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  1. Hey guys, a couple quick questions: Chest: I had surge of terrible, disgustingly pus-filled acne in the center of my chest for about a month over the summer, and it scarred a lot. I very infrequently get new zits there, and the redness/scarring has faded from when it was active, but it's still pretty bad. Is this ever going to heal without dermabrasion/lasers/something very expensive? http://imgur.com/TvE2g4C I take vitamin e and serrapeptase orally and apply this vitamin C+E+ferulic acid.
  2. TL;DR: For years I got giant inflamed cysts/nodules/pustules/papules that took forever to heal, in the past week or two that has turned into clogged pores/blackheads everywhere (body too). Definitely an improvement but weird nonetheless. I've been taking a lot of supplements and prescriptions that probably affected this. What should I be doing to fix this? As of today: Forehead: http://imgur.com/paaCmP0 Left side: http://imgur.com/rpXSZeN Right side: http://imgur.com/5z2EVq8 Thanks! ____
  3. Thanks! I had been using the BP/SA combo when I was using differin so I just continued with it when I switched to taz and the derm didn't seem to have a problem with that. So you're suggesting ONLY cetaphil and solodyn in the morning, then cetaphil and taz at night? Plus the Bp exfoliating once a week? Ill also probably call my doc when I get back from the vacation I'm on.
  4. First of all, sorry if this is in the wrong place. I'm a 16 year old guy and I've had acne for about 2 years. I had been using over the counter stuff but a few months ago my acne decided to get pretty bad so I went to a dermatologist. She prescribed Differin 0.3 and Solodyn 90mg. I don't think there was much of an initial breakout and my skin started getting better. I went in for a checkup a month or so later and the doc decided that it was 50% clear (I think it was more like 70%) and that I