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  1. I don't wear contacts, but I have a friend who wears red colored contacts. His eyes are naturally a medium brown, and the red creates a "ring" around his entire eye and makes it look super creepy. Cool, but still creepy...
  2. Me too! However... I'm a high school girl and no other girls at school have ever said anything to me about my acne. I know they see it every day because it's baaaad, but they just never bring it up. Obviously I've realized this is probably a good thing just for my self esteem's sake, but then again it still kind of hurts anyway because I KNOW they know it's there. I hate wondering which people really don't notice it and which people just decide to keep their mouths shut.
  3. Your skin looks GORGEOUS! Thank you for motivating me to stop picking my skin. Thankfully, I haven't been picking my skin for more than a couple months so I think it may be easier for me to get out of the habit... but anyway, your results are truly an inspiration. Congratulations!
  4. Alright, I'm going to make a long story short here... this summer, I've been picking at my skin a LOT more than I ever have since I started suffering from acne. I don't really know why, maybe just being at home all the time gives me more time to pick since I "can't" pick at my face during the school day. Whatever it is, I've decided to stop it before school starts. I probably should've decided this sooner since school starts in 12 days, but hopefully it'll make a LITTLE bit of a difference by th
  5. I was hoping someone would mention them! Anyway, to the OP- do you have the option to get your senior portraits retouched for acne/blemishes? On my yearly school photos, they have an option where you can pay extra to have the photos retouched specifically for acne and blemishes. I told my parents that I didn't want to have mine retouched since the picture wasn't my senior portrait anyway and I wanted to look like "myself" in the picture, acne and all, but they got it retouched anyway witho
  6. I've always wanted to know this. I agree that we are our own worst critics... but what about the people that keep their comments to themselves? Thinking back, there are only two times I remember that my acne has been brought up with people outside of my family. The first was in fifth grade when my acne started- one of my best friends (yes, she's still my best friend despite how blunt she is sometimes.. but she's matured a lot since fifth grade) said something like, "look at all of your pimples
  7. I'm sorry you have to deal with this even after getting clear. There have been times where I've felt like that as well, and it sucks. But remember... it can only get better. After reading your post, I gathered two very important things- you're clear, and you have a boyfriend who obviously cares about your happiness and confidence very much. I completely understand the thing about makeup under certain lighting and how even with clear skin, the scars and red marks can sometimes make it feel lik
  8. I'm currently sixteen, and I've had acne since I was ten. My acne was worst when I was in middle school, so most of the scars/red marks are from that time onward. So I'm guessing out of the six years I've had acne, I've had scars/red marks for about the past four or five.
  9. Okay, before I get to the actual question... let me just say this. I am a teenager. I have my insecurities just like any other teenager. I cover up my acne/scars/red marks with makeup. While my makeup never removes all traces of my acne problem, it does cover a lot of imperfections, so most people at school have no idea how bad my acne problem truly is. No one has ever actually said anything to me about it, but whether they see me as the elephant in the middle of the room or not is something tha
  10. I agree with Lyssa. Despite how much I hate having to deal with acne as a teenager, I probably would rather be pretty with acne than ugly with clear skin. Finaplix, I do see where you're trying to go with this. I admit that seeing people who I feel are worse looking than myself (I'm not going to call them ugly because I don't want to insult them, and also because I'm by no means a supermodel myself anyway) but have better skin irks me sometimes, but in the end, it's neither my fault nor theirs.
  11. Whether this girl is lying or not about how much makeup she has on in that picture, she still looks pretty darn good. Even if she does have some amount of makeup on, it's definitely not much... and she still shouldn't be making such a big deal out of wearing "no makeup" if she looks perfectly fine with barely any on. The message she's putting out there is great, but I think that her point would've been stronger if her skin had actually looked bad in the photo. She's a Columbia grad so she proba
  12. bek_cogent: sounds like I'll be frequenting Sephora's website quite often during the next month! The new products/samples thing sounds fabulous. And if I have any more questions, I will be sure to ask ya! Thanks so much, once again <3 HildeM: Believe it or not, I've yet to try any MAC makeup at all, including concealer/foudation. As popular as it is and as amazing as it sounds, I've never gotten around to trying it... but perhaps I will in the near future! I think I may have tried Revlon Co
  13. @bek_cogent: I really, really appreciate all the help you've given me. The free shipping at Sephora actually sounds great since I'm going to need new makeup when school starts (not just foundation/concealer but also mascara and eyeliner and stuff... I probably sound so makeup-obsessed right now ) anyway... so I may just take advantage of that! Anyway, thank you so much! <3 @Sharpy: Oooh, awesome! Thanks a bunch! If I decide to order any, I'll definitely be sure to order the synthetic one
  14. bek_cogent: Thank you so much again! I didn't think of getting samples, but whenever I'm at Macy's next (there's no Sephora near me ) I will look for some! Sharpy: I will do a search! I've heard good things about kabuki brushes, but they've always been too expensive for me to splurge on without the right makeup to use with them... I will look around again and see what I can find. Thank you so much!!
  15. Thank you so much! If no one else posts with anything else that's a tiny, tiny bit cheaper, then I will most definitely look into those. I definitely am with you on the price being worth it, though... so far the most expensive makeup I've bought is Dermablend, but I think I've reached the point where I've tried all of the more affordable drugstore makeups and I've decided it's time for me to stop experimenting and find what really works for me. Again, thanks a bunch!