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Picture Comments posted by ashala

  1. Love your hair, love your glasses, love your style, love your smile... Do I need to go on? wink.png

    Another late reply, but thanks :D I cut my hair a while ago.. it's at a really awkward length now and it's not long enough to do it the way I had it here anymore :(

  2. Are you starting Accutane? I am just so happy thinking of how happy you will be once you see its effects! smile.png

    Late reply and not sure if you'll read this, but I have never taken Accutane. This picture was pretty much almost all red marks if I recall correctly!

  3. That's far from upsetting to me. All I see is a hotty! smile.png

    A super late reply, but awe thanks! I am soooo happy though that my skin is way better than it was here. I don't think my marks even show up in webcam pics anymore (even taken in natural lighting)!

  4. are you wearing any makeup in this pic?

    Hi, I know it's a late reply but when I was posting these pics I wasn't able to access/view the comments! Anyways, I wasn't wearing any makeup - my marks had just faded more and my skin was less irritated than it would be in later months :)

  5. Your so pretty!

    I know it's a late reply, but when I was still posting update pics I wasn't able to view/access comments! Now I can so... thanks! It's nice to hear that from someone considering my skin was so bad compared to how it was a few years prior and to how it is now.

  6. your skin type looks like mine. what have you been using?

    Hi, at this point when the image was taken I was just washing my face with water once a day in the shower. I've been product-free since early 2011 (wow, almost 2 years now!) and my skin is definitely nicer than it was in this picture!