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  1. I appreciate all the replies. But my skin hasn't responded to any of the methods mentioned so far. Which is why I'm here, posting. My forehead acne causes me great distress, and I just want it to stop. How can it be "clogged pores" when I'm trying to avoid clogging ingredients like the plague? When these bumps usually appear directly or somewhat delayed as a result of trigger consumption?
  2. Hi everyone my name is Nikki. I've always relied on acne.org for advice but I haven't really posted on the site until, well, today! Please take a look at the forum I've linked to below. I am desperate for help. I'm leaving to study abroad in London in a couple of weeks, and I just want to be clear *enough* so I can enjoy myself overseas!!! http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php/topic/319655-what-in-the-world-is-on-my-forehead-pics-history-inside/ Thank you x a million!
  3. Sorry about the length, but your read/help is seriously SO APPRECIATED...this website is the most help I could ever ask for! I am desperate for the help of acne.org in finally figuring out what the hell is going on with my face. I am a 20 year old female with quite the history. Acne as a pre-teen and teen. Took minocycline for like...2 years or something in jr. high and high school. Significantly cleared but then it stopped working. And now there are a whole bunch of (permanent) digestive issue
  4. I agree with you, I don't want to have a permanent tattoo that looks like shit because I was impatient. I'm probably gonna end up getting pierced before the 6 months...probably even before the end of this month. I can just take that out if it doesn't heal right...I had to do that before when I first started Accutane.
  5. See the thing is I didn't scar on Accutane--and I'm a chronic pimple popper. I'm thinking about just getting my tragus pierced soon, and if that doesn't heal well, then it's a definite no to the tattoo for 6 months!
  6. I know, that's what I've seen most frequently too--to wait 6 months. But I want to do it already! And the doc didn't say no...I'm so confused.
  7. Hey everyone. I just finished Accutane 1 month ago. My skin is pretty much back to normal I'd say (I can tell because my lips aren't in dire need of Aquaphor anymore!). Scabs from pimples are healing fine without scarring. I just called my derm to ask when I can safely be tattooed/pierced, and she said to definitely wait one month (which I have already done), plus perhaps a couple more weeks if I'm still a little dry to get tattooed. I actually got two cartilage piercings 4 days after I started