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  1. I'm just completing my first month of a planned 6-month round of Accutane. As my clogged pores begin spitting out their disgusting little sebum pellets, I'm finding my pores are left looking like red holes in my skin. (My nose especially looks like someone's been poking it with a pin.) Will Accutane eventually close these a bit, or is this my new "look"? thanks.
  2. Once on Accutane, I understand waxing my eyebrows will be a no-no. And I hate plucking anyway. Have any of you gals had your brows "threaded" while on Accutane? I've heard it recommended. How were your results? Thanx, jen
  3. Starting Accutane on Thursday, and I figure I can't keep taking the multi-vitamins I've been taking since they have Vitamin A. What vitamins are especially good to take? Can I take a multi-vitamin if it has beta-carotene instead of straight Vitamin A? Can you recommend any particular brands? Thanks again.
  4. I was on minocycline for a year with pretty good clearing, but it bruised my fair skin something crazy. After 3 months on doxycycline, my acne is back and worse than ever. So I'm headed for my first bout of Accutane on Thursday. My question--I can't find any pictures of the actual pills. I have trouble swallowing large pills. (I could handle the little mino pellets, but the doryx has taken some fortitude...) I'm supposed to be prescribed 60 mgs of Accutane (per day, I think?) Can anyone g
  5. I'm female, 30 years old, and I've had acne since I was 13. Yes, I am definitely ready to end this madness. With a switch in medical insurance I am now able to change doctors and my new one has prescribed ortho-Tricyclen. (Previously I was on a higher dosage pill, Zovia.) I have been experiencing an especially bad bout with cysts and nodules and whiteheads, oh my. The Doryx I've been taking for 2 months has so far done diddly-squat. Can I expect this Ortho-Tricyclen to help much? Would ap
  6. After almost a year and a half on minocin (200mg/day--100mg twice a day), my health insurance changed and I've ended up at a new derm. The new guy is changing my prescription to 100mg of Doryx once a day. (I'm also continuing .1% Retin-A gel on alternate nights.) I went with the change, since for the past 4 months or so, my chin is breaking out on a daily basis. (When I started this rollercoaster ride, it was my whole face in cysts, so just my chin is an improvement, but it still HURTS.) An