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  1. I've read a lot of different things about the Levulan PDT, and I'm starting to realize there are a few different ways to do it. Everyone's experience seems to be different I just completed a course of 5 Levulan PDT treatments, spaced about a week apart each. I did it for active acne -- not oily skin. When I started, I was using Differin, which was making my face both dry and oily at the same time. (I had to apply tons of moisturizer, which made my face an oil slick during the day). I immed
  2. This is pretty much exactly how I feel. My main problem was the occasional breakout + quite a few whiteheads. These bumps bothered me so I went to the dermatologist who immediately prescribed me retinoids without much indiciation of what was to be expected or how the medication would work. It's been about 8 months since that first visit, and while my initial breakout is over, I still break out regularly and my skin is still bumpy. The only difference is, I now have all these scars and red ma
  3. I like to use plain tissues. I feel like blotting papers are actually pretty expensive, especially for those dealing with extremely oily skin. The kind I have now, I have to use about 4 sheets to get all the oil just off of my t-zone. It feels like such a waste. I just like to grab a tissue and literally stick the entire thing all across my face and press it into my skin a little... no rubbing necessary (in private, of course... bc it looks pretty ridiculous). It's great bc it absorbs eno
  4. I recently discovered aquaphor for my lips -- it works great! I'm not on accutane, but I hear it's a staple product for those that are. Definitely worth a try, since they come in those small portable tubes too
  5. I'm on a similar regimen (Duac and Differin), except by the time I started using Duac, my skin was fully adjusted to the Differin. I tried applying Duac all over my face in the morning, and after a few days, I realized my face was extremely red/irritated/sensitive... plus I had multiple angry breakouts appear daily. Obviously the Duac was the one causing all this havoc, but I guess it was partially my fault since I didn't ease myself into it (which you SHOULD do). Make sure you're waiting a w
  6. If it helps, my skin took about 3 months to be rid of the redness and flaking when I first started using tretinoin. I used it for 4.5 months, and I STILL couldn't use it everyday bc my skin was too sensitive to it.... it just takes a little for some people to get used to it I guess. I used makeup to cover up the redness, but the dryness was a little trickier. I was already using a gentle cleanser, but I had to find a good moisturizer that wouldn't irritate my already irritated skin. Cetaph
  7. I've tried multiple retinoids, gels and creams (not Taz though), but none of them feel like they're sitting on top of my skin. I always wait about 15 minutes after washing my face before applying a small pea-sized amount all over --- it's usually just enough to cover all the skin on my face without having to rub it in too much. It usually feels fully absorbed within an hour or so, especially since it's such a thin layer.
  8. Am I alone in thinking this wouldn't be classified as severe acne? Definitely moderate, since it looks like there's some scarring and pustules, etc. But I've definitely seen worse. Maybe a little more than moderate? First off, don't wash your face 3x a day. Twice should be plenty enough. And use a cleanser, not soap. If you get oily throughout the day, just blot. There are tons of possible ways you could treat your acne. If you have one, try to get to your primary care physician -- they
  9. I know it's been a while, but I just wanted to give you a little update on the MUFE full cover concealer. It was a random purchase - I told the sales associate that I needed a good, heavy-duty concealer for acne marks, and she led me straight to this one, found me a color match, and I just decided to buy it (mostly bc Sephora has the best return policy). It really is very pigmented, but I have TONS of red marks right now that make it look like I have lot of acne when I really only have a few
  10. I always experience dry skin when it starts to get cold outside. I'd been using Cerave moisturizers (lotion and cream) for a while, with great results. Unfortunately, they just couldn't keep up with the harsh winter weather. I tried adding jojoba oil, but that did next to nothing. I also tried adding eucerin's aquaphor to my moisturizer, but that broke me out. I began using oil-based moisturizers, particularly from the Eucerin line because they are typically unscented and gentle, and have m
  11. I have the same problem with my makeup/foundation... but it only occurs when I have dry skin. I think it has a lot to do with finding the right products for your skin. Sorry to tell you I haven't quite found a solution yet, but that stuff mentioned by Amber sounds like it would be worth a try. I exfoliate and moisturize religiously, but the dry winter weather is just too much during the day. From your original post, I'd suggest using a concealer for trouble spots, and maybe trying out a fo
  12. It depends on what type of insurance you have. I needed a new referral from my physician every few months or so.
  13. So Ryan C, it might just be the brand of jojoba oil I'm using? Did you notice a big difference between Dan's jojoba oil and the one you bought at the store? Does Dan's absorb better and moisturize enough to keep the flakes away? Was it a really big difference between the two? Haha sorry for all the questions, but my dry/combo skin is driving me crazy! I'm loving the colder weather, but hating my bipolar skin.
