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  1. I know I sound like a meanie, but, how can you possibly clear acne by doing nothing. You are letting bacteria get a foothold in your blood stream. You need an antibiotic. If you are afraid to take pills at least use topical clindamycin. I guarantee if you continue not washing your face your acne will go cystic and scar your face. It is a progressive infection that worsens over time if untreated. You should use a mild soap for acne prone skin and an oil-free moisturizer if your skin gets "dry" as you claim. Acne is your real problem, not dry skin. Also there is no way to safely exfoliate without an acne scrub or at least soap and water. You are taking yourself back to ancient times when there was no running water except streams. Even cave people washed themselves in lakes and rivers. Whatever, I know you aren't even listening. Good luck.

    I haven't had acne since mid-late 2011, and since 2012 I rarely get random breakouts - only if I pick at my pores or get product on my face (the latter type clears up within a day or two after exposure to the product).

    If you take any basic anatomy course or read an anatomy textbook, you will learn that sweat, sebum, and dead skin actually act as a barrier to help keep the skin free of infection. I do not advocate never removing dead skin cells if they do not seem to shed themselves properly on their own, but otherwise if someone doesn't see the need to cleanse their face, then if it works who cares.

    My skin doesn't get dry, it gets dehydrated. Which means can lose water easily. My skin since doing this has been feeling much better, and if it feels dehydrated at all I just exfoliate to remove any flaking skin that might be making my skin feel tight.

    It's working for me, my skin is much less irritated, and like I've said numerous times before I do not have acne. Your mileage may vary - using acne products are what CAUSED me to have moderate acne in high school, which I had used in response to getting some zits due to plucking my eyebrows for the first time. Not all acne is the same - mine happens to be cosmetic, not hormonal or genetic. Since going water-only my acne has cleared up and my skin texture is almost normal (considering I had some pretty noticeable scarring I find any minor scarring that's yet to fill out to not be an issue), and so far this no-water routine hasn't caused any negative changes. If I feel the need to rinse, then whatever, but I'm not going out of my way to do so. Honestly, if I could wash my hair without getting my whole body wet, I'd do that as well more often.

    I exfoliate my face with a method known as dry brushing, using a soft baby washscloth instead of a brush (for more ease, more control, and more comfort on my skin - brushes were really irritating to me in the past) and my skin exfoliates really well this way. I actually find that exfoliating for a shorter amount of time with a wet washcloth or a scrub is quite irritating, while I can exofliate for a few minutes with no pressure using a dry washcloth and not get any serious redness unless I use pressure. As long as I wash the cloth after a few uses, my skin has been fine.

  2. wait what? what are you doing to cure your acne?

    I went water-only for facial cleansing in 2010/11 and have been product-free since. I cleared up of regular acne in 2011, still breakout periodically here and there, which is not something that bothers me as a university student, especially as many of those have been due to picking. I now exfoliate a few times a week to help keep my skin free of clogs and flaking.

    This is not a "cure" for acne, this is just what helped me clear up.

  3. Stop looking at the mirror.

    I 2nd this recommendation. When my acne was quite bad in 2010 I stopped looking in the mirror for some time and emotionally, it did help. And it helped me to not pick. If not looking isn't an option then only look in one mirror (e.g. your bathroom mirror only) and ONLY from a distance. I'd recommend trying to do this for at least a month.

    Otherwise I'd say that you just need to do some detective work to try and pinpoint the likely cause or causes of your acne. Mine was easy to determine (picking and ingredients placed on my skin) but it's not as easy for everyone. Start by thinking back to when you were 14-15 and what might have changed at that time just prior to your initial breakouts, and think about your reaction to those breakouts. I always recommend a gentle skincare routine regardless of the cause of the acne and then from there add more things if necessary once you've given your skin time to adjust to such a routine (2-3 months). My basic rec is always gentle low/no-foam cleanser (or just water or toner if you don't wear makeup or the makeup is easily water-soluble; toner like witch hazel or rose water could be something to look up) and a basic moisturizer. And then from there, after a few months, determine whether you feel a topical would be worth incorporating. Exfoliate as you deem necessary but try to not exceed once a week unless you've determined that more than that works for your face. Figuring out the main causes of the acne could very likely help you choose your course of action easier and quicker than just by guessing around and what may help. I feel like it's easier for those of us with cosmetic or irritation-induced acne, but it's definitely still something to keep in mind when looking for methods of clearing up your face.

  4. I feel sorry for your cat's illness. I had a cat living with me for 19yrs until he passed away violently. If you ever want to come back to reality and leave the "cave" try Dan's regimen, it unclogs pores.

    "4) My clogs are barely an issue now. They are still there a bit, but wow... It's incredible how much it has improved! Especially on my chin, which was full of under-the-skin ones, now it's almost clear. My forehead still has some minor bumpies that I can see in the light but I can only feel a few sometimes. So I dunno how that area will play out. Overall I'm happy with the state of my skin in relation to clogs!"

