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  1. I'm starting accutane and I know cetyl/cetearyl alcohol breaks me out. It's in most moisturizers. I can't use Vaseline or Elta md either bc it seems like they just trap all the bacteria and make me break out. I know I'm going to need to moisturize when my skin starts getting uber dry, but I feel like I can't use anything really. Were/are you able to use products now that you're on accutane that you couldn't before?
  2. i was on accutane when i was 16 and it kept me clear for 3 years. ive been thinking about doing a second round. my question is: how long did accutane keep you clear? and if youve been on it more than once, how long did the second time keep you clear? thanks!
  3. It could just be that ur getting older now. As we age, the skin becomes not as good at repairing itself as it used to. Not that 23 is old but its not a 15 year old skin either. Just a thought.
  4. You might be putting too much on. On ur off nights try mixing an oil ( one u know wont break u out) with ur moisturizer. That should really help.
  5. Thinking about trying diane 35 but my insurance makes me get generic unless i have a good reason to get the original. Soo my question is, does the generic form ( i dont know what it is) work just as well for acne? Also, are the side effects the same? (not the listed side effects but the actual side effects) thanks!
  6. I am 25 and when I was 13 I was told I have Seborrheic Dermatitis. I'm not doubting that, but I'm wondering if my blotchy red face is caused by that or is it rosacea? I have acne so some of it is probably from that but my face is generally red (almost irritated looking) in my T-zone. I have oily skin and idk if it's just the oil that makes it look worse throughout the day or if it really seems to get darker, but either way - not cute. Does anyone know if something like finacea would work wel
  7. I'm 25 and I was on bc since I was 12. (due to irregular periods) I quit taking it this last September. Over the years I have tried soo many different ones (I can't really remember them all or if I hated them all for the same reasons) anyways I am on spironolatone now and it's only been a month but I've got my period 2ce already. I'm going to give it a few months but I might need to go back on bc. I just want something that will regulate my periods and not make me crazy ( by that I mean paranoid
  8. sorry to hear it hasn't improved for you. (or at least not yet.) good luck on your apt tom. Would you mind letting me know what he has to say about it please?
  9. I have oily skin.... But only on my face. I actually have very dry skin on my body and I never have oily hair problems. (I have seborrheic dermatitis on my scalp tho so idk if that's related to it.) even tho I have an oily face my skin is dehydrated looking. I don't use harsh stuff on it and tried for about a year to only use very good stuff for my skin (gardenofwisom cleansers moisturizers, only water, oils etc.) drinking more water. Nothing has helped it either way ( the harsh or nonharsh meth
  10. Was curious as to how long it took for everyones oil production to decrease? Please include how many mgs you're on also as I'm sure that makes a difference. This is my day 3 on 50 mg. Hoping for good things to come!
  11. The skin on my face is very dehydrated and oily. (the skin on my body and scalp is just really dry.) I have had acne since I was 13. At 15 I was put on accutane. That kept me clear for 3 3 years.when I started breaking out again I tried lots of things And one day realized my skin was justmhorribly oily. (I really thing it was the use proactiv.) I've tried solo many things to rehydrate my skin but immerse have success. It seems like using gentle skin care (meaning no topicals or suff formacne) m
  12. I went to the deem recently and he said spiro is an option for me but I told him I thot it was a sulfa drug. They couldn't find anything saying it was but I see stuff on the Internet about it all the time. I was just wondering if anybody who has sulfa allergies has tried this and if you experienced a bad reaction or not. Thanks!