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  1. Today, I am one month deep in some birth control. I hate it, but it was for a completely non-acne related issue, and now I am damned with it for the end of time. Or at least until three packs runs out... As of now, the terrible chin breakouts I have been having (along my jaw as well) have halted, and my skin is clear of any active acne....!!! I have red marks from my cheek bones down (HALP!!) but as far as my painful itchy nasty acne, I've got nothing!! I have changed my routine up quite a b
  2. In my experience, I can tell you that Everyday Minerals is a pretty awesome alternative! if you visit the website, you can get sample products for dirt cheap, and it will help you find your right shade. I got a blush and foundation sample, (each come with 4 different colors!) and I am pleased with that. Right now I need a little more coverage (BC initial breakout *bleh*) So I use HD Make up Forever, (it's a liquid, though...) found at Sephora. It offers great coverage, and won't clog the pores.
  3. I think I need to invest in this AHA...Is your skin still dry, or has it balanced out now? My jawline has stopped breaking out, I just have the red marks now which IMHO looks just as sweet as acne without makeup on... I am happy to hear everything is going well, now you can sit and say "AAHHHHhhhhh... I did it." Your entry made me want to visit a chinese doctor, and get a massage. I hope everything stays this good for you, and only moves forward!~Ally
  4. I haven't really much to report, but here goes what I do know: The redness that I used to have is now gone. I used to have a reddish tint to my skin that was very unbecoming but it seems to have faded. I have fading redmarks, and no active pimples! A cyst/nodule that I had came to a head, for the first time in my life, and I took pride in getting rid of it... That was a few days ago, and there is only the memory left of that. My face isn't dry, isn't oily, it's juuuusst right. I broke out on
  5. I found it funny as well that the people that are in the Proactiv commercials and epiduo and all that only have about 3 small zits in the corner of their forehead, with a beautiful complexion everywhere else. That's not acne..... I think acne is so confusing, yet simple at the same time. I believe if we know our bodies, understand what it needs to function properly, and treat it accordingly, we would not suffer from acne. For example: My acne was self induced. I fell victim to the latest and gr
  6. It's been a while since my last post, so here are the details on my progress with my regimen: I went quite a few days with no new pimples whatsoever, and the old ones weren't coming to a head, and just lingering there... But everything is fading fast now, and this morning I woke up with a little whitehead that is already gone by 10 am. That has never happened to me before, it was quick! i am in love with tea tree oil now, and I am going to keep doing what I'm doing until I don't have to do it
  7. I tried tea tree oil and didn't have any luck with it at all, and I stuck with it for awhile before giving up. But hey, it worked for a lot of people according to the reviews so maybe it's your answer! Let us know what happens and good luck!

  8. Hey there! Thanks for asking :) I'm actually a middle school English teacher, teaching all the kiddies from my fishing village. How about you? And how is your skin? I noticed on your blog that you're trying a new routine. Good luck!!!

  9. I really enjoy her book. I browse through it whenever I am at the bookstore, and I think one of these days soon I will break down and get it. She actually frowned upon Dermalogica as a whole, I was surprised. I enjoy their antibacterial spongecloth, it is extremely convenient!
  10. Oh yes, I have been using the tea tree oil with jojoba, I just haven't mustered the courage to put olive oil on my face yet... It's been working quite well as far as topicals go. I have been taking 50 mg Zinc, 2 probiotic pills a day, and a multi. I apply a heavier vit E cream from my upper lip up to my forehead, and Dan's light moisturizer everywhere else. It has been going good so far, fingers are crossed.
  11. I mix it with Jojoba oil as opposed to the suggested Olive Oil, I haven't reached the point where I'm comfortable enough putting it on my face just yet... It has been working well, showing little improvement over a short period of time. I like the idea of it better than the BP due to it's lack of side effects. I don't want to clear my acne at 23 and worry about wrinkles the next day. :dry:
  12. i only put it on my acne prone areas, as it is a natural antibacterial oil. I only put it along my jawline, and T zone.
  13. Okay... So I picked up a very useful book today about a holistic alternative to acne treatment, and this is what I found as far as acne goes...
  14. Okay... So I picked up a very useful book today about a holistic alternative to acne treatment, and this is what I found as far as acne goes...