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  1. I'm just about to start. I've been using pantothenic acid for a little over a month (was at 10 grams a day, increased it to 12 grams) but I haven't been seeing the progress everybody else talks about. My face continues to be just as oily, and I'm still breaking out. Don't know if this is normal for some people and gets better (anybody have this experience?) or if it's better just to quit it and go for pantethine. I'm hoping this works, b/c I've already done accutane once and don't feel like figh
  2. The best lotion, by far, is Eucerin Q10 Creme. It's not the lotion in the pump, it comes in a jar. My roommate and I would refer to it as "the butter", haha, b/c of its color and thickness. It takes a little getting used to b/c it's pretty thick, and you have to get used to an oil-free moisturizer having that kind of substance. Anyway, I've tried all of the moisturizers. This one is the absolute best in my opinion. I've never used anything nearly so fantastic. I've been addicted to it for 2 year
  3. Hey. I am happy to hear that you are on acutane. I took it for 5 months and it did a miracle for me. I tried everything and only acutane worked. You have to be patient, though. Your skin is so sensitive while on that stuff that you really cant do much about the scarring till later. However, you can prevent some more by NOT touching your face from now on. I bet many of the red marks on your face will go away as time goes by, especially as you finish the acutane and your skin regains its natural m
  4. Can you tell me what you've learned about fraxel? I am dying to do something with my scars. I am so fed up. I went to a plastic surgen and paid $100 for just a visit and it doesn't look like he's going to be much help. How many treatments with the fraxel do they usually need to do? sounds like you got a great price.
  5. For all of you out there who are experiencing the trauma of having to live with acne scars and who are forced to look at other people who have beautiful skin... wondering what you too would look like without little indents all over your face...I say, go for it, spend the money and get the scar treatments. I am going to. I'm not going to spend $10,000 or anything, but I am going to research, find the best treatments available and talk to a plastic surgeon... because I believe that a plastic surge
  6. Hey Mitchyishot, From what I know about accutane, it doesn't do much for large poors and nothing for droopie skin. Accutane stops your body from producing so much of that "stuff" that clogs your poors in the first place. It won't help scars or produce new skin. I have the same problem as you (more large poors than droopie skin) and have begun using 2% Salicylic Acid (Clean&Clear) $2.99 and an over the counter glycolic acid peel ($20.00). You can get both at Walmart. Or, if you want, go to
  7. Holy Crap! 8$ for a 30 day treatment! Are you serious??? Are you sure this is the real stuff? How did you find out about it? Where do you live because I need to get this as well.
  8. Thanks everyone for your replies! I desperetely needed the encouragement. Antony~ you really made me laugh. I have been so depressed worrying about how I am going to get accutane. I keep trying to figure out what my options are if my insurance won't cover it. However, as soon as I get an appointment, my plan is to do just as you have done. I am going to demand accutane and lie if I have to about using countless antibiotics, even if I have never heard of them before. If he doesnt give it to me
  9. Hey everyone. I found this message board to be very encouraging. I am 24 and have had acne since I was 12. Just in the last year I began noticing my scars... It's really quite sad and depressing. I didn't know about accutane until last year and I am so furious with my previous doctor that she didn't tell me about it. She could have saved me from a lot of scarring. I should have been on accutane at age 15. gggrrrr! Anyway, I am applying for insurance and hope to be accepted by April 1st. I am f
  10. Hang in there! I believe accutane will work for you. I am currently applying for health insurance so I can go on it as well. I won't be able to start for another 4 or 5 weeks, but I pray to God that it will be a miracle solution. I just cannot deal with my acne anymore. I am 24 yrs old and have had acne since I was 12! Enough is enough! I have been on the BP regimen that Dan invented, but its just not cutting it. My roommate, who also has acne, tried the regimen and it cleared her up perfectly.
  11. Hey, I was just wondering, was it hard to talk your doctor into giving you accutane? I am going to try and see a derm about my skin, but am worried that he is going to give me the run around and give me something else and just waste my time and money. I JUST WANT CLEAR SKIN!! Is this too much to ask!
