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  1. Right now I'm doing a mask I just made from a tsp avocado, 2 tsp aloe vera, tsp honey, and a few slices of ginger (from a sushi pack). I left it on for 10 minutes and rinsed it off with cold water. Results: It doesn't seem to have done anything, at least not from first glance. I waited 5 minutes to see if it has cooled off any, but I have to go get my senior portrait taken (hence why I was hoping for a bit less redness) so I guess I'll just have to get it retouched :/
  2. Lately I've been thinking a lot about ways to calm down super red acne on my fair skin. I am planning on messing around with different at home solutions for ways to make acne less shockingly red before going to the beach, swim party, or somewhere else where make up isn't an option or if make up just doesn't do the trick. I personally have moderate acne and have been on Acutane twice but now it's back again. Lots of redness so do you all want to help share tips on quick fixes? Just post what yo