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  1. I don't really post on the forums anymore but I wanted to just give my own advice to you, as someone who's been water-only since 2011: It doesn't work for everyone.

    It might work for you with time, but if you are finding that right now it's worse, then I recommend going back to whatever regimen has worked the best so far. If you are determined to see if a no-product approach works for you then instead of twice a day usage you could cut it back to once a day. However, popping whiteheads will also make them worse overall, so if you are picking at them then that's probably a huge factor in why your skin is not clearing up. Even just a few picks here and there will deter results. You HAVE to tough that out and let them run their course. One thing that works well for un-picked blemishes is a hot compress. I did this for a sore zit a while ago and it definitely helped. It could help your pustules dry out faster. But really the only solution for now is NOT picking. So if you think you can stomach not picking completely then perhaps give water-only a shot still.

    But otherwise my only other recommendations would be to stop the urine therapy and to stop the supplementation. Unless your doctor advised them they are probably unneeded and could be making things worse. I know that zinc seemed to make my issues worse.

  2. Hi Paolo. I don't really post here anymore (not since 2011 I believe?) but I do creep the forums sometimes and more regularly now that I'm posting my progress on my own blog with going Caveman. I was previously water-only since 2011 and I experienced congestion on my forehead and chin and dehydration. My acne cleared up but since maybe the summer my skin started getting oilier-looking and more congested on my forehead so for the last ~3 weeks I've been on no-wash. I'm not strict about it, my mantra is basically "don't wash your face on purpose" so I basically just ignore my face. Whatever water gets on it while showering (not usually a lot, more so in the form of minor splashing or sprays of water) is what constitutes a washing for me, then I pat my face down. I rubbed my face down a couple of times and it definitely did make my face oilier-looking, and made my marks look much worse for a day (in my opinion). I assume I might keep doing that as I see fit, and hopefully it will need to be done less and less. I do find that exfoliating like that results in me being more likely to break out as it definitely irritates my face.

    But basically, my advice to you would be to stop over-analyzing it and to not over-think your actions. Follow your intuition, but if you are determined to stick to a product-free routine then keep those instincts within this type of routine. So I'd not say moisturize unless you feel that it really is required. But my face felt really uncomfortable when I first went water-only and it eventually settled down.

    I've done Caveman off and off in 2010-11 and was water-only (rinsing once a day or less) since 2011, so I definitely have some experience with this. I have 2 zits rihgt now from picking and from using lotion on my body, but otherwise things are getting better for the most part. It's just the clogging that I have to wait out. I check back regularly enough so if you need further advice or whatever feel free to post :)

  3. Hi everyone, my name is Ashley, and I just wanted to post a little something here for those still interested in water-only or Caveman routines.

    I stopped posting on these forums in the summer. I now only return to post update pictures in my gallery of my red marks and scars. I've been clear of acne since August or September, but I still get a few pimples here and there (these are just not acne-related, as they are not consistent or regular). Aside from the scarring, red marks, and minor flesh bumps on my forehead (due to my picking and scratching habit I've yet to fully break), my skin looks and feels fantastic.

    I just wanted to let others know how I did it, and just let everyone know that it's a long, hard battle. You won't clear up right away. It took me a number of months of not using skincare products and doing water-only with a washcloth or Caveman to get my moderate to severe acne down to mild, and after that another 2-3 months for the acne to completely clear up. I didn't have skin I was really happy with until 4-5 months on water-only. And there are going to be unpleasant hurdles to deal with, like increased oiliness, redness, itchiness, clogged pores, flaking, dryness, dead skin, etc. So it's something you have to commit to for at least 2-3 months, and commit to it without making any changes whatsoever.

    For water-only, I don't recommend going out of your way with it. Just take your shower like you normally do and that will be when you wash your face. You don't need a filter, you don't need to monitor the temperature unless you also do so for your body, and you don't need to time how long you submerge your face in water. Just stop thinking about it. Keeping your mind off of it and not stressing over it will make a huge difference. Just live your life as though acne is not an issue, and things will hopefully fall into place if such a routine works for you.

    Anyways, if you want to know more about my water-only routine, I have a closed log with a bunch of Q&A on the very first post, so that might help answer some of the questions asked lately. I've been water-only for my whole body as well, and my hair, and it's worked wonderfully. My body was (and still is a bit) dry when I started, got really dry for a good 6 months, and then looked just fine. It gets a bit flaky on my legs, but other than that my skin looks and feels pretty normal. I also have a gallery which you can check out to see my red mark progression, which starts about 2 months after my acne had gone back down to mild and some of the redness had started fading.

