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  1. For the scars, I recommend aloe vera gel 100%, use a blob on your scars for a month or longer and you'll see a significant difference. It worked on my scars. Yeah, maybe you should just let it out, when you feel angry, sad or anything just cry, go somewhere and scream or scream in a pillow and afterwards you might feel better and you would forget about it for a while... idk how to take away that feeling forever. It's up to you how you let it effect you. Try not to let it effect you, when you loo
  2. I know EXACTLY how you feel. I hate looking in the mirror because I know that everytime i look i will get depressed and angry. Having acne makes me hate EVERYTHING in my life. It's hard to act like a normal person knowing you look like a mess. I once went a whole week without looking in the mirror because i noticed that i would looked at the mirror like 10x or more an hour and the more i looked, the more i picked, examine and definitely see what i did not want to see. So within that week it was
  3. 44444 - That's great GOOD LUCK on your journey. I will be checking your log updates!
  4. Crispix - Hey there Yeah, i totally get what your saying. I am currently trying out new things the dermatologist prescribed. My acne is getting better right now, way better than the picture i posted. Now im just hopping it will stop break out for good because i've always had a problem with it leaving and comming back, like a roller coaster. It's crazy.. you know desperate times call for desperate measures, haha. Thank you for you reply 44444 - I hate how wating a month and then within that
  5. Yeah side effects are scary, but you'll get through it. GOOD LUCK, I'll check out your log
  6. noto214 - Hello I'll be tracking your blog then, I'm so excited for you! I bet your starting to dry up.. and sure I'll add you! 44444 - Hey! Yeah I'm working on looking for derms that takes my insurance but I always have to wait 1 month before I can see them and by that time usually mu acne dies down... It's werid. Everytime I go see a derm, my skin behaves! but after it starts to break out lol. What luck! :/ Hmmmmmm, maybe my derm is lazy with the paperwork, hell if doesnt wanna do it,
  7. noto214, your reply puts me as ease I feel so much better, I really do! Thank you! Are you going to start a Accutane log? Hehe
  8. serendipitylust - Wow, just try to keep optimistic! I know some good things will def turn up. I wish you the best! lol ..but what kinda warnings are you nervous about? Did your derm prescribe you your dosage yet? Or do you have any clue what your dosage is? I'm scared of the long-lasting side-effects also... especially flushing... :/ I guess you will always have to sacrafice something for something you want.. bleh. Are you going to start a log? Jxr - Okie dokie, I'll give that a shot! He bet
  9. nitemare - Hellooo Thanks for the reply. I forgot to put that, but i've tried it before for about 2 months... and yet no difference. I think im immune to BP, and ever since Tretinoin, my skin had thinned out and using BP on it stings like a bee sting :/ It stucks. I do have cystic acne but I only get a few a month, thier usually on my cheeks and I've just recovered from some which took 3 months to come to the surface Im going to try out more derms, I've got a list for about 15 of them in my c