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  1. anyone have experience on this? Should I just try and wait it out or can I do any peels or things of that nature straight away?
  2. I have still have my v-card and I hope I can keep it that way for awhile haha
  3. Jeeze I've probably drank far too much since I've made this topic I need to stop this partying and get some new friends
  4. I have a few friends that have very mild acne but nothing that is anything like mine was before Clavaris
  5. Not really. I understand it. He just wants someone who might understand what he thinks/feels. It's really rather normal for someone to want to connect with someone who would understand, might even suffer from the same affliction. I can understand that, but acne is just one aspect of appearance. I wouldn't want to limit myself like that
  6. ugh that guy! We hooked up but not all the way and havent really talked since
  7. ok, there is this guy in my history class who is really nice and sweet but he just isn't my type(looks wise), well anyways, he put a note in my locker asking me on a date but I don't want to go, how can I let him down easily?
  8. I like my eyes and I think my face is ok. Body wise I like my butt, might be a bit big but it gets compliments lol
  9. or is it pretty much a no no? these redmarks drive me crazy