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  1. ashala

    My Red Marks and Scarring

    Chronological pictures showcasing my skin's healing of marks and shallow scarring (shallow scarring not very noticeable in the pictures) - begins with pictures of red marks that had already been fading since about May 2011.
  2. Randomly popped by. I started wearing makeup.... God, a year ago? Longer? Since then, was oil cleansing to remove the makeup, and this is what contributed to my skin issues. The oil itself is totally fine, not an issue, but the removal process was effing with my skin. Wash cloths are a huge no-no, cotton pads were better but still caused issues over time.... And cleansing oils with emulsifiers dry my skin out. I recently had issues with super irritated, red, burning, flaking eyelids from usi
  3. I really don't know how many people stumble upon my locked main thread, my gallery, or this blog thing. But for those of you who are reading this... hi! I haven't made any updates here in well over a year, and honestly acne as a whole is not something that I've really concerned myself with in the last year. I still worry about my skin overall a bit, but I've become ridiculously relaxed over my skin and I've even started wearing makeup again and not freaking out when I get zits. Anyways, why
  4. I haven't had acne since mid-late 2011, and since 2012 I rarely get random breakouts - only if I pick at my pores or get product on my face (the latter type clears up within a day or two after exposure to the product). If you take any basic anatomy course or read an anatomy textbook, you will learn that sweat, sebum, and dead skin actually act as a barrier to help keep the skin free of infection. I do not advocate never removing dead skin cells if they do not seem to shed themselves properly
  5. In the last few months, and especially few weeks, I've done a number to my hair. On Sunday it was super dry. So I haven't showered since then. Which means that I also haven't bothered to wash my face since then. I've already been doing water-only successfully for a few years so not washing my face now for a while really doesn't make my skin look or feel gross or unclean. I had also exfoliated with a dry washcloth (my version of dry-brushing) but was a bit too harsh on my skin, and in these few d
  6. Because not using skincare products already worked for me, hence not using them, as I no longer have acne after I stopped using all skincare products. In 2011. Picture is fairly self-explanatory as to the condition of my skin right now.
  7. I don't really see the point in "updating" anymore since my skin's progress is basically the same every time, especially now that I think I've found what works best for me. So here I'll just give a run down of my routine! I shower generally once a day, but not always. I do not wash my face outside of the shower. 1. Wash hands and go about regular shower routine for other areas of body 2. Splash face with water once or twice. Pat dry. 3. Exfoliate by dry-brushing with a baby washcloth a
  8. ashala

    November 12, 2012

    hi, thanks! I've been doing water only since beginning 2011
  9. ashala

    Jan 2013

    From the album: My Red Marks and Scarring

    Excuse the drunk face.
  10. I went water-only for facial cleansing in 2010/11 and have been product-free since. I cleared up of regular acne in 2011, still breakout periodically here and there, which is not something that bothers me as a university student, especially as many of those have been due to picking. I now exfoliate a few times a week to help keep my skin free of clogs and flaking. This is not a "cure" for acne, this is just what helped me clear up.
  11. Finals are now done, and overall my skin is doing better. It freaked out a bit during finals but with more sleep and getting back into exercise I am feeling better about myself. My routine still consists of water-only. I shower usually once a day and will rinse at the end of my shower (one or two splashes max and then pat dry). I've also stopped using a washcloth as a means of washing or wet exfoliation, but now use it a few times a week or as needed to dry-brush/exfoliate the skin. I will d