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  1. What's the process like to change doctors in the middle of a course of accutane? I'm currently going to a private practice, but found out that the university health center offers accutane treatment so I could go there for free. Is it possible to switch doctors in the middle of taking accutane?
  2. Thanks! I'm both looking forward to it and incredibly anxious about it. I spoke with a family friend from my hometown in GA tonight who's been practicing in dermatology for decades and he suggested to simply tell my derm that I'd feel more comfortable having blood work done the next time I visit him. As for the dosage, he suggested I take only 1 pill per day for the first week or two to see how I adjust to the drug, then upping to the prescribed 80 mgs/day. I'll probably do that... Thanks
  3. You're over-reacting. I was started on 80mg per day, 1st blood test 2-3 weeks after starting my accutane. Second blood test 2-2.5 months later. Third one, same thing towards the end of my accutane course. You were also not specific as to what you meant by "I did not have to have blood work done throughout the entire cycle" - If what you meant by that was you still had to get your blood tested every few months then you're fine. One blood test per month really isn't necessary unless you're ext
  4. Hey yall, After years of struggling through the trials and tribulations of acne, I have decided to take the plunge and go on accutane. Like most of you, acne has really played a big role in my teenage years. Although I played sports in high school and was fairly social, my self-confidence was never really there because of my acne. Even worse, whenever I looked into the mirror to see my acne-ridden face, I was downright embarrassed and upset. I'm about to begin my junior year of college, so b
  5. I went to the derm today (first time i've seen this doctor) and was put on 80mg of accutane (40mg two times a day), but he said I did not have to have blood work done throughout the entire cycle. Is this safe? I am a little skeptical of this doctor for some reason, as I have heard plenty of times about the blood tests accompanying accutane. Also, isn't 80mg/day pretty strong to start out on? Is this doctor crazy?
  6. visavise, I'm as ready as ever for today. Hope you are, too. Let me know how it goes, and if you start your cycle!
  7. After reading this site for a few years in response to my moderate to severe acne, I've finally taken the plunge. I'm a college student (rising junior to be specific) and have, like many of you, suffered from acne for many of my teenage years. While I never dealt with severe acne in high school, my skin certainly wasn't clear either. Now, as I look forward to my third year of college, my acne is getting worse. I've never before had as many whiteheads and pimples on my face at one time as I do