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  1. Hey Everyone! Its been a while since I've been on this site. I took the I dont care about my acne anymore approach, and its really helped. However, I came across something that I needed to share. I have extremely oily skin. I love to drink tea, and lately i've been drinking Gingko Kava-Kava tea at my local coffee shop, which has spearmint leaves in it. After a week of drinking a few cups I noticed my skin didn't get as oily. So, I went out and bought some spearmint tea and it has
  2. Yeahh it is a tad expenisve but SOOOO SO SO SO WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope it works out for you amethyst Good luck
  3. I heard they had a shortage too! I think they did. ANd I completely lucked out because my order came on my last day of my free trial! I think if you do to your local grocery store you can pick up some vitamin b5 - b5 - zinc oxide - and garlic to mimic Acnescript. That was my back up plan if it didn't come. So if this is helping, does that mean we've had a vitamin b5 - b6 deficiency?
  4. Doint it seems to help my acne hahaha. STRESS RELIEF BABY!!!!!!!!
  5. I most certainly agree! My face skill has a little bit of shine to it but not nearly as bad as before and not really noticeable. I'm glad it helped you too I actually forgot to even mention how its helped with my actual acne hahaha.
  6. Okay, I want to first start off my saying I am not working for Acnescript or trying to sell people their products, but I would not feel right sharing what has helped my with my oily skin issues. I have had a problem with oily shiny skin for about 3 years now. I would wake up, wash my face, and about 5 hours later I could wipe my tzone with my finger (only if it was clean) and it would be covered in face oil crap. This problem only got worse in the summer. I felt like there was no hope, i just
  7. I have many tips, do what I do and stop caring so much about your acne!! Your only causing harm to your face. I used to be like you, constantly worrying worrying, over washing, using too many products, obsessing over what I eat all the time. WAS NOT WORTH IT! Just live your life. Acne or no acne. This is what I do: PM: Wash my face in the shower at night with a gentil cleanser. Put my medication on. Moisturize. *MAKE SURE I DONT STARE IN THE MIRROR OBSESSING OVER EVERY STUPID PIMPLE* (that
  8. freeride6772

    - Virtually eliminated my oily skin!!!! - Thus, helping with acne - All natural - Doesn't upset stomach - Price - Shipping If you have oily acne prone skin . .TRY THIS STUFF!!!! You can do a trial period for 8 dollars. Definitely worth it. I didn't see huge results until the 15 day period, but I purchased more and i'm so so glad I did! I can now go through the whole day without having to blot or worry about how darn oily my face has become. Yuck, i hate the feeling of an oil
  9. I was on it for a while over a year along with Minocycline. It worked AMAZING but eventually my body became used to the clindamycin and my skin became AWFUL!! If your acne is light to mild I do not reccommend it. The BP mixture is supposed to prolong antibiotic resistance, but eventually your body will start to get used to it.
  10. Its not good to take steroid injections too often. And I found mupirocin has helped reduce the size a lot and kept it from getting worse. 1betterlife: Ask your derm or doc for some mupirocin, it works great as a spot treatment. I also found using disolved aspirin as a topcial helps reduce the inflammation too.
  11. Yes i'd say there is a huge connection! Try eating super healthy and see how your skin clears up. If I eat greasy foods i can feel my skin getting worse.
  12. They hurt so freaking bad!! I have tried cortisone injections but I don't want to rely on them. But thanks! If i figure it out i'll let you know.
  13. I'm definitely going to give this a try!! I realized that with breakfast (orange juice and a bagel with honey) I was ingesting 118 grams of sugar every morning!!! I cut that out and noticed a big change. However I do eat a lot of fruit. I'm obsessed with it hahah. Do you think that three pieces of fruit a day would be too much? Also, what about veggies like sweet potatoes? I heard those actually clear up acne. Glad to hear your clear Congratss!!
  14. For about a year and a half now I have been getting these large sore infections deep under my skin along the side of my nose and sometimes right under my nose. They hurt really bad and normally take about 2 weeks to go away. I am not sure why they keep forming in the same area. My acne is moderate and clearing up but I still get these cystic infection things. Has anyone else experienced this? And how do I prevent them. Thanks