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  1. What kind of deeper problem are you referring to?
  2. So it's been a long time since I've done a course of accutane. Probably about 5 years. I recently went to my GP and he's starting me off on 70mg/day for the first month. I think this is a pretty extreme initial dosage.. I remember starting off at 20mg/day then slowly moving up to 40mg then 70mg was my final dose for the last couple of months. I got my script today and got all my tablets in 10mg.. what do you guys think I should start off at? I don't want the initial breakout to be unbearable,
  3. I feel for ya..the last time I had bloodwork done, the nurse felt the need to tell me that she was new at this...and that she was a truck driver just 3 months prior to this.
  4. Now what if you had a couple of beers approximately 72 hours before your bloodwork...is that enough time for it to not affect the results?
  5. My face hasn't been oily, the new zits aren't popping up, so all I have to deal with atm is the redness. BUT.. I'm afraid to come off the accutane because I enjoy the dryness of my skin. I no longer have to pat my face down all day to get rid of the oiliness. When I get off the the tane, I know that the oiliness will come back, at least partially. I think my dermatolagist said he was going to get some peels in a couple months after i'm done my tane treatment, due to the skin being so fragile.
  6. I just put lotion on it, and it goes away in a couple days.
  7. Yeah, but i've seen people on here lighter than me taking A LOT higher doses..just curious.
  8. I hear ya. I found minocycline to be useless. I switched over to accutane, and i'm really liking it. The dryness sucks, but its good compensation for acne. I fear my prom as well..which is coming up in a short few months.
  9. I'm 145-150lbs at 5'7", and my derm said the highest accutane dosage I would be able to make is 60mg. Does that seem right to you?
  10. Just_imagine82, you're 30lbs lighter than me and i'm taking 60mg. Dammit.
  11. I'm currently on accutane, and i'm not looking forward to having oily skin again. I've gotten too use to the nice dry feel.