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  1. b.love

    Day 4

    Hi,I am currently looking for a new cleanser and came across Cetaphyl online. However, the #2 ingredient is Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate. Can you please tell me where you found the scale of irritation that this ingredient is on because I'd like to see what else is listed. Thanks!Your blog is really helping me out since I am considering starting The Regimen also. Thanks again!
  2. PinaPina, Thanks for your blog. I'm 22 and your skin sounds very similar to mine. I am also considering starting The Regimen but would like to try drugstore products first and then slowly add in the acne.org products if they seem to work for everyone else. I am interested to see what products work well for you and what products don't work, since I will probably be in the same situation when I start my new regimen. I also had a bad reaction to the BP, but from MaxClarity. My skin turned red
  3. b.love

    -doesn't feel thick on my face -it really does cover my blemishes well (with concealer brush) -looks much more natural than other makeup -lasts most of the day when i use the mineral veil on top -doesn't seem to make my skin worse -some stores will apply it on you for free to see if you like it and to find the right color -i've gotten compliments on my skin since using bare minerals :) -expensive at first when you have to buy the brushes and mineral veil (i suggest
  4. b.love

    -moisturizes skin -won't clog pores (?) -felt greasy on my skin -too thick for me -contains a comedogenic ingredient -contains mineral oil -strong scent wasted my money.
  5. yes, i did get the body wash. i use it as a face wash in the shower before i apply everything else and i also use a small amount on my chest on occasion since i rarely breakout on my body. i'm not sure how well it works on body acne, but it works as a face wash for me.
  6. I've been using maxclarity for about a month and a half now and have definitely seen some good results. i just posted a review for maxclarity on this site, but it will take a day or so to show up. it worked well and my face isn't completely clear, but has shown a lot of improvement. the red areas have lightened up, my pores look smaller, my face is a lot less oily, and the cystic bumps have gone down. However, the foam comes out really quickly, overuse can dry up your skin, the product contain
  7. b.love

    -process was quick & easy to use (process goes faster if you use the deep cleanser and body wash while in the shower so you don't have to re-wet your face in the morning) -skin felt smooth -lightened redness -is clearing up acne -the only product that has worked this well for me. -doesn't smell bad -i'm not thrilled about using a product that has to be ordered online and billed automatically -dries out skin if moisturizer isn't used -foam comes out FAS