  12. Week ??? - I have lost count. It's been a long time since I have started this stuff. I think I am on week 10. My skin has not improved really. Sometimes I get the illusion that it is, but I don't think that it is much better than when I began. I don't know if I will be buying anymore of this stuff when it runs out at the end of the month. I still break out randomly and whatever good the Derma Cleanse was doing for my pores before... it is no longer doing that good thing now. I guess I should jum
  13. Hey Maggie, Well, I did have another break-out.. on my chin and a little on my jaw-line this time. It's making me a little crazy. I am really trying to have hope, but the pimples keep on coming back! I wish I was as persistant as my acne. I would be able to accomplish so much in life. Let me know if you find some cheaper version of this stuff. Sorry Derma Cleanse isnt working for you...to tell you the truth, I am starting to wonder if its really working for me! Maybe the BP regimen will come t
  14. Hey, be sure to check out my regimen log at "Trying Derma Cleanse." I think the products we are using may be similar... or maybe not. I think I saw Dr. Natura stuff when I was deciding which product to use next.
  15. Hey everyone, thanks for the encouragement. Maggiecs- I have heard of some success cases with Derma Cleanse. Of course they are all on the Derma Cleanse website.... But I have also heard of some not so successful cases from people on Acne.org (as Pinay has shared). However, one girl shared that after using Derma Cleanse for a few months, her acne went away completely as soon as she stopped the system. ??? It's not over till it's over! Either way, GIVING UP HOPE IS NOT AN OPTION...not for anyone!
  16. Thanks for sharing your experience Pinay. I am not sure if this stuff will work for me either, but I'm going to give it a try anyway. I dont have insurance right now, so I have to use a non-prescription treatment. You are right that it is a bit pricey. I actually wrote to the Derma Cleanse people and requested more free product so that I would be able to use it for the entire 40 day trial... haha. Of course, I was denied. They do not care about my acne situation, just the money they can get out
  17. Hey Joline, I was reading your message board and struck by how similar our skin problem is. I am 24 as well and trying to figure out if my acne will go away before I have to start worrying about wrinkles. I would like to stop applying acne cream before I start applying anti-aging lotion. Anyway, I have struggled with acne since I was around 12 or 13 as well. My skin has changed a lot, just as yours. It is oily, in general (but much better in the winter), and I have large pores on the upper part
  18. week 5: Well, since my last entry, I have broken out once more (on my chin and right cheek). This really depressed and discouraged me even though the Derma Cleanse website says to expect a breakout around this time. Yesterday, my skin finally cleared up and the refill of Derma Cleanse pills that I ordered arrived. I could not bring myself to purchase the face wash and cream because that would have bumped the cost up from $60 to $100. I am not out of either, so I will make a decision whether to b
  19. Hey there. Happy Thanksgiving to you too! Good luck to finding a cure for your acne. What are you trying now?
  20. Hey badsoldier, BP is benzyl peroxide... appearantly if you glob it all over your face, your acne will go away. But seeing that you posted this in September, you have probably figured this out already. Anyway, I have not tried this BP regimen, yet. However, my roommate is trying it. I am using Derma Clease...and have posted my results under "Trying Derma Cleanse." I am sort of afraid to try it because of how dry benzyl peroxide makes your face. As a woman, I need to make sure that I moisturize a
  21. Week 4: I am a little frustrated. I don't know what is going on with my skin. I am breaking out on areas of my face where I never break out. The Derma Cleanse people said to expect a break-out after the second week, since it takes this long for the vitamins to fully absorb into your system. Maybe I am having a delayed response, as this is week 4. My skin has a mind of its own. Before this week, my skin was doing pretty well. Then, one day I woke up with oily skin and pimples on my chin and jaw l
  22. Week 2: My pores appear smaller. No recent significant break-outs. Overall skin clarity is good. Red marks still prominent, but hoping they will fade. I am not convinced yet that this isn't just a "good skin" week. I want to give it a few more weeks to see if things are still going well. If anybody else has had success using this product (or lack thereof), please post your experience. I'll post another update next week.
  23. Hello out there... I recently purchased Derma Clease and am giving it a try. I have tried different antibiotics, proactive, tazorac, etc... and nothing has really worked. The antibiotics did nothing, the proactive bleached all my clothes, and the tazorac burned a few layers of skin off. Tazorac helps a little but for the first 2 weeks it burns badly and you cannot wear make-up due to flacky skin. It is definitely NOT a long term solution to clear skin. I would prefer to use accutane but I dont h