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  1. hmmm, this is an interesting topic to me. I hadn't considered that I was being unreasonable to expect people to not talk about it around me. I think it's a matter of me being paranoid that they are using me to feel less sorry for themselves. I think "why are they torturing me by bringing attention to this!" (ok i'm being a little dramatic here) But maybe it's not as calculated as all that- I imagine that many people have complained about gaining a few pounds to somebody who was overweig
  2. AHHH fefe, I hate that too!!!! I am just amazed when people complain to me about one pimple or scar. I try to tell myself that maybe they didn't notice it on me, but I know they must have. Then I wonder if they are telling me because they know that I will understand or to try to say "hey look, I get it too".... WHY??? It's so awkward!
  3. Well I don't know if anyone is reading these posts still, but i am going to keep updating. It seems that everyone has given up on the paleo diet, but I still recommend it or something like it to anyone looking to improve their health. Since starting the Paleo Diet in late November, I have had the least breakouts ever. The only times have been noted on this log and the rest of the time, my face is unbelievably clear. In fact, as a treatment, I would rate this diet as more effective than even
  4. 1/10-1/19/07 *My cold got much worse and I had to take time off from work. I was too tired to head to the grocery store so frequently and ate Paleo about half the time. Then, my boyfriend's mom came to visit for 5 days. The first day i prepared our meals all paleo and everybody loved them! The next several days however, we went out to eat. Even though I was eating grains and dairy, my skin didn't break out. I believe that this was largely because I almost never break out when I have a col
  5. I agree that it's easy to critique this diet. It's silly to pretend we are eating like cavemen. However, in Cordain's acne book, he doesn't really stress the "hunter/gatherer" thing quite as much as I thought he would. He talks more about his observations. I take the "paleolithic" part as just one possible explanation for why some of the diet works. But, hey, he needs to sell books, right? and people need to latch on to a gimmick, like "eating like your ancient ancestors." Plus, I have rea
  6. 12/28-01/9 *Eek, a little hard to stick to the diet in these situations which happened to me right in a row: 1. Visiting Grandma during holidays 2. Traveling on airplanes 3. Coops and fish market closed and then low on produce and meat through New Years's holiday and right after. 4. A miserable flu/cold (probably from the ariplane travel) So, I've been sick for the past several days and returned to the old comfort foods like bread and popcorn several times. It's funny though.... now those f
  7. My experience has been that when I "cheat", sometimes, I get a few clogged pores. However, since starting the diet, NONE have gotten very big or inflamed. Since the diet is supposed to be "anti-inflammatory", I think that staying on it after a stray actually minimizes breakouts. And a few times, it seems that I was able to get away with cheating entirely. Even Cordain recommends shooting for staying on it about 90 percent of the time which gives you several "free meals" per month. I am goin
  8. I had to unexpectedly leave town this week. Here is how the paleo diet held up: Sunday, Dec. 24- *Started a 24 hour train trip. Love the train, but often a mixed feeling because I ALWAYS used to break out when traveling. This time, instead of getting chips and pizza, I brought along baked chicken breast, smoked salmon, nuts, greens, carrots, apples, oranges, almond cheese, eggplant dip, juices, and a little bottle of white wine. It took quite a while the night before to prepare all this st
  9. I relate to all that spaghetti eating---Today I was remembering how we had a house guest once and we were making breakfast and I was preparing to make my 3rd and 4th pieces of toast and the guest (kind of rudely, i think) said "whoa! 4 pieces of toast! Isn't that alot!". Then he went on about how he'd never seen someone eat so much toast. I was embarrassed and just kind of muttered something. OK, the guy is a jerk, but now, I think, well maybe it is alot. (little did he know that I could ha
  10. DAY 27 12/18 *Bought a bunch of canned fish for days I don't get any. Finally dowloaded Cordain's book. Yeah, I know I should have done it before, but I didn't have $20 and wanted to see if it had merit for me. I see that he recommends fish oil pills which I haven't been doing. I do eat a lot of fish though and bought some flax seed meal, which is also high in omega 3. DAY 27 12/19 *Added vitamin d and zinc pills per Cordain's recommendation. Ate shrimp for lunch and flounder for dinner.
  11. That's great news barbara! I liked your list of foods because it is the same things that I eat most regularly.
  12. DAY 25 12/16 *Don't have time to eat dinner before going out to play a gig. Afterwards, hang out and drink alcohol with friends. Have a great time and even avoid the pizza, amd eat a banana I've brought along, but... DAY 26 12/17 *Damn. Hangover. Didn't eat enough last night. Hangovers usually throw me off diets and today is no exception. I eat some soba noodles with tofu on top. But, later, make a huge salad and seafood soup. Also cheat with four delicious fingerling (little) potatoes.
  13. DAY 23 12/14 *Overdo it with smoked salmon today, but feel really peppy at work. Busy evening. Only have time for too many walnuts, smoked salmon, apples and almond cheese (has casein and brown rice syrup in it ) for dinner DAY 24 12/15 *Whoa- what happened? Feel really crummy in the A.M. Try to eat a lot of eggs and fruit for breakfast, but by lunch, starving and cranky. Get a green salad with chicken at the cafe, which is good, but the pecans have sugar on them. For dinner, have a tur
  14. Most days, i am shocked at how energetic I feel. It has made a big difference in my work performance, because i deal with the public and teach workshops. I feel much more sociable and awake! However, I have had a few low, headachy days and am trying to figure out why. I also was tired every day before this diet. Also, I didn't seem to have a circadian rhythm. I would wake up and go to sleep at different times every night, no matter how hard I tried to have a schedule.