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  1. Best Acne maintenance product I've used

    I'm 40 and I have suffered acne since a teenager. Not much used to touch it including Retin A, Zineryt and Roaccutane. Had given up hope and was just waiting to grow out of it. Then I stumbled across acne.org about 8 years ago. Lots of drying skin for the first month but my acne reduced almost immediately. If I stuck to the regimen religiously then my skin remained remarkably clear. Still got spots when I was lazy but I felt a lot more confident and rarely worried about how my skin looked
  2. Being a guy I can't comment on make-up etc but I did suffer for a while with dry and irritable eyes due to BP. I realised that I was applying it too near to the area around my eyes although I was not applying it directly to those areas. The other thing that didn't help was that I was applying moisturiser to the dry areas around my eyes in the belief that this would help, in fact it did the opposite. I assume it was still drawing a small amount of BP with it even though I allowed it to dry for
  3. I live in Dubai so it's 365 days of sunshine and summers are extreme. I'm out in it all year most weekends so this was a big concern of mine when I was considering starting the DKR, but I asked on this board and others mentioned it's not a big problem providing you're careful. I have noticed that my skin is more sensitive to the sun but it just means I've had to be more careful if I know I'm being exposed to it for any length of time. I still apply BP morning and night irrespective of whethe
  4. Before I started the Regimen the beard trimmer once or twice a week was definitely the best option however I wouldn't say that I had typical acne. Yes I got some regular acne but the worse cases were as a result of shaving itself and in particular close shave (wet or electric). Still not entirely sure what is was about shaving that caused the breakouts but my guess is it was some form of Folliculitis. Since starting the Regimen (I'm about 5 months in now) wet shavnig has been fine, in fact I
  5. I used a very similar method during the first 3-4 weeks of starting the DKR and I believe it is recommended if you read Dan's guide. By gradually building up my skins resistance to BP it means I haven't sufferred as badly from reddening and dryness (I do still get it but it's bearly noticeable most days). I was using maximum dosage by the end of week 4 which for me is 3 pumps on the new tubs. Been doing DKR since Sep'10 and I'm now working back down in dosage to see how little I can use witho
  6. I find three pumps of Dan's moisturiser to be too much to absorb but two pumps is about right. Have you thought instead about adding a couple of drops of Joba oil to sort out the extra dryness you are suffering? I find it helps to keep it to a minimum especially if I apply a generous amount in the evening before I go to bed.
  7. I have had a couple of tubs that have arrived with the pumps broken off. As with you though I was still able to use them and pump out the product so it wasn't really an issue. Didn't have any problem with water getting in and it still dispenses the correct amount. If you send it back then you'll just have to wait longer to get started!
  8. Up until September this year I would definitely have said "not shave". Since then though I have been following the DKR and it has worked wonders. Shaving has caused me problems for as long as I can remember. If I knew I had an upcoming occasion where I wished to look well groomed then I would stop shaving weeks in advance. This would allow my skin enough time to repair and initially my face would look fine after a shave. Unfortunately on most occasions I would develop a bad breakout within
  9. I'm about 7 weeks into the Regimen and currently shave only once a week so I have a similar problem after the stubble gets to about 2mm. I've noticed that the BP and moisturiser sit on the surface more and isn't as easily absorbed, especially on my top lip and around my jaw line for some reason. I just leave a little more time between applications, maybe go off and do somethig around the house for 15mins, to make sure the BP is completely dry and avoid clumping. I'm using Dan's moisturiser wh
  10. I used to use a lot of this as a dietary supplement for training. Didn't notice a difference to my skin quality so I guess it's down to the individual.
  11. Update on this thread... I had been on the DK Regimen for four weeks and progress had been good. Skin had cleared up, fortunately didn't suffer from the bad breakout at week three which I was expecting and my skin was starting to settle from the worst of the redness. Also I had invested in a beard trimmer rather than using the side-burn trimmer on my electric razor. Much more comfortable trim with minimal irritation so I was trimming 3 times a week for the first four weeks. The plan was to
  12. I picked up a new trimmer a couple of weeks ago and when I was reading the instructions it recommended going against the grain. It's not like wet shaving where you run the risk of ingrowing hairs and the like.
  13. Pulled a "sickie" a few times. I also dislike the idea of doing it so often I just think "Get over it and who cares what people think" but there have been days where I just couldn't face leaving the house. Missed some good nights out too because of acne and I'm more pissed off about that than missing a few days at works. The amount of times I've had to cancel last minute due to a bad breakout. Always had acne in some form or another for the past 20 years but luckily it goes in phases of mild
  14. I've noticed that my skin is more sensitive to the Sun since using BP but it hasn't stopped me getting out in it. I just make sure I apply more lotion and wear a cap to keep my face shaded if the rays are really intense. I still get a bit red if I've been out all day even if I apply SPF 30 regularly and peeling + flaky skin requires a bit more moisturising in the morning.
  15. I have been keeping well away from my eyes when applying BP and moisturiser for the best part of a week now and the dryness and lines have improved alot. I go up to my eyebrow above the eye, avoid the corners of my eyes by sticking closely to about a finger width from the hair line and just a stripe down the bridge of my nose and beneath the eye I go as far up as the cheekbone. I still get some dry flakey skin and puffyness in the morning but not nearly as bad as before and most if this disap