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  1. I recently had a certain cyst pimple whatever and i kinda burnt it with the hot compress. i posted that in the red marks section. however my question is i have been treating tit with aloe and tea tree oil. now the area went dark and the skin dried and began to flake in like mini sheets. basically like dried skin from a sunburn. so i aided it off and continued to nurse it with aloe. think that was bad? mind u there has been no popping or picking of any lesion previous or now. i really think this
  2. i recently had a cyst coming so i tried a hot compress. the problem is i think i burned myself. i hadnt picked or tried to pop the cyst so i dont think this is a red mark from that. its like really red and worse thing i have ever had. i have just been puttin aloe on it. has anyone had this happen? is it a burn?
  3. once a day use some baking soda paste in the shower or whenever and gently wash with it and it will help greatly and its non irritating and gentle for everyday use.
  4. I am beginning to use the Desert Essence tea tree oil face wash. I was just wondering if others have used it and their experiences. It was only my first time using it so my skin seems a little dry in some spots but its not tight at all. Is this me just having to adjust to it for a bit?
  5. I have had this cyst like pimple on my cheek for a couple weeks now. it was under the skin then it got inflamed and now its like small again but still raised. I know the steroid thing can be done. Can you go to a general physician for that? But other than that is there any other things that has worked for peaple?
  6. well I have been able to at least control my acne with tea tree oil lately, but i have this one stubborn spot and i cant figure it out. It was a little bump that was under the skin so I left it alone and just spot treated it with tea tree oil. Of course i went ahead and shaved and hell broke loose. It grew and became inflammed and red and now it is annoying as hell. I hot compressed it and still no head. After i hot compressed it one time i just tried to drain it a little and all i got was a lit
  7. and frogs is the winner. that is basically the story for me and everyone. the cheek is thicker skin thus more damage done and more time to repair.
  8. spot treat with tea tree oil. thats if ur not really sensitive to everything.
  9. i know that the cp helps with marks and stuff, but does it help with acne at all?
  10. if u do a lactic peel can you use an SA face wash that you normally cleans with the next day or maybe two days later?
  11. that my friend is called whiteheads. this meaning that your pores are clogged and that shit is getting trapped in there. smoking isnt going to solve this at all but it will help prevent it at some degree. i too quit smoking cigarettes and in the long run that and other factors will help. you need to use something ot keep ur pores clear, maybe a product with salicylic acid as its helped me a bit.
  12. under my ear on my neck area i have a pimple or somethign that never comes to a head. its like always under the skin as a bump. then sometimes it will get red and what not but no head, then this process repeats every so often. what can be done?