    Log: http://www.acne.org/...61#entry3113261

    Gallery: http://www.acne.org/...s-and-scarring/

    Blog: http://www.acne.org/...red-up-my-acne/

    The best of luck to all those who undergo water-only or Caveman, although I do suggest water-only over Caveman. I really hope everyone will be able to find their "cure," as well as having a great Christmas this year. I will not be replying to this, so if you have something urgent to ask me you can try PMing me, but I don't check PMs unless I am uploading pictures.

  4. That also has a lot to do with it. I've tried water-only when I'd constantly keep caring about my skin and kept wanting to do something for my skin, and it didn't seem to help. But once I let go of the control and just let my skin get all gross, it slowly got past the gross and now looks okay.

    And I'm glad I was able to help you out! Hopefully this log will still help others out even after I've left. I guess I'll just have to make sure to post updates periodically, maybe just posting pictures to show improvement in red marks and indents and such.

    Well, this is my last post here on the Org as a regular member! All my posts are edited out, and so.. I'm done :) I'll be changing my password to something random that I cannot possibly remember, and when time comes to make an update I'll be sure to retrieve the password, and then change it again. This will be my process from now on whenever making updates. PMs and comments will be left open, so they are still accepted; just won't be replied to for a while. Again, big thanks to you all, and I wish everyone the best of luck! Remember that my email is always available if I'm needed.

  5. Manly, this is a beneficial routine for those whose acne is primarily caused/exacerbated by using skincare products, as our skin is either too sensitive or we are using products that are too harsh for the skin. That or they simply have no negative or positive impact on the skin. The purpose is to allow the skin to return to a more balanced state in which it can pretty much care for itself, as it is meant to do. This hopefully allows for the skin to completely "re-learn" how to 1) maintain a balanced level of hydration and retain its water, 2) shed itself effectively, 3) take care of the infection (which is the purpose of the immune system). Reverting to water-only also eliminates any potential external controllable variable that contributes to irritation, dehydration/dryness, excess oiliness, and of course acne. For those who find success with this, their acne not only diminishes or completely goes away, their skin also becomes a lot healthier. I've been at this for 6ish weeks, and while I still have a few pimples, I stopped breaking out daily, and my skin feels so much better. The few pimples I have left were due to the cleaning solution at my gym, and they are almost healed now. The rest of my issues are minor clogs near my nose, a couple of flesh bumps, some minor flaking again on my cheeks where my skin was the most damaged, and red marks/scars. I really don't even consider myself an acne sufferer anymore, but am not comfortable declaring myself clear due to the remaining issues I do have. I even started doing water-only for my hair, body, and mouth. With the use of a comb and bristle brush before showers, my hair is insanely shiny and healthy; it looks like that of a shampoo commercial model. My body no longer gets ashy and dry with the exception of my lower legs (only mildly dry, I assume that due to how much exfoliation I've done to my legs that it will take longer to adjust) and the soles of my feet. I also get less sweaty and less smelly, although I do still use antiperspirant when leaving the house. And my mouth, I no longer get canker sores and it is just as clean as it used to be, and my breath is the same as it was when I'd use toothpaste. I actually brush my teeth better now that I've stopped using toothpaste, and I now actually floss and make sure to use a homemade salt rinse!

    Acne is not really a hygiene issue. If you allow your skin to return to its original pH (or very close to it - using just water allows this to happen), then your acid mantle is able to remain on the skin. The acid mantle is a combo of sweat, oil, and bacteria (and possibly dead skin, I can't quite remember). It is a barrier placed upon the skin to help with defense against invading bacteria/viruses. So, ironically, not washing your face is one of the simplest ways to allow your skin to better protect itself. Yes, some people need products. But in most of those cases, the acne was either adult onset or occurred right as they entered puberty. My acne, and I'd assume most of those who find success with this routine, did not begin upon hitting puberty. Mine occurred when I was 14 and tweezed my eyebrows for the first time. It was only around my eyebrows. I then used Oxy pads and other crap, which made my once-normal skin slightly oily and caused sebaceous filaments to form. I then moved on to makeup and skincare products and set up a routine. By the time I did all this, I had very mild acne, maybe 5-10 pimples. A year later, my acne was now on my body (I started using body products at this same time) and had doubled in its number on my face, and my skin was insanely oily. Even those who had/have adult acne or hormonal/genetic acne have been able to find success with water-only or no-wash routines, as their acne was being made worse by whatever measures they were taking to try and help the acne. Once their skin calmed down, the acne was better able to clear up.

