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  1. For the short term, use extra moisturizer and get your skin back in balance! I personally feel like my acne and face looks worse when it feels dry and irritated, and it keeps me thinking about it and looking at the mirror over and over. Keeping your skin moisturized will help you forget about it for the time being, which sounds like what might be good before the show? As for long term, be sure to continue using BP regularly on a schedule that works for you if it has been working. Best of luc
  2. I've definitely been in your situation! I go between 1 and 2 pumps of moisturizer, depending on the amount of BP I am using. I personally have oily and shiny skin as well, and the moisturizer seems to make it more shiny than usual. Typically, 1 pump is not enough for me if I am using any more than a finger-tip sized dab of BP. I don't think you will compromise the effectiveness of the BP, but you want to keep your skin as happy and balanced as possible, so pay close attention to how your ski
  3. Hi Lauren! Everyone reacts differently from exposure to benzoyl peroxide. Some people seem to get accustomed to it quicker, while others have a long-drawn out period where acne gets worse before getting better. Unfortunately, the only way you will find out if this product will work for you is if you stick with it for a few months at the very least. As for me personally, I've been on/off the regimen 3 times now in the last 6 years, and every time I get off of it and try to get back on BP, it
  4. Hi KindHinge! I have used the cleanser by itself without the regimen. It doesn't break me out personally, but I tend to feel a little more dried out after using it than some other cleansers like Cetaphil gentle cleanser & Cerave foaming cleanser. I would try looking at the ingredient list here on cosDNA: http://www.cosdna.com/eng/cosmetic_fc5624353.html And compare it against other cleansers you've used that you have liked in the past and go from there. Best of luck!
  5. What I have learned over starting the regimen a few times is that acne seems to purge slowly where it initially intensifies when starting BP, and subsides frustratingly slowly. For me, it takes about 8 full weeks for new acne formation to stop, and another 3-4 months for redness and pigmentation to subside. (about 6 months for redness to completely go away.) I am currently on week 6, and the formation of new acne is noticeably better, but the scars & pigmentation is a result of my peak acn
  6. Hi Keic! I've been on/off the regimen for the last 6.5 years. This is the third time back on it because my acne comes back after about 3~4 months without BP. My experience has been that I need to use way less BP than the acne.org regimen's prescribed amount once my acne subsides to reduce the redness and irritation. I've had success with a pea sized amount every morning and night for years at a time. I might try reducing the BP amount and monitoring the low dosage for 4 weeks. Stopping is
  7. I have been on/off the regimen several times and here's my experience: At the onset of BP treatment, it's hard to tell if the first 3-4 weeks are a sign of whats to come in the future. It takes me about 8 to 12 weeks for my skin to stop forming new pimples using BP treatment, and it's a roller coaster of breakouts until that point. I wouldn't rely on the first 3 weeks to be a good indication of whether I am doing something right or not. But if you're happy with where you're at now, I think it'
  8. That redness does look like what others have experienced at the onset of using BP. How much BP are you using? You could try reducing the dosage significantly for about a week (and only using it 1X a day) to see if it goes back to close-to-normal (BP will always make my skin slightly red, even at a low dosage.), and use extra moisturizer to go easy on the skin. I have felt some sensitivity to the BP followed by the acne.org moisturizer, but I know personally that it works well in the long run aft
  9. Hi ClassonGrass! Welcome to the regimen! I also suffered from moderate and cystic acne for about 6 months before I discovered the regimen and became completely clear after about 4 months. Read the pinned post about the mindset required to succeed with the regimen as it gives you realistic expectations. Results will vary wildly from person to person, so keep your mind open and be ready to make a 3-month commitment at the very least. That's my best tip for someone just starting out! Good luck
  10. TianaLy! Since you're still very early into the regimen, definitely go easy on the BP to start. Small amount, once a day as the regimen prescribes. I typically start with even less and take longer than the regimen suggests, just because I hate irritated, red skin (which is inevitable to some extent.) But slowly ramping up and making small adjustments (either less or more depending on how irritated you feel) to your BP dosage should help ease you into BP. Best wishes!
  11. I've been a user for 6.5 years and have gone off the regimen for months at a time to see if I have grown out of it, then restarted. For me personally, it takes about 8 weeks for new acne to stop forming, which is when I feel a huge sense of relief. I hope this gives you some encouragement! hang in there and keep following the routine.
  12. I have been a regimen user for about 6.5 years now, and have gone off of the regimen twice for 4 months at a time to test if I have grown out of acne. Unfortunately, I am back on the regimen for the 3rd time now (quit the regimen in august, acne came back slowly), and every time for the first 4-12 weeks, I have purged. I have read that BP does not cause purging, but it certainly does dry out and irritate your skin at the onset of the regimen, which can't be good for the skin holistically, but it
  13. I'm into my 5th month of the regimen. Here is what I have to say. STAY IN THERE. You want to fight this battle. I know first hand that this is a major struggle. Dryness is something everyone goes through, you're not alone! We are here to support everyone else. I tried so many things and my best advice to reduce dryness is to 1. use less BP for now, maybe increase again later. (remember this is risking potential breakouts but my skin was too unhappy and red so I took the risk and I don't have an
  14. Okay, so there are bunch of posts under this forum crying for help with redness and dryness. I used to be one of them. Upon trying several methods posted here and getting in touch with Brandy, I wasn't all that successful in getting rid of dryness. So I just kinda got angry one day and said "screw it. I'll just do whatever it takes to get this dryness to go away" And so I got 2 full pumps of the new acne.org moisturizer and 6 drops of jojoba oil (as usual) and waited for that to sink in. Then