it again and continuing to put it on if I breakout again. For those of
  14. any thoughts on dan's recommendation of olay complete all day uv moisturizer spf 15? and i'm thinking also to use cetaphil dermacontrol oil control moisturizer spf 30... have you tried any of these products? I've never tried either of those, but between those two I would recommend the cetaphil with spf 30. Spf 30 protects your skin a lot better than spf 15, with spf 15 there is still a chance you can get sunburned if you stay out in the sun all day. It's a safer choice with the cetaphil, becau
  15. Make sure you use sunscreen on the regimen, it's something a lot of people overlook. If you go outside while on the regimen and don't wear sunscreen, your face can turn red because of the increase in sun sensitivity from the BP. So make sure you put on sunscreen in the morning! What I do and what Dan recommends is to mix sunscreen in with your moisturizer. A sunscreen I recommend is Neutrogena Clear Face SPF 30, it works really well and hasn't caused me any breakouts in the 2 months I have used