    Considering my current success and those of others here and on other websites, it clearly can and does work for some. Just like how the DKR works for some, or any other type of routine works for some. Nothing works for all who have acne, but that doesn't mean that one routine cannot and will not at all work for some.

  6. Thanks :) But just a heads up, the first few days can actually be quite awesome in terms of the way the skin looks and feels, but the majority of people will experience issues once they near the end of the 1st week and going into the 2nd. So while you may be seeing great results now, you may also see the unpleasant changes in the coming days/weeks. Hopefully it won't discourage you from giving this routine at least one month of trial before deciding on whether you like it or not if you do experience those negative temporary changes :D But yes, based on your skincare history, it could be that your skin would have adjusted differently or a bit faster; I had to be off of all skincare products since January this year before I started seeing my moderate acne go back down to mild, but I was using a washcloth most of that time, which made the acne and redness worse. So I would assume that anyone who has not had an extensive history with skincare products might be able to adjust a bit better. I am really loving your attitude as well, I hope you maintain it!

  7. Good advice from everyone here :D I'm thinking today will be my last day; I'm almost done editing out my posts. But definitely, it's okay to have caved in. I caved in this whole year lol. It's really quite a struggle and you just have to try and find the strength to push through to the one month mark. After that it gets way easier, things start looking up. And exercising will definitely help, especially lots of sweating. Leaves my redness looking minimal (both facial and red marks) while the skin itself feels much smoother.

    But that rough redness does sound normal. Like I mentioned in my first post for things to expect, redness that almost resembles a rash is quite normal for some. I also had redness like that around my nose at one point (maybe not during this attempt, it's all kind of a blur really). But if this is something you really want to do, you will eventually, hopefully sooner than later, make yourself stick to it. I did, and it only took me a year of persuading myself and forcing myself to push through those initial unpleasant weeks :) I am sure you can do the same if it's something you really want. Even closing in on 2 months, I still get redness. It's something that all takes time to change and adjust to. Although I get significantly less red after hot showers than I used to, and if I happen to take a really long hot shower, my redness doesn't last as long as it used to.

    As for hormonal acne, it could be that you have or will soon outgrow it, or at least outgrow the worst of it, and if you stick with this your skin would not break out as badly in response to changing hormones. I've seen posts related to this from those who have hormonal acne and they noticed that their breakouts were much smaller, and then over time they would break out way less in general. If after a few months your breakouts still remain quite bad even after your skin has adjusted to the routine, then you could consider spot treating. But it's best to wait a few months, probably up to 4-6, and then determine how well your skin has adjusted. Any damage you've acquired takes time to heal, be it acne or marks and scars.

    Oh, and thanks User12! We are not on the same skincare journey, but I do hope the best for your skin with DKR!

  8. I think that is what most of us are doing, making it worse in our heads. But yes, time is really the best option, not sticking around a website that instills such... well I can't think of any words that could be taken without offence. I'm hoping I can finish editing all my posts before bed, because I'm in quite a bad mood now due to mods.

    I honestly don't know why I stayed as long as I did. I guess the only positive thing about my staying is that I've now been able to help a number of people, my log will always remain as inspiration to others, and connecting with others going through the same routine as me has helped me stick to mine.

  9. Hm, it almost does feel like some people here are bullies. And hopefully you won't need to stay on this website too long. I don't think this place is healthy for anyone to stay on, as it just causes you to over-analyze your skin quite a bit. A few do stay when they clear up, but I think it is better to just move on and not remind yourself about it.

    And do any of you guys know how to tag threads/posts? I want to tag this one. I just can't find the tag feature, if it even still exists.

  10. Don't leave!!!!!

    Lol, people said cardio was bad for you? You serious? They must've been trolls.

    Sorry, I just don't feel as though this place is healthy for me anymore! I will check back in a month or two to post another update, and probably a few more times for the rest of the year. Once 2012 comes, I might just check back every few months or less. But I still accept emails if someone feels they need my advice! And there are plenty of people here that still talk about their own water-only experience that you can talk to. And well someone who posts a lot in the holistic section told me that cardio was bad for the body, or harmful or something. Which is a bit ridiculous, as cardio exercise is important for the body. I mean, if you push yourself too hard, yes you will get injured. But that's not cardio's fault, that is YOUR fault lol.I actually find that I can get injured more easily if I weight train regularly versus doing just cardio for a while. And he was promoting weight training only as being the only safe/healthy way to lose weight. But whatevs.

