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  1. hey Scorpio, you should just make an apointment with your regular doctor. They can also perscribe medications and antibiotics for acne as well. My doctor did for me. You mom wouldnt object to you seeing a regualr doctor, would she? You dont even have to tell your mom what youre going in for!
  2. Hunnie you need to STOP obsessing [-X It will get you no where, and even make you feel worse! Posting your pic online for others to rate is just crazy! You are only 16, you should be having fun and not giving a f*** about what others think! Why dont you start changing things you can control, like your personality, friendliness, etc... everything else will fall into place soon enough. We all go through an akward phase... so just chill Darling
  3. you're not going mad as you say... you probably just know you'll feel comfortable around her and less insecure because she knows what you're going through, which is perfectly normal
  4. I heard anything with 10% BP is really damaging to your face.. maybe you should try the 2.5% Why dont you just try Dans regemin?
  5. I use Wallgreens brand, its only $6 and works great! Its in a lotion form.
  6. hmmm... thats weird. well she said that people think the sun helps because it temporarly makes the spots less visible because your skin becomes all one color... but when you stop tanning and the rest of your skin goes back to normal, the spots will look dark again. maybe thats it, who knows! i stay out of the sun because i dont want wrinkles
  7. hi! I took a little tip from people who have posted about the acne cure, and have been putting and AHA lotion on my face after I wash it. I leave it on for about 5 minutes, and then rinse it off. Kinda like a mask. It makes my skin so soft, and my hands too!
  8. My derm told me that it can take up to 9 months for the red marks to fade completely She also said that exposure to sun will make them fade slower, so be sure to wear SPF! I think they may appear lighter or darker, depending on your body temp, if you just got out of the shower, what lighting you are in, etc., just as other areas of your skin look different at those times.
  9. Hi Notattractive ( I hate calling you that, what's your real name? ) I just wanted to comment on the BDD thing. I believe Americans have created soooo many emotional/psychological disorders because we are a society that is so obsessed with perfection. I know people in the heart of Africa are not suffering from BDD, eating disorders, etc. We are our own worst enemy! I would take what your doctor told you with a grain of salt... because trust me, if you focus on the BDD, you will only feel wors
  10. I was on Ortho Tri Cyclen for about 4 years, and just stopped taking it about 2 months ago Am now regretting that because I am more shiny now and can see new zits starting to form... I think it definently helped reduce the oil production by regulating my hormones. I'm gonna start it ASAP after my next period thats for sure, and no more going off it!!!
  11. Hey kids... just wondering if any of you have tried Zia products?? They are an organic company ( you get it at the store by the Burts Bee's and Alba, etc..) Anyway, I bought the Acne Treatment Mask, and am wearing it now... holy crap though, it has alcohol in it! I wasnt expecting that, and its kinda making me wanna puke ( drank a little too much hard A the other weekend... so I'm still kinda queezy from the smell of it) anyway, just thought I would let you know what kind of results I get from t
  12. Okay, so I decided to take the plunge into mineral makeups, since I've heard so many good things about them here. I ordered samples lastnight of powder, blush, and eyeshadows... so I will let all you gals know how they work when I get them... yay I'm excited I love getting mail!!!
  13. LOL!! you said it girl. Where are these childrens' parents anyway?? :roll:
  14. You can get Benefit at sephora.com... or I get mine at the BonMarche... but I dont know if all large department stores carry Benefit yet (maybe Nordstrom??)
  15. can it make girls hair fall out too??? I dont think it's worth all the side affects... my brother was on it a few years ago and was miserable. i felt so bad for him