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  1. good stuff lee, and thanks for sharing that miranda, def. going to check that out as another motivator to abstain you should post some good titles here's a big list and a website with what looks like a ton of info. http://www.antiporno...umentaries.html this might actaully be really helpful, i know a lot of people who go vegeterian once they see how animals are slaughtered, same should apply to this.
  2. Going to get right to it: most, if not all of these problems can be fixed through lifestyle changes with what you're putting into your body. A 100% raw food diet including fruits, vegetables, and some nuts will begin to bring your body back into homeostasis. After you are on a raw food diet for a few months; then you can start to hit the problems with fasting, supervised water fast if over a week and fresh raw fruit and veggie juices for up to a month (please do your research and keep it safe).
  3. Thanks for this. I actually WANT to date someone who has been through some sort of dealing with acne so they know what it's like and can sympathize. At the same time, it seems that guys acne is very short lived.... it's much more persistent in females... no fair. hay, i just wanted to throw a few of my cents in. one of best things you can learn to do in life is learn to love yourself unconditionally. try to not worry so much what others think about you, the only opinion that matters and should
  4. one; interesting to see how clever your mind really is lol
  5. let's do it bro, do whatever it takes. this guy was about to literally tie his hands above his head lol. we just have to do whatever it takes until our body is no longer used to the habit. going to sleep early, turning off the computer when your mind starts pushing you towards it. the more you resist when you feel like you need to do it, the easier it will be next time. end of day 1 for me
  6. hey everyone! i'm back and i updated the thread title for the 2012 year i have made it ~40 days and my face stopped breaking out like it did it in the past but for some reason i fell back into the habbit again lol so i guess my brain subconsciously brought me back to this thread & I'm glad to see people are still at it! tomorrow is going to be day 1 for me, hopefully we can all start having some breakthroughs and getting encouraging results soon & here's a fun read for some m
  7. I personally would never use Accutane because of a few possibilities: liver damage, hair loss, erectile dysfunction, and loss of sex drive. I don't care if these are rare side-effects or not, the truth is there are people who end up with long-term if not permanent damage done to their body; and there acne still returns a year or so later. I would rather have acne for the rest of my life and still be able to use my pecker. You have to weigh the risks and decide if it's worth it. It's your body an
  8. I'm no scientist, but toxins are almost everywhere; poor quality food (not just junk food but grown crops too), it's in the air we breathe (factory and car pollution), and even the water we drink. Detoxifying or getting rid of toxins is beneficial because they are linked to lots of diseases. Saunas are a good way to release these toxins through sweating, though there are other ways such as fasting.
  9. Sweating removes toxins from your body so although it may not be the cure, it is beneficial. Saunas are huge in other countries (not like the US) and I think they're good for overall health; I know a lot of my favorite MMA fighters spend 2-3 nights a week in saunas while training and preparing for fights. You lose water weight while in sauna so that's probably one of the reasons they use it, but certainly not the only. It might be in your head, but for the most part acne is unpredictable so it's
  10. Good advice, if anything your face looks irritated from all the products you've tried. Try to wash very gently and pat dry with a soft towel. You could also look into Emu oil.