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  1. My dermatologist doesnt like giving cortizone shots. As to why I have no idea. I'm 27 with cystic acne. The very same cystic acne I get over and over again(Jaw/chin line). I been on minocylin for 9 months which has helped tremendously but still broke out. I feel like my body is getting resistant to the mino in the last 2 months. Maybe its time to change my dermatologist. Anyone know dermatologists in georgia or tennessee that will give me a couple shots with no big fuss? Thank you so much
  2. No, I have not. He was saying that going the old fraxal route would cost more down the line since I would need like 4 treatments compared to 1 or 2 of the new one. Thats his credentials. http://www.kimfacialsurgery.com/drkim.html It looks like hes a plastic surgeon not a dermatologist?
  3. I went for a consult today for fraxel. I'm just super nervous and worried that I may end up as one of those horror stories. I'm getting old and its time to take a leap, though.. Couple questions, has anyone figured out why some people treatment turned for the worst? Is it the lazer dept? The doctor? Pre-treatment? Skin type? To be honest I hear more horror stories than good. Anyone know a good doctor in GA? I dont feel comfortable with the one I have now. I already made my deposit but I can get
  4. I currently do not have any sort of health insurance. I would like to start taking biweekly trips to the dermatologist. I dont know where to begin. What to look for in a company? Which company does everyone use? How much do you pay a month? How do you include dermatology into your plan?
  5. I had this same problem couple years ago. Both sides behind my ear by the lobe would bubble up so big. I dont have this problem anymore but sometimes when I scratch behind my ear I can smell what you are smelling.