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  1. So i decided to post how my accutane experience is going so far and love to know how everyone elses is going and if we got similar experiences..i am on day 12 40mg/day. ive been dealing with terrible acne for as long as i can remember and i hope to be help to people who are looking into taking accutane since its been a struggle for me to finally gve in and take this medication since i was terrified and still am took me two years to decide to take it! soo.. i started noticing a decrease in oil
  2. i hope s0 too acne has ruined my relationship with the love of my life, and my family and people around me im always in a bad mood cuz imn frustrated by it, i just dont wanna deal with it anymore did u loose hair??
  3. ive tried everything, i start accutane in 2weeks, and i start my makeupschool a week after which has been very very expensive and hard to get into..i been having acne since 11 and im 18 and it doesnt look like its going away anytime soon, my hair face and back are super greasy within minutes and it kind of secretes a nasty oily sweating smell even if im not active,its more severe on my body then face im even getting some on my stomach which are cyst of course cause i got cyst all on my jawline,
  4. well yea i start in 2weeks but im super scared of side affects =/
  5. any women here went on accutane without bcp or patches,shot and what not?
  6. omg i been getting this two i always had cystic acne but now theyre crawling from my jawline to my neck ughghghhghgh it sucksssss
    -Pretty easy to find -not that expensive -the rec. dosage is so inconvient -gave me MAJOR anxiety (claims to have no side affects but it did on me) -gave me a pain in my liver(be careful!) -they do not make u aware of side affects it simply says there is none -high dosage of vitamin A gave me lots of flushing so i used this to in hopes of not having to use accutane but i had to go that route anyway!, gave me major major anxiety and it just wasnt working if u have li
  7. i dont want take birth control pills with it! i decided a very strong decision that i will have no sex while on it..i just want to know if any other female took it without any bc pills,patches,shots? n just dont have any sex? please let me know! AND ALSO A ACCUTANE QUESTION FOR EVERYONE ELSE: WHAT CAN I EXPECT TO EXPERIENCE WHILE ON IT? AND WHAT STEPS DID U DO TO MAKE THIS A HEALTHIER EXPERIENCE, PLEASE HELP ME. ALSO IM VERY VERY DEPRESSED ABOUT MY ACNE WITHOUT ACCUTANE, WILL ACCUTANE MAKE ME
  8. kaylahatesacne

    lighter periods, boobs grew a little, no headaches or pain extreme extreme weight gain, tired all the time, sex drive as low as it can get loss of ANY sexual desire. this has made my small frame gain 30 pounds! and yes it does help lighten ur periods but thats alllllllllll it does, i broke out like crazy, and then i stopped taking it and it made it 10x worse!, ive stood on this pill for over 5 months to try and see if i see improvement on skin, wow! i got acne in places i never got, and this def