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  1. Is stopping accutane midway for reasons such as some symptoms being too great dangerous? Maybe not dangerous but say if you were to be seeing good results but not a total acne cured recovery and you started to get paranoid about the side effects; if you stopped, would the acne turn back to normal like when taking antibiotics? Or does the course HAVE to finish? And even after stopping accutane, does its effects still work cuz of the retinol being in the liver??? Its all to do with causing p
  2. How does a cystic acne lession subside and go away? I've heard that they turn into a head, then you pop them, but with severe acne, i just get pimples and the lot, then remove wat ever heads I have with a needle. I don't really remember detail of each of my pimples. I've heard of using aspirin to turn cysts to heads in 2 days, but I'm unsure of trying this as some home remedies I've used on cystic acne just made them worse. Does this work? and are there other treatments that will actually t
  3. My I had a spontaneous breakout 5 days ago with heaps of cystic acne. I had no idea why. Then, 2 days ago i started to cough and sneeze and then i had the flu, but now the acne from the break out has cleared as well as pervious acne i had before o.O I think acne worsens in the early non symptom stages of a flu, but clears as you get better. Its just a hypothesis... Maybe the virus also attacks the acne bacteria on your face =D
  4. I use to have severe acne, but now I have a few pimples here and there. I have really bad PIH from the previous acne, and its all over my cheeks and chin. I currently use epiduo and doxycycline to keep the acne in control but I want to fade the PIH. I read that you are not allowed to have a retin a or an iso retinol applied on your face for 48 hours prior to Glycolic acid peels. Is a 0.1% adapalene/2.5% benozyl epiduo an iso retinol or retin a? To the glycolic stuff now. If anyone else here
  5. Nah, I was using the scrub before and it wouldn't flake. I'm pretty sure it was the benozyl.
  6. I've had severe acne for 7 months now and have used doxycycline and it helped a lot. Now i only get the occasional 2 or 3 pimples a week, but the thing is, I have PIH spots all over my cheek, jaw line and a bit on my chin. Not just a few, but literally over a HUNDRED! all left from my severe acne. I've only used 2.5% benozyl but this massive pimple popped up on my chin so I used my dad's 10% hoping it would go away quicker. I woke up in the morning to find that my whole chin area was flaking li
    -cleared up most acne with doxy -very effective -dried out my skin very badly -hurt when had to apply -made skin red -still left behind red marks It worked very well with the doxycycline I was taking but it didnt get rid of the red marks after the pimple. It had so maaany side effects but what I did was this: I took it for 2 weeks every day. Made acne worse. I stopped for 2 weeks and took natural stuff. Began applying very small amounts every second day. Its be
  7. AndyJFR

    -started working in a week -cleared up most of my acne after a month -cheap -easy to swallow -dried me out pretty bad -couldn't take supplaments 2 hours before or after the medication -left behind nasty red marks (post infmalatory hyperpigmentation) Well, I gotta say it DID help get rid of my acne but my face isn't clear. Where every cystic pimple was, it left a red mark, more red/brown than the pimples I left alone before. My face was also left pinkish but it became whi
  8. I've had severe acne for 5 months now so i went to derms and they put me on epiduo and doxycycline and its worked sorta after 2 months of taking it with most of my acne being subsided, but they left behind terrible marks. Like super bad marks...i dont know if all marks look like this but the picture below is what my face is like now. Will BP or adapalene make my spots worse? And what other treatments are there to get rid of spots? I've only found treatments which say ALL acne MUST be cleared b
  9. I've been on epiduo for 2 months from when i had severe acne, but stopped 2 months ago and started natural stuff. I went through chinese herbalists, ginger methods, going vegan, the vitamin supplaments, naturopath herbal mixes and its just been getting worse. I have a log of the gradual worsening of my acne over the month after stopping my epiduo and going natural
  10. I don't want to go on accutane, and my derm strongly suggested I go on it. They just took a look at my face and went straight to accutane. No, didnt talk about my diet, or other medications. I wanted to know if some people have a way to get your severe acne all clear, without the use of accutane, and preferably, naturally.
  11. Hi, I'm 15 and I have had severe acne for 5 months now. The derms strongly suggested i go on accutane but i didn't want to so I'm on doxy. Been on it for a month now, see no improvement what so ever. I seeked natural ways of getting rid of my acne, ate 200g raw gigner a day for 2 weeks (stopped pimples from being red and inflamed), takes vitamin A and zinc, use lalisse, do the full clense, tone, exfoliate thingo, etc. They did work but the doxy i took after those natural ways didn't fix anythin
  12. My derms told me i was moderately severe with acne. I'm on doxycycline now, starting 2 weeks ago, and i still have many cystic pimples although the demrs strongly suggested i go on accutane.They are smaller but i have many, but most of themarks on my face are those brown/red ones from after the pimple. Am i allowed to use this 8 step thing while i stil have severe acne? and will it help or make my acne worse if i do it?