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    -price is good -gentle enough to use twice a day -gentle enough to use with BP -a LITTLE drying, but that could be because I'm using BP on my face -doesnt clear up acne, but then again, doesnt say it will I like to use it with my 10% BP. My pimples go away really fast, which is good for me because I have hyperpigmentation (acne causes scars). If you want a cheap cleanser to clean residue off your face that doesn't clog pores. It's great. if this helps...I hav
  1. Ok thanks, yea the area around my cheeks and eyes are especially dry. And I'm getting dark circles under my eyes!
  2. I just started the regimen and my face is drying out. The larger pimples dry out, but there are still smaller ones and my face is VERY dry. Anyone have any suggestions to alter the products I'm using? I have normal to dry cheeks but my tzone (esp my nose) gets VERY oily. This is what I'm using: Neutrogena Transparent Facial Bar, Acne-Prone Skin Formula Soap Oxy Benzoyl Peroxide Spot Treatment (its 10% ) I KNOW he said 2% but this is all I had. Clean & Clear Oil-Free Dual Action Moistur