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  1. Beautiful writing! I'd love to think of my diet that way instead of feeling restricted...it's something I've been working on, and your take is inspiring. I hope to reach that level of peace about my diet and lifestyle, and this makes it seem like a tangible goal. Thanks for sharing
  2. I'm skeptical - sorry I feel very strongly that a lot of the health problems we have today are because we've moved so far away from the natural state of our ancestors with chemicals, GMOs, processed foods, tainted water, added hormones, etc etc. We need whole, real foods, not expensive drinks formulated by NASA.
  3. I know it's frustrating to search for your solution. I've been there. In today's world, it's NOT easy for most people to subsist on whole foods and weed out triggering ingredients. Don't resign yourself to vegetables and fish - you just need to figure out what sets you off. Try cutting common allergens and irritators one at a time in a slow, patient process. That way, if it has an effect for you, you'll notice. Consider having a food allergy test. I think that when most people post about wha
  4. I would stop the supplements with the millet, yeah. Even tiny amounts can make a difference if you're really intolerant to something. Even a drop of soy or soybean oil will set me off. Good luck! Let us know how it goes
  5. I think it's pretty clear that you don't think eating meat is the way to go. That's your right. I also think it's pretty clear that I intended no disrespect. Have a nice day.
  6. I know I don't. I choose to, because I feel much better doing it that way. I've tried both ways and this is what works for my body. The 'lol' is disrespectful and uncalled for. If you know that people are different, why are you insisting that everyone do things your way?
  7. As much of this forum proves, everyone's body chemistry is different and what works for one person may not work for another. I personally did very well on a vegetarian and even a vegan diet. I know I didn't have any deficiencies because I monitored what I ate and charted it out with an online nutrition calculator to make sure I was getting everything I needed. I even had a few blood tests to be sure and I was very healthy. I returned to pescetarianism only because I felt I was relying too heav
  8. I like tea tree oil or witch hazel. Some people like to use apple cider vinegar or lemon juice to make homemade toners. I find tea tree oil is best for spot treatment.
  9. I'm sorry to hear that :( I keep hoping I'll outgrow my intolerances but they only seem to worsen...my reactions when I make a mistake or get "soyed" only seem to get worse. It's really frustrating.
  10. The nut butter concoction sounds awesome. Going to try that with almond butter. I can tolerate chocolate too. I just make sure it's a pure, very dark chocolate without soy lecithin. Can be tough to find, but worth it when I do :)
  11. It does sounds like your acne may be more hormonal. How strict were the elimination diets that you followed? They need to be RIGID and long-lasting to have any effect. I had bad acne for ten years, but I remember one time having this horrible stomach flue and not being able to have anything but water for the better part of two weeks. My skin cleared up GORGEOUSLY. It was like six years ago and I was so confused. When I started back on real food, the acne came back and didn't budge again. Turns
  12. I've never had a problem with the natural sugars in fruit, but I've read that grapes and bananas have the *highest* amounts.
  13. Fruit smoothies are a favorite of mine too :) I love mixed berry and banana.
  14. In addition to fruits and vegetables, make sure you have healthy fats in your diet too. I went through a very dry phase and adding olive oil, natural peanut butter, almonds and avocados a few times a week made a big difference. Keep up your water-drinking, too. It's not an instant cure, but will help over time.
  15. So many of us know what we CAN'T tolerate...I thought it'd be fun to talk about what we CAN I make my own corn chips! I have trouble with the oils in store-bought ones, so I've been buying corn tortillas with as few ingredients as possible. I cut them into triangles, dab them lightly with olive oil, sprinkle with a bit of salt and bake on a cookie sheet at 400 degrees F for 10-15 minutes. I LOVE them. It's my obsession right now. They're great with fresh salsa, fruit salsa or homemade guacamol