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  1. Thanks but I have found a moisturiser with Joboba Oil init ? Is that any good ?
  2. Thanks, cleared my head a little bit. I've been using the full amount (maybe more) but now I release I should'nt of because Im too soon in. I should use about half of that from now on ?
  3. been using the BP for about 8 days now (penoxyl peroxide 2.5%) , face felt really really really tight yesterday and looked terrible, flaky and patchy my face just looked dirty. i didnt use the bp last night just the face wash and moisturiser my face feels normal but still looks the same. when will this wear off... will it ever wear off !! please help me im scared:(
  4. Thanks to you both. Through the week when I have a breakout. do I apply anything onto the spots so they heal quick and will popping the spot just completley get rid of it ? Just incase I go too see friends, I don't really want a face full of whiteheads. Thanks.
  5. Hi everyone 4 days in using Penzoyl Peroxie 2.5%, SIMPLE Moisturiser and Witch foaming face wash. I sleep with a towel on my pillow (for about 3 days anyways) , before it was the redness and the bumps on my face that got me with the whiteheads also annoying but they wernt as bad. The more days i seem to get it the more i get, yesterday I had about 8 - 9 whitehead today i have about 9. what am i doin wrong to much BP? i use it 2wice a day. first i cleanse dry my face apply bp then about an hour l
  6. You seem very insecure and self conscious (i am likewise) about yourself or (if like me) when you look in the mirror you see the person you didn't really want to or when your finally in a good mood you look the mirror you put yourself down slightly. I am the person who desires to be perfect but now I just think nobody is because they aint ! I just think screw them... those people you see at the gym they probably have there own problems they're own insecurities that's maybe why they are there in
  7. Sorry for all my posts but this I'm new Ill learn Anyways I'm using Panaoxyl 2.5%, Witch Foaming Face Wash and Simple Spot Blemish Moisturiser. Will I get results from these ? I followed the instructions and my face has cleared up but I have more Whiteheads coming through is this normal ? Thanks. Any Tips that may be usefull also.
  8. I went to boots today, I got a good sized tube of that Panoxyl for £3.10 they didn't sell any of that Clean and Clear Foam that was on Dans Recommened list. So I got Witch Oil Control Foaming Face Wash and Simple Spotless anti blemish moisturiser (ive heard good things). Will these work the same ? Also the hardest part was finding a decent face wash and moisturiser rather than the BP=P and thanks bex_cogent=) So will the creams and foams I bought still work ? And how many times a day do I do
  9. Thanks for your help and do you have any links of that Oky Gel? Just so I know what the tube looks like so i can find it haha. But cant you buy panaoxyl from chemists ? I heard you can ?
  10. I'm 15 and with every year that's went by my spots have gone much worse, I get large spots and I have acne. I get Whiteheads, Boils, Cold sores (although not related to this its still a spot on your faces) and blackheads and it really knocks my confidence. I found this website and have looked through the galleries and have found people who have had it much worse than me but after seeing most of your results its turned out amazing. But long story short, I want them gone because I have tried every
  11. What I use for my Blackheads are Blackhead strips, they work differently for everyone and everyone has different opinions but they work good enough for me. You just wet your nose, stick the blackhead strip on leave for 10 - 15 mins and then slowly tear off. Make sure to wash your nose with cold water afterwords!! Hope I helped.