    Hi. Sorry about your negative shift in emotional state.

    I feel quite unwelcome as well (especially when people tell me to search after I spent the last hour searching, finally giving up and reluctantly posting on acne.org only to be showered by a mass of hate messages telling me how I try to get information spoon-fed. But this isn't about me.) but I don't think you should stop visiting the site. Its a good way to get feedback and understand acne even more.

    I just wanted to say that if you want a cover up for red marks (you said they were fading but not completely gone) I reccoment Eucerin DermoPURIFYER Cover Stick. It is non-comedogenic, apparently HELPS your red marks clear up, and covers up my red marks PERFECTLY! I just used it for the first day so I can't comfirm that it is helping my red marks but the rest is true. AND, I am a guy so I do NOT want anyone knowing that I am using cover up, but I have confidence in the product's.. stealth..? Hahaha.

    Good luck and good bye.

    P.S. Why are you editing out your old posts? Don't you think they could help people in the future?

    To be honest, I can understand why others (including myself at times) have told you to use the search function: You ask a crapload of questions. A lot of them can be answered by doing a Google search or by relying on your own intuition. But to be fair, I have asked a good deal of questions myself when I first joined, as I was very confused and emotionally distraught by the acne despite having had the issue for years. But it might help if you make sure to not ask multiple questions regarding similar issues within a short amount of time haha. But.. I don't need feedback, I don't need to understand acne. The only things I've been doing here have been to post answers to others' questions, and it makes me start analyzing my skin too much because acne just won't leave my mind. I wasn't online earlier today as I was assembling furniture, and I felt so much better. I just don't need this website anymore, and me staying here is just going to prolong my emotional and physical healing. And I'm editing out my posts because I just.. don't want them here anymore. Part of it is like a purging of what I've been through in the last year, eradicating the things that allow for a tie to this website to remain. By removing what I can, it means I'll likely actually stick to my ban from the website. It makes it feel more permanent of a choice. I will leave this log here of course, and I feel that what is here is the only information that I need to leave up. It demonstrates my ideas over acne and my approaches, and I think that any other answer I've ever given has been given by others as well. So if they don't get it from me, they get it from another person. And no, I'm not going to wear makeup to cover it up. I'm sticking to my water-only ideals, and that includes leaving the face makeup to others and letting my skin do its thing. And I need to rebuild my confidence; hiding my skin behind makeup won't help me learn to like how I look even when I am at my worst!

    Hi Ashley,

    I just wanted to let you know that your approach to acne has helped me too.

    We have similar backgrounds (clear skin until starting to use harsh products) and I thought "why not give this a try!"

    I had mild acne but despite the use of Differin my skin was never completely clear.

    Now I just wash every morning and evening with water and a mild cleanser for sensitive skin (La Roche Posay Toleriane) and my skin is so much clearer and it's only been a month!

    I am so happy I'm not dependant on all of the products (birth control pills, acne cleansers, Differin, BP,..) anymore!

    I strongly believe that for mild acne, doing nothing is the best you can do!

    Good luck to everyone

    Thanks for sharing your experience! While it's not water-only, it does hold true to the "stop trying to control your acne/skin" mantra I'm trying to push forward. I've tried using just cleansers, but the approach never worked for me. But if it's working for you, that is so awesome! Maybe one day you won't even need that cleanser for clear skin ;)

    Yeah, I woke up this morning feeling really good about my skin. :) At first I was worried, because I kept breaking out when starting this almost a week ago, and the spots left red marks which seemed to be taking forever to heal. However, today I noticed that I had no new spots (I think I am just pmsing, which explains why I had broken out pretty badly.) and the red marks were more faded! :) For the first time since like..6th grade.. I have gone longer than 12-24 hours without washing my face with anything other than water! And I love it!

    Ya, the water only regimen really works. Atleast it releaves us from not having the tension every morning about using cleansers, moisturisers, etc etc. I am on the water only regimen as well. Almost week 4 into it. The first three weeks were just horrible.. I would say, I cant describe. But on the fourth week, which is current, I am starting to see some results. Lets see how much i progress in 2 months. All the best to you on the water only regimen!

