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  1. Hello friends! I have been coming to acne.org for a while now for advice on my acne. I had a flawless face in high school, and then nursing school decided to wreck havoc on my face! (grrrrrr.......!) I have tried proactiv (it sucked), antibiotics, creams, lotions, vitamins, all fruit and veggies diet.... everything!!! Accutane is a last resort for me, as it is for many people. I go for my blood and pregnancy tests Monday, so hopefully I will get my prescription filled that day. I will inclu
  2. Hellooo I've been visiting this site for a while and this is my first ever post. I am about to start accutane in a week, so we can share the experience together. I am a 20 year old female with moderate hormonal acne. I am nervous as well, and I am going to keep a log. Keep me updated on your progress! And good luck!