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  1. I just bought Finest Natural Zinc and Niacin(no flush) and GNC's Pantothenic Acid I was planning on taking 50 mg of zinc twice a day(wakeup, bedtime) 500 mg of Niacin once a day at night before bed and 500 mg of Pantothenic Acid 4 times a day(2 morning, 2 night) How does this sound, please let me know if I should change anything.
  2. I've spent the last 4 years of my life fighting acne. I've tried everything under the sun, besides the one thing that supposedly works the best, accutane, because my insurance won't pay for it. At this point I'm waving the white flag, I give up. I'm facing the fact that I can't beat my acne and the only thing I'm doing is hurting myself with all these medications, chemicals, money, and most importantly time. Everyday I wake up more angry and depressed than the day before. So I guess this is good
  3. I feel you man, I'm in the same boat and it frustrates me that nothing works. I've read just about everything on this website and the first 20 pages on google and tried everything in the book. I've come to accept that my acne is going anywhere for the time being. But try not to let this discourage you.
  4. Keep yourself busy and try not to think about it. That's what I do.
  5. Personally Dan's cleanser is the most gentle cleanser I've used. Make sure you wash your face less than 15 seconds and don't rub the cleanser in.
  6. No, it just feels like 99% of DKR users have red and dry skin and I don't. I feel like my skin is immune to BP.
  7. Should I try applying it 3 times a day. (8AM,3PM,10PM)
  8. I started the acne.org regimen about 2 weeks ago. From day one my skin hasn't changed in anyway. Not redder, not dryer, no less acne, no more acne. I'm doing everything by the book and its kind of making me angry. I don't plan on stopping, it just seems weird that everyone is always talking about being red, flaky, and dry. I feel as if I could put on BP 5 times a day with no moisturizer and my face still wouldn't even be dry. Someone please insight me or tell me whats going on/what I should do.