    I'm glad you two are both feeling good about this routine! Kris, I do agree, the first 3 weeks are the hardest. If you can push past that, then you will likely not wind up wanting to use products again, simply because you will love the feeling of not having to plan everything, not having to schedule yourself, not having to rely on products. If you are on about week 4 and seeing results, then I think that your progress may be going on a similar route to mine, if just a bit slower. I'm week 6ish now, and it is definitely getting better. So I think that you will probably see results sooner than 2 months, probably 2-4 weeks actually for the acne! I stopped getting random pimples around week 3-4 and now just get them if I pick or get something on my skin that my skin doesn'tlike, and then it clears up quickly enough if I leave the spot alone. I can now touch my face and not cringe.

    In my entire year of posting here, I only just learned how to quote multiple replies without having to copy and paste into one reply box. Lol @ learning this too late ;)

  11. Awe thank you! This is the one thing I'll miss, being able to help others and seeing them benefit from my experiences. I love hearing that I've helped you with your self-esteem! That's even better than helping with someone's acne imo. And I think it's better for us to only stay while we really need to, and once improvement happens that we leave and go on in life.

    And Darksider, awesome! Keep up the updates every now and then, I'll eventually come back for my own updates and to see how everyone is doing :)

  12. Isn't it ironic how a website aimed at helping us often just makes it worse? We end up immersing ourselves into little bubbles filled with our own hatred, worries, etc, and then feel bombarded by all the "THIS WILL CURE YOUR ACNE" posts everyone puts up. That's why whenever someone asks me personally about my opinion on their routine, I don't just tell them to stop it all and go on water-only, I let them know what I think of their current approach and provide some ideas as to what would coincide with their current approach. I posted a thread in the Lounge a while ago about being out of shape and wanting to get some tips on how to tone/build muscle, and a few of them (one of whom I do dislike) went on saying how my approach to exercise is wrong because I choose to do cardio, how cardio is harmful, and then didn't even answer my question. These people get so worked up in their own beliefs to bother expanding themselves into offering the person help targeted towards that person's beliefs and ideals.

    And awe, thank you! That's really sweet. At least there are some who are quite nice on these forums!

  13. And to everyone else, I'm still here for a bit, as I have a lot of posts to edit out, and I am editing my first post to add some Q&A and whatnot. So I'll still be replying to your posts for a bit. I'm glad to see others are experiencing goodness with the routine! And considering how much this routine has meant to me, along with those who have tried it out with me over the last year, I'll probably come back every few months just to see if anyone is still trying it out and whatnot. And yes, definitely keep posting your own stories, ask questions to other users once I stop coming, post your own thoughts/ideas and anything else you can think of.

    And Kris, thanks! I definitely can name a few users who personally dislike me, and I dislike them. I find that people here are mostly too confrontational, too emotional, or too elitist in their views. It makes the whole thing feel too aggressive for me to want to stay, especially since my skin is improving a lot. Be sure to email me if you do want/need to. On this website, I recommend that you only look at the threads about water-only or the few Caveman ones that are still somewhat active, and just ignore every other post.

    And now back to editing out my posts

  14. So just to mention, the gym definitely poses issues. I have a few painful tiny bumps near my one ear, and I know that I was touching the area due to sweating and trying to get it away from my headphones. So, I'll definitely get back to not bringing anything but water and a sweat towel to the gym, wear my hair up, not touch it until after I wash my hands. But other than those few little pimples, there's not much new badness to my skin. It's mostly constant, other than minor returning flaking. The clogged pores are still there in a few places, and the flesh bumps are slowly lessening. I'm sure examining my face all the time isn't helping. Oh well :)

    Seems like things are going well for you! I've had a pretty hectic, stressed filled few days, escorted with alcohol and KFC. Thankfully no break outs! So happy to wake up this morning with no troubles. I've still got some minor flaking on a few places, notably my forehead and a bit of my cheeks. I'm planning on shaving either tonight or tomorrow night, hopefully it won't cause any irritation.

    Glad I stuck this out!

    Mm, I miss KFC lol. And yes, my skin is getting better for sure. At least in terms of acne. Changes in texture and red marks is slow, so I cannot accurately describe the changes until I can see major changes, you know?

    I'm also glad you stuck it out! hopefully in a few months you and I will be looking awesome and flaunting our gorgeous faces to the world :) And obviously hopefully everyone else here trying this routine will also be joining us :D