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Status Updates posted by ashala

  1. LOL. What a wonderful goodbye comment, thank you. Really made me smile! Ah I will miss some of you people here :)

    1. Thank, Tim :) I hope you are having good skin days now as well :D

      1. Awe, thanks Abi! If my gym guy and I ever do talk and if we get together, I'll probably make sure to post something just to inform everyone haha ;)

        1. I hope he does. He sure was nice to watch :)

          1. Ah, yep. The Org's not a good place for me, especially considering some of the members' attitudes towards me and just in general. Makes me unhappy.

            1. He hasn't been to the gym ALL WEEK >=( I either scared him off or he is doing something that means he can't work out. I hope it's the latter lol.

              1. I'm sure you will get there! It's all about taking that first step, and then it gets way easier.

                1. Lol, thank you! Too bad it took me up to a year to actually learn from my own statement ;)

                  1. I agree :) Although I really hate the fact that it's so hard for people to find that one special method that works for them individually. Too many methods to try! Too bad it can't be easier, right?

                    1. Hey Froggy. Water-only regimen is going good. My skin is doing a lot better, but I have a long road ahead of me. Yes, the flaking/peeling does get less after a few weeks. I'd say that the visible flaking should completely go away by the 4th week, and the skin itself should feel comfortable and without dryness/tightness

                      by the end of the 2nd month. Are you trying this type of routine out y

                      1. Hey Amara, yep, still on it :) I'm actually forcing myself to stay on it for at least 2 months without exfoliating/scrubbingor using products, as whenever I've tried I've given up within 2 weeks and started scrubbing my face raw. 3 weeks in now and my skin is looking way better! Aside from red marks, I'm mostly happy with the condition of my skin :)

                        1. hey lily :) Nope, no makeup. When I do (which hasn't been in ages), I just wear eye and lip makeup. I stopped wearing foundation though about 2 years ago even when I was still using cleansers. I've found that light mineral powders wash off pretty well with water if only lightly applied.

                          1. Is the finally next week? I'm interested to see what the finale will be! I think Quinn has SHORT HAIR for it too!

                            1. tonight's episode is sad :( But woo, Willy Wonka haha. No spoilers :)

                              1. Ah I tried. First thing I'll get done tomorrow is to get all the garbage and recycling out of my room! Ooh, I love reading. I don't usually pay attention to length though. I think the longest book I have read was Hearts in Atlantis. Lol, see if a neighbor has a dog that you could walk for them! And I dunno if they are really friends now. Especially after the dance bit. AND OMG toni

                                1. ugh too much work lol. I haven't cleaned my room since I last tried. I will try to get it done this week! God, finals are late in the States :/ I've been done for like, 3 weeks! And yeah I have, the prom episode was pretty damn cute :) Ooh, maybe I'll try jogging one day. I'm lazy.

                                  1. I am so slow with comments :/ How did you do with finals?! I bet you did pretty good ;) If I didn't have to volunteer eventually, I'd do nothing this summer :( Except clean my room of course...

                                    1. Hey, I do think I got your message. Was just too long when I read it and so I didn't feel like answering it, and then I forgot about it! lol. But thanks for replying :D

                                      1. EW you still aren't done? WTF! And thanks :) So far I have an A, an A-, and a B-. Still waiting for my sociology mark. Not bad for rushed studying :)

                                        1. Haha, thanks.

                                          1. Hey, didn't see your comment until today :D I chose caveman because my initial skincare routine change last year broke me out, and I was just fed up with products. I just wanted to see if I could clear up without the trial and error of skincare :)

                                            1. Yeah, I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter if it's natural or manufactured. Fiber is fiber. And I've tried fatty acids, also did nothing.

                                              1. Eh, my skin wasn't clearer while I was regularly using fiber supplementation. It's actually getting clearer now without my using the powder, although I am planning on using it more often as it aids my digestion. But not my skin.

                                                1. Possibly, yes. I used to take Metamucil every day, now I'm lazy. WHy?

                                                  1. OMG I TOTALLY DID NOT SEE YOUR LAST COMMENTS. My bad lol.

                                                    I still watch Charmed and Buffy. Althoguh I haven't watched Buffy in a while, I'm watching other sci-fi shows. I'm now onto Farscape loool it's so cheesy with the makeup.