  5. Please use Dan's regimen at least.

    For what purpose? Like I said I'm already clear, I just get periodic zits (I have an almost zit right now, either from rubbing my face or from the lotion I used on my arms yesterday transferring to my face; I also have an almost whitehead from picking at a clog and a picked-at scabbing whitehead, and another blind spot on my chin from, you guessed it, picking. But considering that's really all that's on my face and it's almost all due to picking, I can't complain), and I have clogged pores which are clearing up. I am now finally even seeing a more evident clearing up of my chin clogs! The only real downside aside from any problems that arise from picking (a habit I really do need to learn to quit entirely) is that I am a bit oilier than I'd like to be; I do miss that "no oil" look/feel post-shower. But I also exfoliated a few days ago, and my skin always gets oilier after such a procedure so I'm assuming it will die down in a few more days and then it will be more reasonable.

    I pretty much see no need to do something preventative if I'm not noticing anything that needs preventing.

  6. It is impossible to see your skin in those pics. I don't believe that letting oil and dead skin build up endlessly on your face is a good idea if you have acne. Like any other condition it needs to be treated. And cosmetic acne is caused by make-up like foundations and concealors. Failing to wash your face and failing to use medications has nothing to do with cosmetic acne. I am angry because people with acne reading your false advo will think that the "caveman" is a good idea since you allege that it "cured" your acne. I flatout don't believe you and I think you are poisoning the atmosphere with your false claims. You're also telling everyone that your poor hygiene is some kind of miracle cure. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    My very last two pictures are clearly adequate portrayals of my skin, albeit slightly old. If you did not go to my gallery, I shall list the last pictures I uploaded (in comparison to my face now, I am actually surprised that I was happy with my skin in these pictures! I had redness from scratching on one side - it looks kind of orangey compared to the rest of my face - and two spots that I clearly picked at but everything else appears to be red marks or fairly old healing scarring):




    Even through my webcam pictures it is clear to see that my skin has improved. A simple comparison shot of my skin from mid 2011, when my acne pretty well cleared up and I was left with periodic zits (maybe a few a month), scarring, and red marks:

    August 2011:



    More Recent:

    (I found a larger version of one) http://img.makeupall...698.JPG<br />(from last christmas, no acne but red marks for sure, which look much better now) http://img.makeupall...8/5/2139436.JPG

    You have a different opinion, let it go. I do not believe that relying on things like flushes and cleanses and strict diets for the sake of clearing up one's face is ideal, nor do I agree with the use of medication or topicals for permanent/long-term use (unless it is truly the ONLY thing that has helped, in which case I'd assume that the person has exhausted all other forms of treatment, even something as simple as non-treatment). Yet I do not go around looking down on those who utilize these methods - if they work for those people, and it's not putting them at any serious risks of injury or sickness (although use of antibiotics is definitely quite questionable here), who am I to judge and berate them for it?

    Cosmetic acne, simply put, is a result of the ingredients in one's products resulting in the formation of acne. This can mean literal cosmetics of course, but this also means skincare ingredients. Or even ingredients found in non-skincare items: the cleaning solution used at my gym for instance breaks me out if I touch use the spray and then touch my face, more so in certain areas than in others. And yet touching my face any other time, assuming I do not have product on my hands, does not result in blemishes.

    I have not claimed to have "cured" my acne. I have shared my experience in clearing up my acne by eliminating the use of skincare products and exfoliation. This has worked for others as well, again as I mentioned others have posted Yahoo!Answer topics, blog topics, forum threads, etc about it. Will my method work for everyone? No. Much like whatever method you use will not work for everyone. I've used topicals in the past, topicals are what actually resulted in me developing all-over mild to moderate acne as a teen when I used medicated pads to clear up isolated eyebrow blemishes caused by tweezing for the first time when I was 13-14 years old. I have also tried things from the doctor and those severely irritated my face. I take after my dad in having fair and thin skin naturally outside of the use of skincare products, as well as now being prone to eczema (since 2009ish). Simply put, eliminating skincare products has had the best benefit for my skin overall: my acne cleared up (periodic breakouts do not bother me; considering my age, it's perfectly normal), my skin is more comfortable in regards to dehydration, and I am less oily compared to when I was in high school. The broken capillaries I once had on my nose are no longer visible, my nose skin no longer stretches over my nose bump and doesn't have an odd stretched-skin sheen. The only downside to not using products is that I am unable to speed up the recovery of my skin's marks and scars. This blog is not designed to bully people into doing what I am doing, it is to share my experience, allow others to know what has worked for me, and to demonstrate what struggles I have or may currently experience. It is there to show yet another potential avenue to try if someone is currently struggling with clearing up their acne, and they can decide via their own judgement and intuition/knowledge of their skin/bodies as to whether it would be worth trying out. I've tried dietary changes for instance, and while they did not work for me I am not going to argue if someone tells me that it works for them and they are happy with their skin.

