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  1. How much do I love this gel? Let me count the ways: 1. BAT. Big ass tube. 2. Extremely lightweight therfore no mask effect. 3. Invisible. Blendable. 4. Face does not feel like I spend the weekend in the sahara desert. 5. Kinda makes me feel like there's no use for moisturizer huh? Stickin' to the regimen dan. 6. Can wear it under makeup with no cakiness. what a concept. 7. I hear it will be inexpensive. Lovin' it. Strangely afraid of using too much without another BAT to replace i
  2. DAN'S NEW BP GEL. I've been using it for a few weeks now and I am loving it. It's perfect consistency and no residue make it the perfect bp product. finally.......
  3. Life works in mysterious ways. If your derm won't give you accutane you have to trust there is a reason for it even if you can't see it right now. accutane is serious stuff and even alot of people who have taken it still get acne and that's after several rounds. I cried and was devastated when my dermatologist said he wouldnt prescribe it to me because of my child bearing age and being a woman....as it can harm a fetus. I am glad he didn't as I found out my liver would not have tolerated it at a
  4. Yes most milia is caused by dry skin which can get thickened by too much scrubbing or sun. please don't use the coca butter on your face. that sounds scarey to me even though it has lactic acid and such in it. i know that most moisturizers that contain ceramides in them will help the skin's collagen levels so it won't thicken up like that or get the fatty deposits.
  5. Everyone responds differently to salicylic acid. If you are on the regimen you should notice results in clearing and fading of marks gradually. salicylic works like an alpha hydroxy acid as far as cell turnover goes. I was surprised to find it in anti aging products in some lines. Some people say it makes them break out more and i've heard that alot with different acids so just be careful.
  6. Be nice. If you're concerned enough to write about it you probably should just go ahead and use a fresh towel every day. I think that's pretty healthy. Because just thinking that it might have germs or be 'dirty' would plant the seed in your head and thus create some psychological stress and promote acne. Nothing wrong with keepin' it clean. Better safe than broken out.
  7. that's not cool. skunk was just trying to be positive in his own way. no need to dismiss. anyhoo...don't go outside then. and don't feel guilty about not going outside. we're human. we have ego. some more than others. you're not bad for wanting to hide out. what sucks is when you feel bad about hiding out.
  8. girls are more forgiving when it comes to scarring on guys. don't be so hard on yourself. it's more acceptable for a guy to have scarring anyways as it adds a ruggedness girl don't mind. just be confident to the point of almost arrogant, admire other girls in front of her, then give her gifts, tell her how hot she is, then ignore her, you'll have her wrapped around your little finger. just kidding. all joking aside. ...self confidence is key. and take care of yourself. girls definitely like a gu
  9. tinted oxy 10 for sleep overs. i know it's 10 percent but for those occassional overnighters waddaya gonna do? it's the only one that's good for covering. but yeah you have to claim privacy for washing your face instead of the communal sharing of the washroom space which i freaking hate and those non acne getting people don't understand. they think 3 people are fine in the bathroom one brushing teeth another shaving leg and then you .....trying to wash your face with a high lather and not wantin
  10. i don't restrict my diet and i looooooove chocolate. it's a beautiful thing. but i always think of food in terms of how orgnaic it can be. like i know i'm eating crap when i get on a hershey bar. but then i spend a bit more money on high grade chocolate that hasn't been insulted with alot of fillers and it's a different story. then there's coffee. i just figure it's pretty close to the earth. i just ground the beans that have been roasted so that's pretty natural. i don't beat myself up over fo
  11. has this been moved? cause i'm not sure if i need to move this on over to the makeup area. but anyhoo there is no best concealer for acne. acne looks really bad when concealer is used. if you have to use a foundation just dab with a sponge like cover girls sponge wedges. they're the best. not as dense and has more texture than the generic ones. just dampen it and squish it out with a towel then apply the makeup to the areas needed and dab dab dab.
  12. c'mon now. yes some ppl have said dawn ANTIBACTERIAL dishwashing liquid......so i guess any antibac liquid would work to reduce the acne causing back-teria. go with it. dawn has the new antibacterial with vitamins and stuff in it now....they probably figured out people were using it to wash themselves and got jiggy with the marketing ploy. fo shizzle.
  13. mmmmmmkay. i swear it's like the friggin locusts. migrating from one area to another. i don't know why it does this. acne intelligence. it's disturbing though. why does the rash need to get out. can you replace the rash with something else? like a scaley heel on the foot or....cuticles that peel like mad, i mean what does it want? there should be a disclaimer on the regimen that says when you get clear on your face be prepared for it to crop up somewhere else. and if not acne then ....something