  14. Both Differin and Retin-A are forms of retinoids. They work in a similar way, so yes, an initial breakout is likely. They both increase cell turnover rate, but Differin (with the active ingredient adapalene) is a synthetic retinoid while Retin-A is a natural retinoid. In general, Differin is milder, so the side effects aren't as harsh as they might be with Retin-A. Here's a post with a good overview on the different types of retinoids. And since 0.3% has a higher concentration of the active
  15. CVS is a pharmacy/drugstore in the US. Since you're in another country, maybe you should consider getting it online? The cerave website says it's available on drugstore.com -- you should check out where they ship their products. And retin-A is definitely nothing like proactive. It's a completely different medication, so it wouldn't exactly be a replacement. And I don't know what that panoxyl product is so I can't comment on that.
  16. I went through the same exact thing. It's because your dermis is thinner and your skin is more sensitive than usual. "Gentle" ones like olay, aveeno, and cetaphil all made my face sting and burn when I applied them (and usually left me with a red tinge on my face throughout the day), but Cerave did NOT. It's my absolute favorite! I use both the cream and the lotion. They're great because they moisturize well and dry to a matte finish (no greasiness whatsoever!) And just a side note: I trie
  17. As far as I know, Cerave is only sold in CVS (it's not very widely available). I don't know the exact amounts, but their regular moisturizing lotion and moisturizing cream only come in one size, and each one was about $15. I believe it's quite a deal because you get SO much product.
  18. I know this is a slightly older thread, but I was wondering if different brands of jojoba oil really feel/act differently on your skin. I bought one a while back, and I've never really been a fan -- it's greasy, and it just sits on top of my skin rather than moisturizing it. But now I'm wondering if it's the brand I bought...? It's pure, organic jojoba oil (I forget the exact brand). Does anyone have experience with multiple brands of jojoba oil, and did you notice a difference? I'm in de
  19. socialanxiety -- My moisturizers sometimes separate on my skin too, but usually only if I try to rub it after it's completely dried. This is why I've stopped using makeup primer.. because when I rub it in, it makes my moisturizer ball up. I figure it's more important to have properly moisturized skin. But I'm also having a bit of a problem with dry/flaking skin, but it only surfaces a few hours into the day so it's an odd situation. I'll let you know if I find a solution. and I've always so
  20. Does this only occur a few hours after application? Hopefully it isn't an allergic reaction. But I've always experienced itchy skin while I'm beginning to use retinoids-- I believe it's a common side effect. The only solution I found for it was time (not much help, I know). I ended up dealing with it for about 2 months or so. Hopefully you find a better solution out there!
  21. Peeling is normal... and annoying to deal with. Definitely invest in a good moisturizer and use a gentle cleanser. My favorites are the Cerave moisturizing lotion and/or cream. But now that it's getting colder, I'm finding that my skin is drying out even more. I try to apply a thin layer of moisturizer immediately after washing my face otherwise my skin gets tight (this means I apply moisturizer before Differin at night).
  22. No matter what your new medications may be, when you're starting up with a retinoid, you should definitely take it slow. When I first started, I used it maybe once or twice a week since I knew my skin would freak out. If your skin is burning, just stop using your topical medications for a while, until your skin returns to normal, and then begin using them again. And just make sure you're taking the correct amount of minomycin (is it the same thing as minocyclin?) -- what your doctor told you
  23. It would probably be best to use it less often. These side effects are pretty common, which is why they recommend that you start off really slow (usually once every three days at first). And make sure you're using very mild cleansers and moisturizers -- that helped ALOT when I was first starting retinoids.
  24. It really depends on your skin. If you're not having any adverse reactions to it, then I say you should just continue using it because it really does have amazing staying power. When I tried it, it took about 2 days for my face to break out in tiny red bumps all over... like tiny hives. They didn't itch, but it was obviously an allergic reaction so I can't really use it. Hopefully you don't have any adverse reactions to it, but if you do, stop right away.
  25. The purpose cleanser is pretty much sold everywhere (as far as I know). You can find it at any drugstore (CVS, walgreens, rite aid, etc) or walmart or target. It's usually somewhere bottom shelf, where cetaphil might be. Hope you find it!