    Like mentioned earlier, my dead cell shedding is fairly self-regulating now, meaning that I do not accumulate dead skin cells in any abnormal fashion anymore. Periodically I may get a bit around my nostrils but that's usually when I'm also blowing my nose a lot. It took time for my skin to adjust to this, I had to wean myself off of exfoliation over the course of a number of months before build-up stopped occurring. I also blot my face when I feel the desire to if I feel a bit too oily on my forehead, and when I shower I usually get some minor sprays of water on my skin along with an accumulation of humidity/steam which I then towel-dry off. This works fine for me. I've been water-only for my whole body actually. Eliminating the use of all body products cleared up my body acne back in high school as well, which I did simply because it was too time-consuming to moisturize those areas and I had a hard time reaching those places. My chronic foot sweat/odour (i.e. eating through my shoes within a year) cleared up when I just stopped bothering to specifically lather up my feet; I now only get foot odour if I wear socks my mother has previously worn (which has occurred on rushed mornings when I thought I was grabbing my socks from the night before). I've been told on two occasions that I smelled very clean actually, both unprompted and in very intimate situations.

    You can choose to not believe that I've been able to clear up my moderate to severe acne (became moderate to severe after I joined acne.org, was mild to moderate in early high school) by eliminating the use of skincare products and that ultimately my skin does not break out from not washing it at all. Others can choose to believe what they want as well, and may take from this blog what they wish to. They can choose to give this method a try or to not and go on their way. You are clearly quite emotionally beaten down by your acne issues (whether current or past), but that does not mean that everyone feels as you do or still struggles as you do. All I can say is that it feels wonderful to touch my face and not feel dozens upon dozens of bumps, and if utilizing a non-regimen regimen is what has worked to provide me with these results... then I clearly can't complain. And ultimately my approach is of the mind-set "do not let acne/skin consume you or beat you down." I feel okay if I'm around people a lot even though my skin is not perfect. I do not really THINK about treating my skin anymore and that freedom feels wonderful. I'm not showering tonight due to getting home from work late and my hair dryer being in my locker at the gym, yet I am not freaking out over this. It's nice knowing that if I wanted to go on a week-long no-showers road-trip that I'd not be concerned ab out my skin or body and that I'd not be a slave to my skin issues.

  7. You need to wash oil and dirt off of your skin as well as exfoliating. You also need to actively fight pimples. The cave days ended like a million years ago. We now have medicine, doctors, pharmacies etc...There is a reason why cave people looked as bad as they did.

    Different skincare approaches work differently for everyone :) A number of people here have in the past reported success with this routine. I've seen other accounts of people who rarely wash/rinse simply because they hate the feel of water on the skin or because of other issues like eczema or very irritated skin. I've also been water-only since 2011, which cleared up my acne. I also cleared up by not exfoliating - my skin exfoliates itself naturally now, as it should, and I do not need to assist it in the removal of dead cells. When I have done so in the past since going water-only my skin would retaliate and be quite angry with me. Growing up as a kid I honestly don't remember paying any attention to washing my face, and I did not break out until I was 14 when I tweezed my brows, and that only spread once I started washing my face to try and clear the eyebrow breakouts up.

    So anyways, if something works for someone else and it's not dangerous, there's no need to tell them to not do it.

  8. That's great to hear! I definitely noticed that not using products has left my acne far less angry and red, so hopefully I can get to where you are in terms of not really breaking out. I mostly just have clogged pores and whiteheads/blackheads now, maybe like 1 or 2 small bumps that I can't really see.I noticed that the bridge of my nose doesn't seem to be oily, but the rest of my face is.. Kind of weird! It's like that area has kind of "healed", while the rest has not caught up yet haha. My skin definitely was a bit shinier, oilier today after exfoliating. But kind of raw, probably because of how long I exfoliated. I'd rather not go without washing, as I'd like to just see how my skin can adjust to washing nightly. I think the not washing for a week negatively affected my skin and caused the dead skin build up to feel really dry and uncomfortable. Now that I've exfoliated, I think that my skin will do a bit better. I showered tonight and let my face air dry, and I don't really feel that dry! I think that air drying works a bit better, as it doesn't remove the surface oils as much. Or maybe it's that I don't have a thick layer of caked on dead skin haha. I went a few weeks with dryness, I think I can handle another few weeks of potential dryness before removing water if needed!

  9. I also think I look best when there is humidity around! Although it makes my hair pretty frizzy :/ I slept with one on last night, don't know if it made a big difference or not! But I'm leaving it on (low setting) today while I'm out so that my room remains somewhat more humid. Last night, my windows were foggy, so I assume it was humid in there! I'll talk to my parents about seeing if we can raise the humidity in the house, as I'm sure there is a setting somewhere for the whole house.I left my face alone for about.. 5 days? And no, just washing at night. I don't like washing twice a day, would be too much! I'm thinking I'll continue washing daily for another week or two, just to see if my skin continues feeling a bit dry. I actually exfoliated last night - took 10+ minutes! With a washcloth of course. But the difference: I didn't feel guilty afterward, and I didn't think "now I'm going to break out". I just thought "damn, my face sure is red and bumpy". I think I'll exfoliate twice a month (as I read it takes 2 weeks for new skin to build up or something), but if I must I'll do it once a week. I don't see any new pimples either! In fact, a spot I had on my cheekbone (that I didn't know I had until before exfoliating) is smaller in size. I have a lot of clogged pores on my chin, forehead and the left side of my nose still, although I'm sure a lot of those are due to having scraped at the areas with my fingernails as opposed to exfoliating properly. my skin doesn't feel painful anymore, and I don't have that gross cake of dead skin! Yay! It was really gross, I had like giant rolls of dead skin coming off, and I'm sure there are some areas which were not 100% exfoliated. When I wash, I only use lukewarm or cool water, and am under the stream for like, 1 minute (my showers last about that long now) and then I pat away the excess. I'm thinking that once my breakouts start to improve, I'll try Vaseline out over the dry areas and see if it causes any issues. Olive oil breaks me out though :) So, you don't wash your face daily anymore? How long did you wash daily before you started skipping days? After the next few weeks, I'll start only showering every other day/after going to the gym and I'll not shower when I haven't really exerted myself much, and see if that does anything. I think that all that dead buildup was making things worse for the clogs, but I think that exfoliating helped more so than it worsened :-

  10. I do think that over time, maybe a few months, it will kind of shed itself off, especially since water running over my face in the shower must remove some of what is at the surface. I'll perhaps exfoliate gently with a cloth once/if I can get rid of my active acne. The small flesh bumps on my forehead for instance haven't caused blemishes to arise in the area if I scratch or exfoliate. I find that my cheeks are kind of dry. But maybe it's my climate - I live in Canada, and the climate is usually dry, and it's fall now and a lot cooler. I'm going to place my humidifier in my bedroom and sleep with it on to see if the added humidity aids the dryness a bit. Did you experience any dryness in the first week? I'm only just at the end of week 1. Wouldn't the steam potentially dry my skin out? I don't think I want to do that too early. If I do try steaming, I'll do it in a few months time. I find that steaming has always irritated my skin... I guess I'm just really sensitive! I've even been told my doctors that I am very sensitive (my body).

  11. Wash cloths break me out not because of what is used to wash them, but simply because of the physical act of rubbing my skin. When I have active bumps, it causes them to become inflamed, and often causes other blemishes to appear, especially if they were pustules. This is very common for acne sufferers, and not just with washcloths but with any form of physical/manual exfoliation when active blemishes are present. Even if I only exfoliate like, once every 3 weeks the same issue occurs. I think that my skin is just way too sensitive - I think that even rubbing a makeup brush over my face breaks me out. I'd love to be able to remove the dead skin, but I know it will break me out. A few days ago I lightly scratched away dead gooey skin from my nose, and now I have small bumps there. I'm just hoping that all the clogged pores kind of.. dry out and fall off on their own. THat would be just wonderful!

  12. I wish I could exfoliate. Washcloths break me out! Also, I have never really used topicals, and I havent' washed my face in like 2 months with products (only just started washing daily with water though without massaging my face) and I'm still flaking. I think part of this has to do a bit with the fact that I've still been picking at my skin, which is probably causing my skin to have to create new skin cells faster. Apparently, new cells don't show up until 2 weeks! My skin doesn't get very oily anymore, but is a bit dry. I'm less than a week into it though, so I'll see how it goes. Have you considered not exfoliating or extracting at all to see what happens? I read that if you pop (or extract) blemishes, especially if you do it in the same place many times, it will cause the area to be more damaged and can cause blemishes to continuously show up again in that spot. I really do think that if I stopped picking and touching my face in any way my skin would look so much better! I went 2 weeks without showering and touching/picking (was very sick) and my skin was definitely looking better, not flaking, although I had dead skin building up still and was quite bumpy from dried out clogged pores. I wish this process would go by faster!

  13. Now that I haven't been washing with cleansers (been about 2 months, although I'm just starting to wash daily with water), my pores do the same thing. I will have blackheads or whiteheads that rise out of the pore hardened. I don't know if they all fall out on their own as I have been picking them out (which made things worse), but Ihave a few that have started coming out of the pore, and I have been leaving them alone to see what happens! I hope my skin benefits from this as yours has :-